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    10 Brilliant Brand Mascot Redesign Examples During the Years

    Nowadays, brands fight for customers’ attention more furiously than ever. There is an endless abundance of visual stimuli around us which makes it harder and harder to keep one’s interest. That is why, all companies, especially the big ones, are raising up their game with their marketing strategies. Often of these strategies is to do a mascot redesign, in…

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    33 Peculiar Character Design Styles of the Modern Day

    Get ready to be flushed with imagination off limits. We’ve gone through plenty of Behance profiles to dig out some of the most peculiar character design styles created by artists who don’t play it safe. The result: a collection of 33 brilliant unconventional character design styles. Some of them are adorable, others are far from cute,…

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    25 Vintage Inspired Art Pieces That Will Make You Want To Travel Back In Time

    The term vintage is often used incorrectly. Sometimes people use it to describe objects or art that are not old at all. On top of that, the labels “antique” and “retro” make it even more confusing. Last but not least, what is vintage inspired art? It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, who loves to…

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    29 Great Free Watercolor Resources for Designers (Vector, JPEG & PNG )

    Nowadays watercolor design is a growing trend. In this article we’ve selected 29 free watercolor resources, that you can use in your design projects. Lately, watecolor experimentations and techniques appear not only in fashion design, but also gains popularity amongst web designers, it is used also in packaging. Watercolor is fascinating technique, known for a long time…

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    22 Rare Creativity Quotes to Awaken the Artist in Yourself

    A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes a quote can have such a powerful influence over a person that it could trigger a chain of thoughts and waves of emotions that could easily turn into new brilliant ideas. If you, like us, are tired of hearing the same old traditional inspirational quotes…

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    15 Incredible Character Design Books on the Market

    Just started learning the ropes of cartooning and looking for some insightful character design books? Great! Here at GraphicMama we’ve put together 15 of the best character design books available on the market. Some of them are meant for beginners, others are suitable for those who want to take their skills to the next level….

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    55 Super Fun Illustrated GIFs on Dribbble

    Dribble is an amazing web place gathering all kinds of creative designers from around the world to share their projects with everyone. The trendy show-and-tell platform has now become a home for tons of illustrated GIFs. As the guys behind Dribbble revealed themselves in January, almost 40 000 animated GIFs were posted only last year. Impressive! Having an invite-only…

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    99 Heart-warming Cartoon Christmas Cards

    Need a bit of Christmas inspiration and positivism to load your day? Here comes a collection of 99 cartoon Christmas cards. All of them are so creative and festive that will instantly put you into the mood of the most heartwarming holiday of the year. This beautiful collection of creatively illustrated cartoon Christmas cards will not…

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    50 Digital Art Masterpieces of Feminine Beauty

    One thing that makes the web a more beautiful place is digital art. But where those talented illustrators find inspiration to create such stunning and admirable works of art? “Is it just me, or is the world full of beautiful women?”  We couldn’t agree more with the famous quote by Robbie Coltrane. Women’s beauty has…