Retro Design in Modern Times: An Ultra Inspiring Collection

retro design in modern times an ultra inspiring collection

Are you a fan of retro design? In this article, we’ve gathered amazing modern designs created in a retro style that pleases the senses.

Retro design not only coveys the feeling of home but it also creates a specific connection with the viewer. The reason is simple but powerful – it provokes nostalgy. Designers take full advantage of this effect not only regarding a target audience who has lived through the original retro designs. Everything new is a well forgotten old, so retro design appeals to the young, too. In this collection, we’ll inspire you with posters and flyers, package design, web design, typography design all created in retro style. Let’s begin!


Posters and Flyers

Posters and flyers inspired by retro design are a popular choice among graphic designers these days. As print designs, they enhance the nostalgic effect of retro designs even more. Characterized by earthy tones, grunge effect, textures, outlining, retro-inspired posters and flyers successfully nail the attention nowadays, as well.

It’s not uncommon for modern graphic designers to combine retro design with the effect of a newspaper or a comics magazine.


Package design

Once again influenced by the shapes, colors, and textures which were a total hit during the 50s and 60s, package design in retro style certainly looks unique, hand-crafted, and premium among other products on the shelf.


Retro Web Designs

Contemporary modern web design inspired by retro style is relatively rare compared to retro posters and flyers. Of course, this makes it more unique and eye-catchy when you run into it. Here are a couple of retro web designs which may even inspire you to consider this style for your next web design project. You may also be interested to check out Top Web Design Trends in 2020.

Design by Christian Reindl


Retro Graphic Designs

Even modern graphic design like 3D can be “retro-fied” thanks to special techniques used by designers. Manipulation of colors, use of specific textures and patterns, noise and grunge effect make every modern piece of graphic design feel retro.

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Retro Typography

Typography is a field of exploration and creativity. When it comes to retro style, designers are experimenting a lot to achieve various retro effects. The main principles of retro design remain the same for typography but we still see a huge diversity in retro-inspired fonts and lettering.


Need assets for retro design projects?

Whether you have the skills to turn your new design into a retro-style piece, pre-made assets on your disposal will always come in handy. We’ve prepared a few design bundles in a retro style which will be a nice addition to any retro-inspired design project. Would you like to have a look?

retro hand-drawn elements mega designer bundle

retro pinup girl style graphics for designers


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