Top Graphic Design Trends 2022: Raising the Game

Graphic design trends 2022

Update Oct. 2022: Graphic Design Trends 2023 are officially out. Check them out.

2022 is here and it’s already breaking all the rules for graphic design. Everything is permitted and it’s going to be glorious. If we can summarize the Graphic Design Trends 2022 in one sentence, it’s time to raise the game because the floodgates are open, bringing a mix of the unmixable, nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness.

What we absolutely love about observing what great professional and hobbyist designers from all over the world create for an entire year is that we can turn this pleasure into personal research. This allows us to see what are the strongest trends that will affirm their position as the signature trends of each year. Now, without further ado, let’s hop right into the chaos of what the popular trends of 2022 will be and enjoy some amazing examples from agencies and freelance graphic designers that never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

Logo Design Trends 2022, Web Design Trends 2022, and Animation Trends 2022 are officially out. Check them out.

Top Graphic Design Trends 2022 Overview:

Leo natsume trending 3d animation for Microsoft - design in 2022

Microsoft Emojis by Leo Natsume

Graphic Design Trends 2023 are here

Exciting news! Graphic Design Trends for 2023 are already released! Want to see a quick video recap of the most current trends in graphic design?

Check out the full article for more insights: Graphic Design Trends 2023 Are Shaping the New Reality




The 3D design trend is still ongoing, evolving, and further establishing itself. As it offers limitless possibilities to designers, it gives room for anything you can imagine. From hyper-realistic 3D visuals that blur the line between digital and physical, to highly creative mashups with 2D and paper cutout elements. In terms of the latter, 2022 will show a great partnership between 2D and 3D that gives the best of the two worlds.

3D and 2D Mix - Design in 2022


3D&2D mix Design 2022

Stay Home, Stay Positive by GRAMM

Web design with 3D and 2D elements - Modern style in 2022

Discord Assistant.exe by Kevin Tang for Discord

Creative design concept example with 3D and 2D graphics

Guitar – 2D+3D animation mix by Gus Maia

Cool animated 3D burger design with hand-drawn elements

Happy Burguer Day! by Fran Solo

3D animation with 3D effect - modern design in 2022

Scooters, Scooters Everywhere. by bitfuel

This trend is very adaptable to all formats from illustrations and animation, to web design and typography. It’s especially getting popular for app design.

Modern 3D design with hand-drawn elements in 2022

Design Collaboration Illustration by tubik.arts

Mixing 3D and 2d example - Trend in 2022 designs

Creative Break Illustration by tubik.arts

August Days - 3D with 2D Design Trend example

August Days by PopArt Studio

Example of 3D and 2D Mash up design trend

3D Illustration for Altrüus Gifting App by Igor Pavlinski

Pineapple - Unique 3D design example - trending in 2022

Pineapple by Xochitl Castaño

Do you know, that you can animate characters with your cam and mic? Meet Adobe Character Animator.




This trend comes with typography that breaks the standards. It follows a similar to Riso print philosophy: something is beautifully off and imperfect. What exactly is that twist? Anything that breaks the order: one single letter might be upside down, bigger or smaller, in a different font, or completely missing. It could be a couple of letters in a small text, following a different pattern than the rest of the letters to reveal a different message. It’s the perfect way to make emphasize and bring attention to something specific.

Also, if you’re thinking of the Squid Game intro, you’re not alone.

Squid game typography 2022 trend

Netflix Interface Design (Squid Game) by Ritik Sharma

This twist looks most impressive in kinetic typography where the messages get unveiled through motion. In a static digital graphic, logos and signature graphics often play the role of the “twisted” letters.

Creative typography design trend in 2022

Example by Anton Aheichanka

Example by Roman Salo

Modern Typography in 2022 - Example

Example by Hrvoje Grubisic

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Creative typography used for website in 2022

Example by Saad Ibn Sayed

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Last year, the gold design was a huge trend mimicking realistic physical gold and giving everyday items that extra special feel. The trend has now shifted to glass and crystal with incredible realism in 3D to bring the graphic design to the next level.


Glass design trend 2022 unique animation example

Glass Sculptures by Drake Smith

Glass shapes - 3d motion design example for 2022

SLYCES by Stu Ballinger

Crystals - 3d material design in 2022

Crystal by J.King Chou

Unique glass shapes in graphic design in 2022

COLLECTED • Explorations 23 by Wes Cockx

We’re going to see more of these transparent matters that complement the holographic and 3D trends, realistic frost glass backgrounds, and more. Not to mention the new Windows 11 fluent design system also adopts the transparent glass trend.

modern glass cubes design example in 2022

GLASS-CUBE-7-5 by WantLine

Letter Card by Nathan Riley

good design example for 2022 - glass shapes animation

Logo animation by Sovery

branding design with glass material - design trend in 2022

Example by Varun Kumar




As we’re constantly bombarded with digital content from all directions, it gets harder for designers to create artwork, websites, and apps that will stand out from the clutter. This is why visual appeal that will grab the viewer’s attention while scrolling is as important as the quality of the content.

And what are the best ways to ensure your design stands out? Vibrant eye-candy color schemes. Skillful designers and digital artists who know their color theory already roll their sleeves to create bold and striking graphic design creations with beautiful candy colors.

Don’t get us wrong. Pastel colors are still our favorite, but if you really want to make a bold statement and spread even more positivity, candy color schemes are a good choice.

Graphic design trends 2022 - Candy Colors

海洋#babe by X Five

Creative Minds by Johana Kroft and Maxim Kroft

NoriQ Channel Branding by SangHee Choi and Youngdo Kwon

DASH by Estudio Ronda

Candy Color Scheme Design Example in 2022

Monsters and Creatures 3. by Mariano Garza

Graphic Design Trends 2022: Candy Colors 3D Characters Example

Playground Serenade by Mariano Garza

In these examples, we can see how candy colors translate into multiple fields of graphic design, such as illustrations, web design, typography, and animation. It draws attention in a good way, with a strong yet friendly atmosphere, a little bit psychedelic, and quite a lot mesmerizing.

Graphic Design Trends 2022: Candy Color Illustrations Example

O Meu Lugar by Kenzo Hamazaki

Website Design with candy colors - modern in 2022

Example by LowFiveBrewing

Tote Design : Cure

Do you want to get inspired with these 100 Amazing color combinations




As the trends to go bolder and to go decades back in time resonate perfectly, it’s no surprise that the risograph art makes a comeback both physically and digitally as an aesthetic. The decades-old risograph was originally created for office copying and administrative use. However, the model soon became a tool for artists and designers to create beautiful abstract artwork, posters, and ads that are impossible to look away from.  There are two reasons for that. First, we have these unique vivid colors other printers can’t produce. Second, the prints often come out with slight imperfections such as ink bleed, inconsistent colors, unpredictable alignment issues, or rough textures.

In case you need a recap, the technique is similar to digital screen printing. You scan an image and first make a paper stencil that wraps around the ink drum so the printer could make a stamp of each individual color and put the puzzle together to greater a slightly imperfect vibrant image. This unpredictability makes the Riso art challenging and adventurous as even if you plan your layers to perfection, you will still get something unique and unexpected.

Graphic designers find clever ways to recreate the risograph print effects digitally and give the style a strong comeback as a trend of 2022.

Great Riso Print Style for inspiration in 2022

501 WORK-SHOP by Mobills-group

Creative Riso Print design example in 2022

36 Days of Type 2021: 80’s Trip by Gian Wong

Calendar design with riso print style - trending in 2022

Risograph Calendar 2022 | Sights of Hungary by Renáta Farkas

Inspirational design example of riso print style in 2022

Experimental Project_DH001 by Dennis HSU

Riso print style book example - Trending in 2022

Almanaque Bate-bola by Paula Cruz

Riso Print Animation Typography Example

36 Days of Type 2021 by Hiromu Oka

It looks incredible not only in packaging and print but also in animation, typography, and web design. If you’re interested in trying out the Riso style in Photoshop for your design but you’re not sure where to start, let us know in the comments. We might be following with a cool tutorial.

Branding design with Riso Print

Maison Marou Thao Dien by Daniel Keeffe

Riso print the tobacco - inspirational trend example


Kaleidoscoping by Carla Lopez




Amongst the vivid colors, damaged aesthetics, psychedelic design, and wild movement, one upcoming trend differentiates itself with clean, strong lines as an organizing design principle.

Of course, we’re talking about Art Deco, packing both class and machine-age streamlining sleek geometry.

The art style appeared in the early 20th century as a direct response to Art Nouveau and the old ways. Its philosophy is all about innovation, modernism, and looking forward with sturdiness, quiet dignity, and resilience. With everything that’s been happening for the last couple of years, there’s no surprise such philosophies find their way back to art and graphic design.

So, what exactly is Art Deco?

The easiest way to recognize the comeback of this beautiful style is to look for symmetry, geometry, and simple but aesthetically pleasing works. Art Deco takes the unapologetic and anti-traditional and turns it into geometric forms and bold outlines. Think The Great Gatsby aesthetics.

hotel branding art deco style - trending in 2022

Hotel Metro – Branding by Brooke Burge

business card in retro art deco style - 2022

Cocktail Kits Business Cards by Cody Petts

Interior Deco - design trend example 2022

Dinning Deco by Demiana Reda

bar branding design trend 2022

Metrópolis Branding by Alfonso Pereira

Fresh poster design example with Art Deco style in 2022

Discover Curitiba (Art Deco-inspired illustration) by Mariana Zanatta

Graphic designers, as usual, found a creative way to bring this movement in decorative arts and architecture into the digital. We see gorgeous posters, illustrations, business cards, and websites in Art Deco, and we can’t get enough.

Modern minimalist art deco design example

DYNASTEA Tea -Packaging Design by Wei-lee Cheng

Inspirational illustration in art deco style

Art Deco style illustration by Dongkyu Lim

Good example of art deco illustration in 2022

Vintage Air Travel by Dongkyu Lim

Illustration in retro art deco style - modern trend in 2022

SWALLY Illustration Project -by Dongkyu Lim

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Another traditional art that found its way to the digital is paper cutting. The craft has roots in the Han dynasty in the 4th century AD after the invention of the paper by Cai Lun. A simple symmetrical circle seems to be the very first surviving paper cutout, marking the beginning of this form of art. Throughout history, we can find paper cutting in all cultures with one thing in common: each design is cut from a single sheet of paper as opposed to collages. Of course, when it comes to the digital, graphic designers use both techniques to create amazing pieces of art in all forms of graphic design.

Example by Life In Vogue

Paper cut design example in 2022 - popular design trend

Paper icons and design for a energy company by HICACTUS STUDIO

real paper cut design example inspirational in 2022

ALLURE by Maud Vantours

Animation in 2022 example - creating papercut style animation

Georgian Map by Mako

Creative idea of papercut design in 2022


Ultra modern paper cut style design with modern vivid colors

Create Wonder by Tommy Perez

Paper Cutouts are most popular for branding, especially on business cards, pamphlets, and package designs. We also see them in wishing cards, books, and recently in animation and web design.

Inspirational illustration with paper cut effect in 2022

Paper forest fairytale by Elena Cherniavskaia

Creative typography in 2022 with papercut effect

5 | 36 days of type by Marlena Stawarz

Stop Motion animation using paper cut design - amazing example of design in 2022

Winter Landscape Papercut by Vera Cotuna

Amazing real paper based design in 2022





To complement all the trends with the last one in the style of GraphicMama, 3D characters have invaded the graphic design space in apps, websites, and animation. These characters adapt to 2D design, holographic, candy color design, and everything we’ve talked about in Graphic Design trends of 2022. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some amazing examples of the 3D characters trends we can all enjoy.

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3D character illustrations design trend in 2022

Characters by Crystal Yumumu

3D characters illustration example - trending in 2022 by Leo Natsume

Ready – Brand Characters by Leo Natsume

Mobile app design with 3D illustration - trending in 2022

Task & Project Management App by Conceptzilla

Animated 3D illustration popular design in 2022

Step-up by Nguyen Nhut

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Website landing page with 3D design - modern in 2022

Social Media Marketing website by Masud Rana

Cute colorful ui design with 3D illustrations in 2022

3D illustration by Mike | Creative Mints

Funny Unicorn cartoon 3D illustration trend in 2022

Example by Phil Borst

3D character illustration animated in 2022

Example by Ben Gregoire




“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” is a 3D image of Princess Leia projected by light beams. In short, it’s a hologram. This diffraction of light is very attractive and has climbed to rival the top trends in graphic design.

Recently we all could find the holographic trend in stationery, product design, fashion design (especially bags and shoes), and so on. However, this trend is so appealing, that it’s no surprise it has reached web and animation design as well. Not to mention apps and logos.

Inspirational holographic style design example in 2022

3D FLUID SHAPES by Wannathis

Modern design example in 2022 with holographic style

4D Iridescent waves animation by Sunal Sood

Ultra modern design in 2022 - creating holographic style

Ozon — New product vision by Febber

What we can all agree on is that holographic design looks very High tech and futuristic with its mixture of high-gloss multidimensional pastel highlights. The best part is these highlights give the impression of moving even in static images.

Inspirational modern animated holographic design example

3D FLUID SHAPES by Wannathis

A modern and reflective surface design example

Reflections by Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar

Creative illustration example in 2022 with holographic effect

Holo Switch by Christina Young




The twisting, melting and distorted aesthetics of the psychedelic 1960s changed design forever. As an immortal trend, these visuals always make a comeback with the rise of each new counterculture. Mimicking acid trips with mind-bending colors, the psychedelic trend that started as an art form with Wes Wilson and his famous rock posters, is now back to reflect the chaos of the confounding times.

Ultra modern animated illustration in flat style with psychedelic effect

Animated Patterns by Anita Gwara

Example of animated psychedelic effect in design

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Exodus by Rhox

Example of trending animated graphic design animation

Weird dreams – 01 by Gurika for PING PONG

Inspirational example of psychedelic effect in graphic design

Weird dreams – 03 by Gurika for PING PONG

Just like in music and fashion, the psychedelic graphic design mirrors the carefree spirit that craves to break the shackles by drawing strength from within. The results in animation, web design, typography, and motion graphics are incredible and entrancing. We’re about to see a lot of these trippy designs in 2022.


Final words

Graphic design trends 2022 resonate with our strive to find meaning and pleasure in hard times and to break what holds us down. Creators from all over the world gain strength with an open mind to craft mesmerizing designs with vivid colors, movement, perfect imperfection, and futurism. The upcoming year is definitely something to look forward to.

What are your observations and predictions about graphic design trends in 2022? Do you have a favorite trend? Share with us in the comments.

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