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    How to Create a Cartoon Flyer Template For Your Business

    Recently, we’ve presented you with a collection of free cartoon flyer templates that are pretty nice, ready-to-use and the cherry on the top, they are free. These kind of resources are always welcome and appreciated but sometimes they might not feature the layout or something else you need for your design project. This is why we decided…

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    How to Create Vector Watercolor Texture and Elements in Adobe Illustrator

    Watercolor design is big trend right now. The unique and beautiful qualities of the watercolor are used in many design solutions, such as packaging, web, stationery and other. There are many free and premium resources on the web, varying from high-res photos of watercolor textures, patterns and elements to vector files, offering even more design…

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    How to Craft a Cartoon Facebook Cover in Photoshop

    Facebook profile and cover images are very powerful tool to express yourself or your business on social media. Visitors are immidiately attracted by these visuals and their opinion and perception is influenced by the images you choose. Last, but not least they communicate a large amount of information and the main message you want to…

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    How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Cartoon Character

    Everyone nowadays is familiar with PowerPoint, as a powerful tool to explain, showcase and present project ideas. In this tutorial you will learn how to make an engaging PowerPoint presentation, including a cartoon character in its design. powerful graphics are vital for good design and visualizing ideas, and what better way of explaining your ideas than…

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    Simple Vector Robot Character in Illustrator (Tutorial + Freebie)

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple vector robot character in Adobe Illustrator. Make your projects stand out by including this friendly futuristic robot design and show your clients how innovative and creative you are! We have organized this tutorial in very simple steps to help you get started with creating vector characters in…

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    How to Create a Simple Vector Monster in Adobe Illustrator

    Hello, friends! Do you love monsters? Probably you have dreamed of creating one on your own, exactly how you imagined it? Well, this tutorial  for creating a simple vector monster character might be just the right one for you! It is super easy,  and in the following step-by-step tutorial we will guide you through the process in Adobe Illustrator….

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    Monster Business Card Template in Illustrator (Tutorial + Freebie)

    In this tutorial we are going to create a playful and full bleed, print ready business card using one of GraphicMama’s creation kits – Monster Mania.

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    25+ Wonderful Cartoon Character Design Tutorials

    No matter if you have been mastering the vector art for quite a while now, or you have just started learning the ropes of creating vector cartoons, a useful step-by-step character design tutorial could come in very handy to help you learn new techniques and practice your skills. In today’s post we’ve gathered together a…

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    How to Make a Business Card Template With Bleeds in Adobe Illustrator

    In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a print ready business card document with bleeds in Adobe Illustrator.