Graphic Design Trends 2023 Are Shaping the New Reality

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Are Shaping the New Reality

Update Oct. 2023: Graphic Design Trends 2024 are officially out. Check them out.

Dive into the hottest current graphic design trends in 2023! Read a thorough review of what awaits on the stage of graphic design – well-known or completely revolutionary approaches that are about to shape our new reality.

Remember the times when the world was all about flat, subtle design? “The plainer, the better” was the norm. Well, things have changed. The reign in the graphic design world was slowly but very firmly taken over by big voluminous shapes in screaming colors that offer an alternative reality to the viewer – more vivid than ever!

The newest graphic design trends in 2023 offer us a ride to the future and invite us to observe a world of new depths, colors, and shapes that push the limits.

Welcome to the new reality. Ready to indulge together?

Graphic Design Trends in 2023 Overview:


Graphic Design Trends 2024


Video Recap of Graphic Design Trends 2023

Check out a quick video recap of all trends further explained in this article. We’ve captured the most essential points and principles of each trend, and featured awesome examples that will inspire you to the bone. And if you want to get into more detail, just keep scrolling!


Top 11 Trends Out of Millions of Styles

We’ve outlined 11 great and exciting styles as the most influential and noteworthy graphic design trends for 2023, among millions!

Graphic design is a universe of shapes, colors, and effects, all working in symbiosis to make the viewer immersed in new feelings, impressions, and experiences. Enjoy a great video that represents the never-ending diversity of graphic design styles gathered together.


So, let’s dive into each trend of the top 11 graphic design trends in 2023! Enjoy plenty of amazing examples that will load you with inspiration and expand your perspectives on how you see and create a design.

Trend #1: The Clay Look

Finding perfection in the imperfect is one powerful message behind this trending graphic style. The Plasticine Clay design effect is achieved by using a digital technique or real plasticine.

Cute funny character designs in clay style

Example by Ramy Wafaa

Unlike classic 3D design that usually presents glossy, smooth surfaces, the Plasticine Clay graphic design trend in 2023 introduces imperfect bumpy surfaces that seem to be shaped with fingers. It is here to remind you that beauty hides in imperfection.

But there is even more. The Plasticine Clay design is one that goes through ever-lasting metamorphosis. It never dries. It knows no limits. It can be modeled and reused in infinite ways, many times. This revolutionary graphic design trend for 2023 motivates you to seek a constant change, to explore and experiment. It is here to tell you that the power to change the world is in your own hands.

Key elements of Plasticine Clay design trend in 2023
  • Introduces imperfect bumpy surfaces made by a digital technique or real plasticine.
  • Reminds you to search for perfection in the imperfect.
  • Encourages an ever-going metamorphosis, a drive to shape your own future.

Here are some great examples of the Plasticine Clay graphic design trend that perfectly illustrate the imperfection introduced by this style, and the constant metamorphosis that one goes through.

Example by Francesca Di Vito, Federico Piccirillo

Colorful clay design graphic example in 2023

Example by Szymon Czajka

Funny cute rooster made of plasticine example

Example by Subd1v

Example by Andi Meier

Book cover design with clay characters

Example by Larissa Honsek

Cute orange clay character design in 2023

Example by Joseph Wakerley

Amazing clay illustration with modern shapes trending in design 2023

Example by Tati Astua

Browse more clay design examples


Trend #2: 3D Memphis Style

The well-known Memphis art movement, which had its first apogee in the 80s, is now back on the graphic design stage with its bright colors, bold combinations, patterns of contrasting colors, simple and abstract geometric shapes. But this time, all presented through the prism of a 3D digital reality.

The 3D Memphis design style of 2023 invites you to a real fest of colors, stimulating your senses to experience new exciting sensations. It’s a brilliant design approach based on 3D geometry and an experimental play of colors that reminds you to search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Key elements of the 3D Memphis design in 2023
  • A well-known 80s style reborn through the prism of 3D reality.
  • Based on bold combinations of 3D geometry and bright colors.
  • Encourages to search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Dive into the diversity of 3D Memphis style design examples, all based on the same design principles but providing so versatile experiences.


Example by Humberto Rapelli

Earrings design in memphis style

Example by electric_lobe

Colorful 3Dpeople designed with memphis shapes in modern style

Example by Alberto Seveso

Example by My Name is Wendy Studio

Realistic design with modern shapes and textures modern in 2023

Example by Jie Mei

Browse more Memphis style examples


Trend #3: Clean Style

In contrast to the colorful 3D Memphis style, comes the clutter-free clean style to bring calmness and purity to the graphic design world. This style allows you to embrace the essence of things.

The clean graphic design style gets rid of patterns, ornaments, and decorations to create breathing room for what really matters. In some designs, it is presented through the depth of a 3D reality as a predominant design technique we observe. For others, it’s just plain flat minimalism.

The main color palette of the Clean graphic design style presented on the digital stage, consists primarily of white, light beige, and whitish tints of other colors of the color wheel, all conveying the feeling of cleanliness in its purest form.

Key elements of the Clean Style design in 2023
  • A clutter-free design that leaves all patterns, ornaments, and decorations out.
  • May be presented through the 3D design technique or plain flat minimalism.
  • The color palette consists of prevailing white or whitish tints of color.

In the following good examples, you will see variants of the Clean style using white as a predominant color, pale tints of beige, pale blue, pale pink, or simply clutter-free design that focuses on the product.

light clean modern website design in 2023

Example by

3D web design with clean style

Example by

Creative minimal website with 3d animation

Example by

When it comes to package design, the Clean style really finds a lot of applications. While being quite subtle, minimalist, and well… clean, this design style manages to make the product stand out in an elegant, yet strong and memorable way.

Example by Forner Studio

Amazing colorful minimalist package design in 2023

Example by PikZiy

Example by Herman Scheer

Browse more websites with clean design


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Trend #4: Trippy Design

Yes, you read it correctly. This design style offers a surrealistic experience in response to the growing demand for sense-provoking visuals. The Trippy design sends the viewer on a journey to a non-existent, fictional reality. If you describe it as “too much”, you won’t be wrong.

Example by Joe Taylor

The Trippy Design is not defined by any particular rules besides distorting the reality as much as your imagination allows. Designers usually present a mishmash of styles that may or may not follow logic.

The sequence or combination of styles doesn’t obey restrictions, too. The wanted effect is the feeling of having hallucinations. It can easily make you dizzy and it’s hard to say it’s aesthetic. But the Trippy design is definitely rebellious which is why it managed to get among the most popular trends on the graphic design stage in 2023!

Key elements of the Trippy design trend in 2023
  • A mishmash of styles that may not follow the logic in terms of design aesthetics.
  • Creates a surrealistic experience that resembles the effect of having hallucinations.
  • Challenges the designer to push their imagination beyond all established design rules and restrictions.

The Trippy design surely carries a rebellious spirit in it. Here are some awesome examples of Trippy design put into action.

Abstract website with hypno style example in 2023

Example by

Abstract trippy site design trendy example

Example by

Colorful liquid trippy design poster example

Example by Sangho Bang

Trippy trend in 2023: colorful abstract illustration example

Example by Trippiesteff !

Colorful trippy effect animation in 2023

Example by El Dorado

Browse more trippy design examples


Trend #5: Neon & Abstract Cartoon Stickers

Physical stickers have been widely popular for decades, being the first to offer a low-cost, accessible opportunity to personalize your belongings and create unique edgy designs that distinguish you from the crowd.

Fast forward to the present day, stickers have carved their way to the digital stage presenting an even greater diversity of styles, shapes, and colors that can be found in their physical form.

Two styles pop among others with being super trendy and hot in the current graphic design trends of 2023, and these are the neon and abstract cartoon sticker styles.

While most digital stickers are crafted to resemble physical stickers with the typical border line around them to indicate the cut, or a strict shape like a circle or a rounded rectangle, we also observe an innovative modern design approach that distorts the shape, and even adds volume and motion to present the well-known in a completely new light.

Colorful neon sticker set examples trend in 2023

Example by Rytis Jonikas for Flair Digital

Creative blue purple sticker designs 3D

Example by Szabó Andrea

On the other side of the spectrum, some designs offer a near-realistic perception that makes you wonder whether you are looking at a picture or a digital graphic.

Many modern digital sticker collections fall into the huge category of abstract cartoon style, all conveying the sense of abstract art drawings, even stickers made of words.

Retro stickers in trippy style

Example by Slavko Kahovsky

Cute colorful retro character stickers with faces

Example by Camila Barbieri

Key elements of Digital Stickers trend in 2023
  • Neon and abstract cartoon sticker styles pop among others.
  • While some resemble flat physical stickers, others are presented with motion and volume.
  • Abstract cartoon sticker style conveys the sense of art drawings.


Trend #6: 70s Retro Flat Style

We are witnessing a huge comeback of vibrant, daring flat designs inspired by the 70s art movement. Whether simple or more complex, these design compositions put bright, saturated colors on the pedestal. Although bold and quite flashy, the color combinations of the 70s retro flat design style are aesthetically pleasing. The colors go well together and manage to balance the overall design.

A significant trademark of this style is the thin black outlining, aiming to put a border to each element distinguishing it from the rest.

Typography is also a part of the overall art composition putting attention-seeking bulky, rounded letter types in the spotlight. In fact, typography here is often a main element of the design composition. A popular practice is to add a 3D-effect thick border line to make the letters pop.

The style was popularized by the famous interface design app Figma. Although being super simple, this 70s retro design style looks pleasing and catches the attention with ease. So, it’s not surprising that it managed to make its way to the 11 most modern graphic design trends in 2023.

Key elements of 70s Retro Flat design in 2023
  • Bold, flashy, saturated colors that look aesthetically pleasing together.
  • All design elements are outlined by thin black borders.
  • Bulky, rounded letter types with a 3D effect or simple black outlining.

Example by Nicolo Bianchino

Creative website with retro style and isometric illustrations

Example by

Creative poster example in 2023 with retro illustrations

Example by Joye Cheung

Example by Lili des Bellons, Fanny Engrand, Daniel Vargas Diaz, Studio | Europe

The 70s retro-style flat illustrations with outlining also paved their way up the charts, modernized with futuristic, less saturated color palettes. Multi-color gradients are also introduced on the stage but black thin outlining still remains a must-have feature of this style. Here are some more cool examples of this trend of 70s-inspired illustrations, some – with a futuristic vibe.

Retro flat with strokes illustration example in 2023

Example by Lili des Bellons

Trending colorful retro style poster with outline stroke design

Example by Therese Luna

Amazing branding design example with retro inspired vibe

Example by Saipi Eva

Creative bag design with flat stroke style in 2023

Example by Erin 寺月

Notebook cover with retro vibe in isometric style with stroke

Example by Mónica Delmes

Trending illustration with retro style inspirational graphic in 2023

Example by Jiaqi Wang

Example by Carlos Rueda, José Neto, Bah Nozari, Ana Hill, TheLittleLabs Studio

Browse more inspirational examples in retro style


Trend #7: Simplified 3D Style

Many designers search for perfection in simplicity, so it’s not a surprise that the simplified 3D style is also among the cool current trends in graphic design. A famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is “Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away.”

Example by ATendril *, Jonathan Lindgren, Microsoft Design, Matthias Winckelmann, Samuel Bohn, Zelig Sound, Facu Labo, Jordi Pagès, Lenar Singatullov, Nidia Dias, Eric Bernal, Rodrigo Rezende, Andras Csuka, Nando Costa, Leonardo Bortolussi, Leo Natsume, Plenty Studio, Leo Mateus, Margarida Lemos, Gustavo Henrique, Guilherme Vasconcellos

Basic geometric shapes lay the foundation of this type of design, simplifying as much as possible all elements of the image. Think baby toys – big, smooth, basic shapes put together to create a simplified, stylized, and easily recognizable object.

This train of thought leads us to another reason why simplified 3D design is so effective. Basic three-dimensional shapes like spheres, cubes, and cylinders are among the ones to form our perception of the world in early childhood years. This is why the simplified 3D design is just instantly understood – it is familiar, approachable, and fun.

Since all details are reduced to a minimum, this style is used in making icons, too. But taken to the big scale, the simplified 3D design turns into an unmatchable experience that makes you feel you’ve landed in a world of toys.

Key elements of Simplified 3D design in 2023
  • Reduces details to a minimum while searching for perfection in simplicity.
  • Based on simple, smooth geometric shapes like spheres, cubes, cylinders, and more.
  • Easily understandable, familiar, and appealing as it resembles early-childhood simple toys.

Example by Igor Tsaruk, Marina Ahmadova, Veronika Supruniuk, Tsaruk Ahmadova

New creative trend: Animated 3d icons in design

Example by Alex Bolumar

Cute 3d bird illustration with colorful shapes and depth

Example by Martine

Example by João Gonçalo Lucas, Shut Up Claudia, Jonas Mosesson, Edgar Ferrer, QB SOUND, Sebastian Pfeifer, Clim Studio

Really good example of 3D character design in 2023

Example by Haodman +

Cool modern characters designed in 3d format trend in 2023

Example by FOREAL® Studio

New abstract 3d letter ideas in 2023

Example by Roger Roque ID

Funny geometry bird in 3d style animation example

Example by Minh Pham


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Trend #8: Abstract Line Art Characters

Characters have always been somehow bound with graphic design. They give life to the design and make the brand behind it feel more human. While character design gives indeed a field of wild imagination, we are witnessing a rise of a particular style trend here – abstract line art characters with weird looks and retro vibes.

Abstract cartoon characters in retro style with creative shapes art in 2023

Example by Tubik.arts

Completely fictional, weird-looking characters, which don’t resemble anything you know, are enjoying wide popularity in current graphic design trends 2023. Unified by simple design characteristics – flat linear art and bright colors that radiate retro vibes, these characters actually find their place in many contemporary design projects.

In terms of abstractness, expect to see distorted proportions and weird mixtures of animals, objects, and human traits. This is what we will continue to see on the graphic design stage regarding character style.

Key elements of Abstract Line Art Characters design in 2023
  • Flat linear style, combined with bright colors that convey retro vibes.
  • Distorted proportions and weird mixtures of animals, objects & human traits.
  • Characters that don’t resemble anything you’ve seen.
Colorful charming cartoon character examples in 2023

Example by Patswerk

Creative blue character design new trend in 2023

Example by Courtney Askew

Candy color nft collection designs with outline characters

Example by Doodles_LLC

Colorful character maker with different clothes and accessories in 2023

Example by Daniel Burke

Example by Jose Morquecho

Creative retro character illustrations example trendy style

Example by Alex Chizh

Browse more character design style ideas


Trend #9: Artistic Serif Fonts

Lately, designers have been all about beautiful and sophisticated Serif Fonts taken even further. Some website designs are built around oversize Serif Fonts being the only or main design element in the composition.

Beautiful font design trending example

Example by Sensatype

The graphic design world knows Serif fonts for a long. They have been widely used to set a formal tone, a sense of reliability, professionalism, and sophistication. While designers are widely aware of these strong qualities, the newest graphic design trends of 2023 will require them to challenge the status quo and push the limits of imagination in this field.

Designers will be encouraged to add playfulness, creativity, and unpredictability to the mixture. We will see them playing with letter shapes, intertwining strokes and uniting letters, distorting or liquifying strokes, extending the strokes of some letters to wrap around other letters, or interacting with the rest of the text in a particular way. The possibilities are endless.

Key elements of Artistic Serif Fonts trend in 2023
  • Creative manipulation of strokes: intertwining different letters, distorting, liquifying, extending, etc.
  • Oversize Serif fonts can be the only or the main design element in the composition.
  • Serif fonts still convey sophistication but are becoming more playful and unpredictable.
Nissima - creative serif font example for 2023

Example by Brandsemut

Amazing font idea in 2023 idealist

Example by Nicky Laatz

Classy and elegant font for design in 2023

Example by Sans & Sons

Abstract typography in 2023 great serif font idea

Example by NEWFLIX.Bro

Modern serif font inspirational example

Example by Graphic Studio

Fleurie - amazing typography idea to try in 2023

Example by Graphic Studio

Inspirational cool serif font example

Example by Ivan Rosenberg

Manease modern luxury font example

Example by Typefactoryco

Trending retro style serif font in 2023

Example by Graphic Studio


Trend #10: Rainbow Palette Colors

It’s already clear – modern designers are crazy about colors. Multi-color designs like these inspired by the rainbow color palette are widely popular right now and usually seen in combinations with other cool trending design styles.

Example by Five Three Five Design

On the one hand, the rainbow palette is a great epitome of diversity in all its forms. On the other hand, it introduces a dream destination, a magical experience, and an escape from boring everyday life. No wonder why it became so popular among contemporary graphic designers. These colors can literally enchant the viewer.

The rainbow color palette can go through many transformations. You will see it in the form of beautiful multi-color gradients, compositions of simple one-color 3D designs combined together, flat and flashy design elements, colorful patterns, or even multicolor light effects.

Key elements of Rainbow Palette Colors design in 2023
  • Inspired by the colors of the rainbow.
  • Seen in combination with other trending design styles.
  • Represents diversity in all its forms.
Colorful illustration in 3D designed with rich colors

Example by CJ Gong

Colorful hand made cups design in 2023

Example by Hadya Y

Creative poster designs with colorful gradient shapes

Example by Taras L

Amazing vivid colors animal-photography animated

Example by Visual Scientist

Browse more color combinations and ideas


Trend #11: Nature-Inspired Designs

As much as designers want to escape from the world as we know it and introduce us to a reality of overstimulation, eccentric colors, and fictional surroundings, it’s good to know that nature-inspired designs remain among the best current graphic design trends 2023.

Either conveyed through muted earthy tones, natural materials, textures, and shapes or even taking it literally and depicting nature the way it is, nature-inspired designs remind us that we shouldn’t lose our roots.

Moreover, nature-inspired designs are a great tool to balance your senses, as they convey tranquility, inner peace, and harmony. It’s not a coincidence that even heaven is usually illustrated as peaceful nature scenery, a harmonious symbiosis between fauna and flora.

Key elements of Nature-Inspired design trend in 2023
  • Muted earthy tones, natural materials, textures, and shapes.
  • Balances the senses, as it conveys tranquility, inner peace, and harmony.
  • Some designs present a mixture between real nature and fictional reality.

Of course, even nature-inspired designs can implement elements from a fictional, imaginative reality such as objects with vivid colors and even big bulky 3D letters. Check out some inspirational examples of product designs and commercial video projects that depict purely nature-inspired graphic compositions and amazing mixtures the fictional and the real.

Example by Pleid St., Ruye, Leandro Beltran, bruma fx studio, Pocko Agency, Gabriel Morala, Juanma Mota

Natural paper package design

Example by Daira López

Natural chocolate package design example with green and brown

Example by Claire Mahieux

Cosmetics product design with green nature colors

Example by Kadir Ali Şeker

Example by Bartek Kalinowski, Rafał Woźniak, Abra Network

Parfume with nature inspired colors trending design in 2023

Example by Mirela Melo

Gin bottle design with natural green colors and floral elements in 2023

Example by Lisa Jacobs

Example by HELIX D ., Mohigh Design, Young Hwangbo


Final Words

The latest graphic design trends for 2023 are here to push the imagination of designers to new heights. They create unrealistic, dreamy environments that make you immersed in a completely new reality – a world so mysterious and enchanting that awakens the viewer’s curiosity from first sight and drives a person’s natural desire to explore.

And if you thought there was enough craziness in the world already, then we believe the best we can do is to channel this craziness into something productive and inspirational for others. And this is where graphic design trends 2023 step in!

We are really curious to see what you think of these predictions. Feel free to share your thoughts and impressions in the comments below!

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