Logo Design Trends in 2021 to Drive you Loco

Logo Design Trends in 2021

Logo design trends in 2021 simply refuse to be left behind by other areas of design. Your logo is a vital cog in your branding machine and the design states not only who you are but also how you do it. Whether you are looking at launching a new business, rebranding an old business, or simply bringing your old logo up-to-date these latest trends for 2021 will get you talking and inspire you to head confidently into the future.

In this article:
1. 3D and Isometric Logo Designs
2. Logos in Ink Style
3. Wordmark Logo Design
4. Nature-inspired Logo Design
5. Classic Black & White Logo Design
6.  Vivid Colors in Logo Design
7. Character & Mascot in Logo Design
8. Glitch in Logo Design
9. Animated Logos
10. Gradients in Logo Design
11. Simple Geometry Shapes in Logo Design


1. 3D and Isometric Logos

2021 will be a 3D bonanza in the world of design. A perfect way to add depth to your logo, and therefore depth to your business. If you’ve already got a logo, adding shading, highlights and shadows can transform it immediately into a modern cutting edge design without losing the essence you’ve spent years getting into the public’s mind. If you’re looking for a totally new design this is a logo design trend that is sure to tick all the creative boxes. So much variety, so much variation, so many great logo designs.

P - Amazing 3D logo design concept in 2021

Example by Yoga Perdana

Realkit - Amazing Isometric 3D logo design

Example by Nicolas Solerieu

Photography Logo Design in 3D style modern in 2021

Example by Nick Cooper

Nebula brand 3D logo design trend example

Example by Yoga Perdana

Modern 3D logo design example in 2021

Example by Sanaullah Ujjal

Animated 3D logo with R letter in 2021

Example by Manon Jouet

Euler - 3D logo style design in 2021 trend

Example by Piotr Gorczyca

Themeric Brand Logo Design Trend in 2021 - 3D style

Example by Milon Ahmed



2. Logos in Ink Style

Wow. A brilliant new trend for a logo design that we are sure will catch on. Ink Style drawings, from the most complicated hatched lines, with incredible details, to stylized signatures and even more almost graphic images, make you step back and admire. Surely that alone is enough for a logo to be successful. Add in the unlining qualities this Ink style brings, such as the hand-drawn, focus on detail, focus on quality, an individuality that you can almost smell and you are on to a winner. A fine collection of fine logos,l classy, and head-turning.

Rekker Rum Logo Design with ink style in 2021

Example by Steven Noble

Kraken Ink logotype design with ink style trend example

Example by Noé Segovia

Stetson Logo Design made with ink in 2021

Example by Yondr Studio

Toto Hat Shop - logo design with ink

Example by Standpoint

Baba Boba Tea - Shop Logo Design in 2021 with Ink

Example by Fanny Rakoto

Wine logo design with hand made ink style in 2021

Example by johnrodc



3. Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark is the design concept of using only your brand name in the logo but using their own stylized font. Font design is big news and always pushing the boundaries. Combining your brand with this design concept in 2021 is going to be a logo design trend that you will see time and time again. Why? Because a well-designed wordmark does the job, confidently, succinctly and with minimum fuss, it can be used everywhere and on anything and ultimately is remarkably recognizable. And cool, let’s not forget to mention, doing the job is one thing, doing the job whilst dripping with cool is even better. Our selection of logo design trends for 2021 shows you just what we mean.

Bagush Elegant Wordmark Logo in 2021

Example by Kike Escalante

Drixx Modern Typeface Wordmark Logo Design in 2021

Example by Gert van Duinen

Glossom logo design - trending in 2021

Example by outer

TinyWins Trending Logo Design 2021 example

Example by Wells Collins

Loop Wordmark 2021 Logo design

Example by Helvetiphant™

Mantl Elegant logo with wordmark

Example by Audrey Elise

MeCurls Wordmark Logo Design in 2021

Example by Laura Eden

Totex Hotels logo design

Example by outer

SESO Amazing Animated Logo Design Example with Wordmark

Example by VIPER Designs

LogoMark example in 2021

Example by Adolfo Teixeira

Samzan branding with modern logo in 2021

Example by Olivier Segers

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4. Nature-inspired Logos

It’s always been a trusted design inspiration for certain nature-associated brands but this 2021 design trend is going to grow and take over like the weeds in your garden after a rainy spell. Nature-inspired logo design to give you a sense of calm and harmony, a very much needed breath of fresh air, a sense of new growth and new beginnings. Could ever a design concept be more appropriate? Take a stroll through the woodland of examples below and smile.

Ucron logo design example with natural feel

Example by Ema Islam

Pure Memory - Nature inspired logo design in 2021

Example by Co-motion Studio

Los Paisajistas Logo design example with nature motives

Example by Sofia Bado

Intuit Mint branding logo design with green bio inspiration in 2021

Example by Wahyu Rizfi



5. Classic Black & White Logos

Classic black & white design never ever goes away and really why should it. If you keep backing winners, you don’t change strategy. Direct and classy yet still moving forward with contemporary cool effects. A big player in 2021 logo design trends will be the minimum fuss/maximum impact style of this daddy of design, giving a brilliant canvas to experiment with other newer styles and techniques such as animation and 3D.  Our collection of hot cool designs paves the way.

Seaview Logo Design Example 2021

Example by Shape Studio

Sorelle - Black and white logo design animated

Example by Shape Studio

Music Logo black and white in 2021 example

Example by Shape Studio

Black and white logo design example

Example by Ambi .

Black and white real estate logo design in 2021

Example by Ambi .

Minimalist B&W logo design in 2021

Example by Patrick Tuell

Modern Gaming logo design with black and white colors

Example by Jabir j3 ✒



6.  Vivid Colors in Logo Design

Vivid, bright, garish, bold, and brassy – crazy colors and crazy color combinations are a sure-fire way for a logo to make the instant impact desired and this 2021 design logo design trend pulls no punches in that respect. One way to stand out from the crowd is by blowing away the cobwebs of the old color standards and going wild. These examples will make you head for your sunglasses. Perfect for transforming a tired old logo and establishing a new one.

Tekup - Logo design with bright vivid colors in 2021

Example by Firoj Kabir

Zepable - Colorful modern logo design in 2021

Example by aim creative

Rabru Modern initial logo design with fresh vivid colors

Example by Freelancer Iqbal

Bright colorful logo design with fresh vivid colors in 2021

Example by simc

Colorful Owl logo design in 2021 example

Example by Lelevien

Want to learn more about color combinations? Check out How to Choose the Right Logo Colors: Color Meaning and Examples.


7. Character & Mascot Logos

A top tip for 2021 logo design is to include a character or mascot. Using the latest techniques and styles designers are becoming more and more imaginative in the creation of such characters, we are no longer talking about a 2D cuddly bear. The bonus is the personification of a brand, the relatability to the audience, and the increasing flexibility for using your character. The usual posters, signage, static advertising are fine but the move into animation, advertising videos, micro-animation, social media, etc are opening up more and more opportunities for the multi-purpose, multi-dimensional use of your logo. To see exactly what can be done check out the following super-smart character creations.

Branding with cartoon character logo design - Trend in 2021

Example by Geraldine Nunez

Chicken logo example with fun cartoon logo design in 2021

Example by Eduardo Zaldivar

Cartoon Tiger Logo Design Example in 2021

Example by Dean Gah

Modern Restaurant logo with minimalist cartoon character

Example by GEGRAPH agency

Cute panda character logo design in 2021

Example by RI Rafiq

Hand drawn cartoon character as logo in 2021

Example by Galyna Puzyrna

Modern logo design in 2021 with simple cartoon character

Example by Eduardo Zaldivar


8. Glitch in Logo Design

There’s no denying that not everything has gone as expected recently. This 2021 design trend doesn’t ignore the fact the things are chaotic and the usual rules don’t apply, in fact, it embraces it. This glitch trend takes all the usual rules and guidelines of logo design and throws them out of the window. The result is something new, daring, slightly disturbing, and very special. It won’t work for every business but who cares? It will work for enough and it will work amazingly well.  Dive into this crazy ocean of creativity and be pulled by the tides of new design ideas.

Logo Design in 2021 with Glitch effect

Example by Dalibor Pajic

Flap - Glitch Logo Design in 2021

Example by Roberta Codella

Neal Swygart Modern Logo Design with Distortion and Glitch - Trend in 2021

Example by Neal Swygart

RYAN Glitch Logo Design 2021

Example by Ryan Apolinário

Zaino Logo design with old school VHS effect

Example by Igor Pavlinski

ORTUS - Amazing glitch logo design example

Example by Nebojsa Matkovic

YA Animated logo design with glitch effects

Example by Jan Szczygielski



9. Animated Logos

The use of animation and especially micro-animation on websites will be a design trend in 2021, so it seems logical to animate your logo on your site.  To be sure, animations draw the eye and hold the interest so what could be better or more appropriate for logo design. This is design trends that show your logo is up-to-date and moving in the right direction in more ways than one. For some great inspiration check out these beauties.

Animated logo design in 2021

Example by Multiple Owners

Fitfood animated logo design example - trends 2021

Example by Multiple Owners

Inreal - real estate logo design animated in 2021

Example by Multiple Owners

Modern Minimalist Logo Design With Animation in 2021

Example by Ambi . & Patrick Tuell


Example by Ambi .

Cool animated minimalist logo example

Example by Multiple Owners



10. Gradients in Logo Design

Like 3D, gradient coloring adds depth and tangible quality to your logo design, instantly creating interest and dynamic quality. Small details matter and your brand colors do have an impact. This design trend allows you to keep the focus on the color, hold the viewer, flow from one element to another but all the time retain the called-for instantly recognizable quality that all the best logos have. Go with the flow into this high-quality group of gradient attention grabbers.

Muto - Modern logo with gradients in 2021

Example by Ema Islam

Byteal - Modern Logo Design Example

Example by Robiul Islam

BJ Logo Design Example with Gradient Colors

Example by Kemas Zaid

Trades - Gradient Logo Design in 2021

Example by aim creative

Danna Soft Gradient Colors Logo Example from Trends in 2021

Example by Oleg Coada

ShieldBrid Branding Logo Trend in 2021 with Gradients

Example by Eashin Arafath

Aluplay Logo With Modern Gradient Colors in 2021

Example by Md Zahid Hasan

Nevexo Logo Trends 2021 example with modern gradient colors

Example by Ashfuq Hridoy



11. Simple Geometry Shapes in Logo Design

Back to basics in 2021 -why not- it could be the answer. Few things are as inspiringly creative as the imaginative use of the basic building blocks of art, and indeed life, used to create something bigger and more beautiful. The sum of the parts, coming together to make the new. This trend, that will take 2021 by storm, is confident, nothing is hidden but it’s ingenious. Cleverly this style also gives you the chance to add and take away, animate sections, alternate colors, and all at the same time as keeping the essence. A standout collection of outstanding logo designs is waiting here to whet your geometric appetite.

BAKU Logo Design with simple geometry shapes in 2021

Example by Mehman Mammedov

ABERDEEN Logo Design With Geometric Style - Trend in 2021

Example by Firma Design

Modern Logo Design With Geometry Shapes logo trends 2021

Example by Olivier Segers

Jood - Logo Design in 2021 with Geometry Lines

Example by Kinda Ghannoum

Pixel Coffee Logo With Basic Shapes in 2021

Example by Ahmed creatives

Sanjo Food Logo Design in 2021

Example by Sumesh A K

Kudos - Logo design trend example in 2021

Example by Ryan Hegar

Tabula Logo Design Example with Triangles in 2021

Example by Lucas Fields


Final Words

2021 is looming on the horizon, no one knows what to expect but one thing is for sure, the ones that succeed will be the ones that adapt and embrace the change. True for businesses and true for design. This carefully collected and collated selection of absolutely extraordinary logo designs perfectly illustrate the trends that will run headlong into the new future, you can be with them or you can be left behind. The choice is yours, the inspiration is there all around you and the future, at least of design is looking rosy.

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