35 Modern Clean Website Design Examples of Flattering Simplicity

35 Modern Clean Website Design Examples of Flattering Simplicity

Looking to get inspired with some clean modern website design examples? Enjoy a selection of 35 great websites designed around simplicity, minimalism, and pure aesthetics.

Clean website design is among the trendiest graphic design styles today. With a motto of keeping it simple, the clean website design style keeps details and ornaments to the necessary minimum. To convey cleanliness, designers use plenty of white color and breathing room (empty areas). The color palettes are limited, usually consisting of just one primary color.

Ready to jump right into the collection of clean website design inspiration? Let’s scroll!

1. Geekpay.co

3D looking website design example for inspiration with minimalist style


2. Patriziagarganti.com

Great simple looking modern web design


3. Stormbrain.com

Really cool purple website with 3d graphics


4. Moheim.com

Impressive website example with modern product presentation


5. Wokine.com

Creative website with modern minimal design


6. Mintventures.xyz

NFT website project with modern minimal web design on white background


7. Garethfuller.com

Great friendly looking website with simple style


8. Ayyahospitalitygroup.com

Elegant simple HQ web design with modern shapes


9. Miks-soft.com

Unique website with portfolio images


10. Skylo.tech

Modern flat website example with simple looking design


11. Ecogreen.com.au

Website with huge images and little text


12. Bizupagency.com

Modern 3D website design with creative ideas


13. Adrienreveleau.com

Black and white website design with images


14. Lebedeau.com

Great stylish website design with minimilistic style


15. Salonia.jp

Great monochrome website with modern simple design


16. Lenkadaviesova.com

Cool website design with clean style big images and big text


17. Soshydration.com

Simple style website design with black and white colors


18. Designisyummy.com

Creative website design idea with modern clean style


19. Semseoagency.com

Clean modern website design with white blue color theme


20. Le-mont.ca

Amazing modern real estate website design with clean minimalist look


21. Sundo.be

Trendy website example with clean simple design


22. Welcometothehouseofgucci.com

House of Gucci movie - website design with modern minimal look


23. Glu.nl

Flat simple modern website design with white yellow black


24. Tes-h2.com

Amazing example of modern web design with clean style and 3d animations


25. Heresto.co.nz

Clean simple yellow website design with modern 3D graphic


26. Propel.me

Amazing example of website with modern vision


27. Cricut.com

Super clean futuristic website design


28. Marceter.de

Marketing website design with modern minimal look


29. Agenceimart.fr

Elegant website example with clean design


30. Numero8.jp

Web design example with elegant style and 3d elements


31. Ikilledacactus.com

Great modern minimal website design


32. Loevenmorcel.com

Creative modern website with clean style


33. Megan-ross.com

Modern website design with clean style and gallery


34. 7h34.fr

Clean website designed with big images


35. Ajax.systems

Minimalistic website design example


That’s it!

We can fairly say that clean website design is an evergreen style that is not going to leave the top of the graphic design charts any time soon. With its eye-pleasing aesthetics using minimal detail and clutter, it conveys cleanliness and keeps the focus on the really essential things.

We hope this collection of 35 clean modern website designs was really inspiring for you. If you still want to ride the wave of inspiration, why don’t you check out some of these related articles?

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