Top Color Trends and Combinations to Try in 2021

Color Trends and Combinations in 2021

The right use of color in your designs, advertising materials, portfolio, or even personal projects is a game-changer. It can mesmerize the audience, attract new customers, impress the right employers and help you send your message in light speed to the right receiver. Color just innately “speaks” to us… and we respond. It’s exciting to work with color, it’s exciting to look at it.

Color is always in trend, but you might ask which are the best colors and color combinations for this year? Color trends and tastes change frequently, different colors come and go and it’s important not to look outdated… That’s why we cooked up this article, to help you stay on top of your color game. We know which are the “stars” in 2021 and we will show you beautiful designs to inspire you, let’s go!

1. Top Colors To Use in 2021

First, we will start off with the “hot” colors for this year – you know, the ones, that can be used as a strong accent, the ones that can dominate your design.

Each year there are certain colors, no matter the huge variety of color combinations out there, that are clearly present in designs. They are sought after and they are as a trademark of the particular year. Here they are:

1. Yellow

The color of 2021 is yellow and why wouldn’t be? It’s bright, lively, dynamic, friendly – all that we need and hope for in the new year. It is often associated with childhood too – which reminds us to be more free, childlike and forget for the past year, which was dark, heavy, with too many responsibilities, and charged with negative experiences.

Not in the last place, yellow is associated with the sun – the life force, the warmth, and light.

Yellow can go well with many other colors and will always be the attention-grabber, but this year we recommend you to:

Combine with: Grey or Black


2. Red

Oh, red… Red is a classic and that’s why we never get tired of it. It will be on the top of the trendy colors this year too.

Red symbolizes passion, speed, assertion. It makes a strong statement and it says: “Hey, look at me. Me and nothing else”

There are many beautiful tints of red which will notice in the design world in 2021, we hand-picked some of them for you in the examples below.

And if you are asking which colors will complement beautifully your powerful reds, here is the answer:

Combine with: Blue or Black


3. Blue

If you are tired of screaming for attention billboards, advertisement, commercials and design – blue will soothe your eyes. Probably, it will also make you sigh, relax and marvel designs with predominant blue color scheme.

Blue is simply relaxing, it offers stability and responsibility, it’s the color of the sky, water – it furthermore implies purity.

People will always be drawn to designs with blue colors, and this year makes no exception!

Although blue goes well with many colors, you will find it in certain combinations in 2021. They are tasteful, elegant and a bit mysterious. Not everything needs to be “in your face” design!

Combine with: Purple/Pink


4. Teal

The color took us by storm a few years ago and it’s still going strong. Although it’s a unique, a bit specific color, these are also the qualities that make it so intriguing and inspiring.

Many fashion brands use it for its products because it’s not that cold, overused or masculine as some blues are. It still evokes purity, freedom, spaciousness, with a pinch of playfulness and uniqueness.

Our favorite combo is teal-orange colors. That’s why, we recommend you to experiment with teal and:

Combine with: Orange


2. Amazing Color Combinations to Try in 2021

Hold on! We have not only prepared the list of top colors for 2021, but also other inspiring color combinations to try in 2021. Without further ado, here they are:

2.1. Warm Color Combinations

Deep reds, oranges, earthy browns and white with warm undertones are huge hit in the recent years and there is a reason why. They ground us, they offer support, security and simple sophistication.

You’ve might noticed their dominance in fashion, interior and home decor, art. Well, in 2021, they are stepping forward into the design scene as well. Although we’ve noticed them in the last few years, this year these color combinations are even more present and stronger.

They also offer tranquility, they remind us of adventures, of all things natural and free.


2.2. Nature-Inspired Color Combinations

Speaking of the calmness, solidity and coziness that warm color schemes offer, other nature-inspired color combinations are complementing them and adding a bit of coolness and refreshment.

Fresh, lush greens and crystal blues invite us to go outside, take a breath of fresh air. Green and blue symbolize new life, growth, expansion and freedom, so no wonder these colors will be in trend in 2021.

It’s time for a new path and new growth!


2.3. Vivid Color Combinations

Still, we have a little something for those who are tired of relaxing, resting and being to “zen”. Yes, we talk about all the people who are looking for fun, experimentation, showing their personality and wanting to be loud.

For these colorful birds, we offer the vivid color combinations – the colors are bold, in-your-face, they are here to impress and stand out and they certainly don’t want to blend in.

Electric greens and fluorescent yellows, juicy oranges and rich pinks – they all make a bright, joyful color theme and we can’t wait to try these colors too!



2.4. Monochrome Color Combinations

Ahem… What about the audience that enjoys simplicity, sophistication and wants to “show some style”? Don’t worry, we hear you! For you, we’ve prepared an inspiring collection of monochrome color combinations.

Monochrome color schemes consist of one color and its variations and/or in combination with blacks, grays, and whites.

It’s fairly difficult to achieve an impressive and memorable result with these color combinations, that’s why if done well – they don’t disappoint.

Simplicity shows style and taste and careful attention to the tiniest detail. So if you are a perfectionist, original and want to be taken seriously – these color combinations are definitely for you!


Final Words

We can’t wait to try the hot colors and color combinations for 2021, what about you?

Do you have already some of these colors in your brand, in projects for clients?

Or if not, which ones you’d like to try?

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  • I come on this site to learn something new, and they continuously publish very useful graphic design elements which is really helpful for to know about the trends. Excellent

  • Easily the most comprehensive article I’ve read to date. And you’re spot on with the trends. I’ve particularly noticed a lot of color channels and double exposure used in popular ads and media. Thanks for sharing, it could be very helpful for me.

  • Jui

    It is very difficult to match the color combination. But from this article I have learned some color ideas. Thank you.

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