Top 20 Free Fonts for 2020: Trendy & Evergreen

Top 20 Free Fonts for 2020

Are you searching for fresh additions in your collection of free fonts this year? In this article, we’ve selected 20 awesome and absolutely free fonts that you can use to nail the attention in your designs. We’ve included attractive display fonts with strong presence, as well as several classics that look modern over the years and perfectly complement the more untraditional typefaces. Let’s start.


free Zoika typeface

1. Zoika

An attractive free display font that comes with a special visual effect – when the letter “j” is combined with another letter before it, it curls underneath. The font is thick and looks good when filled with color and when outlined.


free Novar font

2. Novar

An elegant serif typeface available for personal and commercial use. With its elegant curves and beautiful serif details, Novar will convey high class and sophistication for every project you use it in.


free Belda font

3. Belda

Inspired by Roman calligraphy, Belda typeface impresses with delicate shapes, a good contrast between thickness and strokes, a simple structure, and a strong presence. Belda typeface comes with a big typeface family. However, only the Regular font version is free to download.


free Aloja typeface

4. Aloja

A fun handwritten display font with a casual, edgy vibe. Each letter of Aloja font is actually hand-drawn with a brush to create a unique, personal, and playful feel. It is very suitable for titles and posters. Available in .woff format, as well.


Gagalin free typeface

5. Gagalin

A retro comic font with thick strokes and a rough texture. This font is all caps and suitable for titles, posters, T-shirts. It includes Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic letters, as well as numbers and basic symbols. It’s free for any use.


Calama free condensed font

6. Calama

A condensed tall sans serif font with rounded corners and based on geometric shapes. The font looks casual and modern, and is more suitable for captions rather than paragraphs. It comes with Latin, Cyrillic, and Armenian characters. Free for personal and commercial use.


Anodina free typeface

7. Anodina

A geometric sans serif font with simple shapes and clean, all-purpose look. The font is free to use for personal and commercial projects. With symmetry rooted in its style, this font looks aesthetically eye-pleasing for both long paragraphs of text and big bold titles.


Kenfolg free serif font

8. Kenfolg

A serif display typeface with a strong personality. Simple and elegant, yet nailing the attention instantly, Kenfolg font is perfect for headlines. It supports multilingual letters, as well. Free for personal use only.


SAONARA modern serif typeface


Inspired by fashion, Saonara font makes a memorable statement with its huge contrast between stokes’ thickness. Elegant, yet bold, this serif display font is perfect for magazines’ and poster headlines. Free for personal use only.


Emberly modern free display font

10. Emberly

Inspired by Didone style, Emberly is an elegant display serif typeface with a condensed look. The typeface comes with 3 widths and 34 styles, so you can mix and match your headline, subheadline, and paragraph text. Because of its strong presence, this typeface is not very recommended for really long paragraphs. Also available as a variable font.


Moustique modern thin typeface

11. Moustique

A luxurous serif typeface with a tall elegant letter style and a big contrast between strokes’ thickness. The font is perfect for headlines, posters, magazines, and other projects that should convey sophistication. Free for personal use only.


Codec Pro modern rounded font

12. Codec Pro

A multi-purpose sans serif font based on geometric shapes. With its clean look, Codec Pro is suitable for a wide range of designs and projects, even minimalist. The free styles of this font family are Codec Pro Regular and Codec Pro Italic. It supports Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Arabic letters.


Okta Neue futuristic typeface

13. Okta Neue

A modern geometric sans serif font with a great legibility and an extensive language support. Besides traditional symbols and Latin letters, Okta Neue supports Extended Cyrillic, Greek (Basic and Polytonic), and Hebrew. The whole family consists of 22 styles, two of which come for free use – Ultra Light and Black Italic.



Evergreen Fonts

Some fonts just don’t go out of style. In this section, we’ve included free fonts that are widely used in design and still look absolutely modern in 2020. These fonts are Google Fonts classics that are free to download and a save option for a wide variety of projects. Use them as complementary fonts or why not even primary fonts in your designs.


Open Sans font family

14. Open Sans

A humanist sans serif typeface with an excellent legibility, widely used for web, mobile, and print purposes. The font family includes 10 styles with different thickness. Open Sans supports Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets.


Roboto free typeface

15. Roboto

A friendly and casual sans serif font with a slightly geometric vibe that fits perfectly into a wide array of projects. Roboto Regular family comes with 12 styles. In addition, there are the Roboto Condensed and Slab families, specifically designed to help you make combinations for headlines, subheadlines, and paragraphs.


Lato free font

16. Lato

A minimalist sans serif typeface that conveys harmony, warmth, and good taste. Lato typeface comes in 10 different styles demonstrating semi-rounded details and original traits. Still, the font fits pretty well in differently themed projects.


Oswald condensed free font

17. Oswald

A neat sans serif font with a tight spacing and kerning, perfect for headlines that make a strong statement. This typeface comes in 6 different weights. The latest update of the typeface includes a support for more Latin characters, as well as Cyrillic characters.


Poppins free rounded font

18. Poppins

A modern geometric sans serif font with well-constructed glyphs and monolinear letterforms. The typeface comes with a diversity of weights and styles – bold and thick for headlines, thin and regular for large paragraphs of text.


Quicksand modern free rounded typeface

19. Quicksand

An attractive display sans serif typeface with rounded terminals that bring warmth and softness to every project. Based on geometric shapes, Quicksand is perfect for headlines, although its clean lines make it perfectly readable in small sizes, too.


Lobster free retro font

20. Lobster

A display hand-written font inspired by classic handwriting that comes with unique ligatures – unique designs for individual letter pairs. Lobster comes in one style perfect for headlines and short lines of text on posters and similar designs.


Final words

We hope this selection of free fonts will freshen up your personal collection of typefaces. If in doubt what fonts to use, you can never go wrong by choosing any of the evergreen typefaces. If you are feeling experimental, go ahead and try out some of the modern edgy fonts provided in the beginning of this post.

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