• illustration-web
    34 Fantastic Examples of Illustration Styles in Web Design

    It’s not a secret to anyone anymore that web designs based on illustrations feel fun and easy-going and most people simply fall for them. The designers’ striving to present the user with more and more creatively crafted websites has led to shaping all kinds of illustration styles in web design. Those of you who have been following our blog…

  • cat
    19 Cat Illustrations for a 9-Life Lasting Inspiration

    Cat person? Then you’ll surely love our collection of cat illustrations devoted to this gorgeous pet. In addition, we’ll tell you a little bit more about the cat symbolism and what kind of qualities people who love cats possess. Being ones of the most famous and loved animals on the planet, you may find it…

  • header-composition-design
    Composition in Design – 15 Things You Can’t Afford NOT to Know

    Composition is one of the six crucial elements of design. Without strong and solid design composition, everything starts falling apart. In this article we will give you 15 tips on how to strengthen your composition – no matter if it’s a photography, illustration or any graphic design project. We also prepared a beautiful collection of designs…

  • instagram-22
    15 Art Profiles to Follow on Instagram for Insta(nt) Inspiration

    Turns out, inspiration is just an app away. That’s right, everyone – we are talking about Instagram. No matter if you are an avid fan of the platform already, or have just jumped aboard, getting the right content in your feed can become quite a challenge. With millions of profiles to follow on Instagram, finding your way around…

  • story-tips
    10 Foolproof Tips for Storytelling That Dazzle Audiences

    Nowadays people buy the brand, how it makes them feel and how they connect to it. Customers are no longer interested in agressive marketing strategies that tell them what to buy and how amazing the product is. With the advent of the digital age, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube has only added advantage and…

  • pint-boards
    15 Inspiring Design Boards to Follow on Pinterest

    We already told you about why and how to use Pinterest to draw inspiration and find new ideas for your own projects. Today we’ll pay special attention to all of you who are either designers, or design lovers. Pretty much all of you, huh? We’ve taken the time to gather 15 incredibly inspiring design boards to…

  • color-use-design-web
    How to Use Color to Improve Your Web Design

    In this article you will learn some basics for how to use color in your design. No matter what’s the case with your website – if you want to sell, educate or just share your ideas, in the end of the day, you are aiming at cathcing the viewer’s attention and retaining it. Most probably too,…

  • header2
    How to Build Strong Brand & Visual Identity

    Visual identity and branding are two terms that are often confused in the process of building a brand. As simple as it gets, visual identity is the visual aspect of branding the business and trying to evoke certain feelings in the consumer through visuals. It conveys symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone….

  • 2017 design trends
    Graphic Design Trends 2017: What’s Hot and What’s Not

    Trends come and go. The graphic design world is always evolving. Some design trends fade away for months, others stay for years. Today we’ll spill the beans on which graphic design trends will generate buzz this year. Whether you will follow the crowd or set up a new trend yourself – the choice is yours. Either way,…