60+ Amazing Memphis Design Examples that Radiate Euphoria

60+ Amazing Memphis Design Examples

The Memphis design movement has been inspiring artists of all fields to create ingenious masterpieces screaming for attention. Today’s post is entirely inspired by the Memphis design style and art principles. Scroll down to participate in a feast of bright colors and oversize geometric shapes. We present to you over 60 incredibly good Memphis design examples in digital design, web design, product design, and even interior design. Let’s begin!

What is Memphis design?

Having emerged in the early 80s, the signature principles of the Memphis design style are first, oversize basic geometric shapes, lines, and curves, and second, bold palettes of bright multiple colors. Very often, you will see mixtures of patterns made of these two basic design principles. While it may sound a little bit of a mess, the end result is quite pleasing and harmonious. These simple principles make Memphis design instantly recognizable, so you really can’t confuse it with anything else.

Where can we apply the Memphis style?

While the Memphis style may appear too over the top for some, you’d be surprised that it finds application in almost all fields of design. The style can still look elegant, aesthetic, appealing, and even minimalist, as long as you pick colors with similar intensity and use enough breathing room around elements. So, where can you see Memphis design in real life?

  • In digital design like website design, landing pages, banner design, email design, and more.
  • Video animations – often made in 3D Memphis design style or flat Memphis style.
  • Interior design. Yes, this is how it all started – bold, colorful furniture that beat the status quo.
  • Product design – an incredibly wild field of imagination. From clothing to package design, these items won’t go unnoticed for sure!
Examples of usage of Memphis design

Example by Cina Catteau

60+ Great Examples of Memphis Design

Animated memphis design pattern backgrounds

Example by Adina Ionica

Set of memphis pattern designs

Example by Iuliia Mazur

Colorful T-shirt design with Memphis illustration

Example by Audrey GRESLE

Yellow, red, and blue memphis pattern design example

Example by Ganna Sereda

Example of printed floral memphis pattern on paper

Example by Aum

1. Examples of 3D Memphis Design Style

Back in the early 80s, the Memphis style was first presented with bold, colorful, geometric furniture. So, in the real world, Memphis started out as a three-dimensional art. Well, nowadays, modern technology allows designers to translate this 3D effect into a digital reality. It’s incredible how this art movement has kept its popularity for four decades now. In the present day, the 3D Memphis design style is among the current Graphic Design Trends in 2023, as well!

Example by Eugene Shelling

Candy color memphis number 9 design in 3d

Example by MUTI

Word LOVE designed in 3D Memphis

Example by Paul Benson

Cool realistic 3d elements designed wth memphis vibe

Example by Travis Krause

3D multicolor memphis graphic design concept

Example by James Andrews

3D design with memphis style elements

Example by Andrew Skoch

Rainbow vivid colors memphis in 3d style

Example by han.del eugene

Elegant blue purple 3d memphis scene example

Example by Nguyen Nguyen

Colorful 3d shapes in memphis style

Example by Peter Tarka

2. Memphis Exterior & Interior Design Inspiration

Modern Memphis interior design has become bolder with smooth and glossy surfaces and geometric shapes floating around. You will rarely see gradients rather than blocks of solid color with the same intensity and patterns with basic geometric elements. The lack of gradients and detail often creates the effect of a 2D design in the real world. And the bright color palettes make you feel like you’ve landed in an actual cartoon world! Check out several great examples of Memphis design furniture, other Memphis interior design and exterior design.

Unique city mini golf designed in memphis style

Example by Craig Karl

Great example of memphis wall paint with pastel colors for kids room

Example by Artem Agekyan

Modern Memphis interior with playful colors

Example by Samia Mohamed

Classy Memphis room inderior design example

Example by Carlos Piña

Modern bedroom with elegant Memphis style interior

Example by Pedro Riu

3. Memphis Inspired Product Design

From home decorations to dinnerware sets, cosmetic product branding, and even fashion clothing and accessories, the Memphis design style just “sells” optimism and euphoria. Once again, the choice of colors is bold but in perfect harmony. Cute simple patterns are the norm, often complemented by sections with thick stripes or dots.

Memphis pattern example clay cups

Example by Lauren Merkel

Creative clock design with Memphis design

Example by Justin Pisarski

Abstract interior table design in Memphis style elements and colors

Example by Studio Super

Modern plate design in memphis style with patterns and shapes

Example by retrogrammer

Cute playful Memphis style package box design

Example by Anastasia

Creative product concept with abstract shapes and colors

Example by Kai Yu Yang


Example of earrings in memphis designs

Example by Laxmi Verma

Creative decorative elements with memphis style

Example by Anand Patel

Cosmetic products with memphis pattern design

Example by Nastia Smiyan

4. Memphis-Inspired Typography & Letters

Typography is often a field of great creativity. When it comes to Memphis-inspired typography and lettering, well, this is usually the main design accent in the artwork. Impressive, artistic and eye-catching by itself, the Memphis design typography finds application in poster design and wall art, product design like notebook covers, branding design, and more.

Retro colorful font letters in Memphis style

Example by Zemer Hay

Creative Memphis design typography design

Example by Paul Gerard

Cute flat Memphis typography example

Example by Maria K. Studios

Example of 3D Memphis letters font

Example by Gerardo Rivera

5. Retro Memphis Design Examples

What makes a design feel retro? Warmer nuances of colors – almost brownish, must-have black outlining, characters of stylized and simple shapes. Well, in this selection we’ve picked several cool examples of Memphis design artwork with retro and vintage vibes, most of which are actually quite contemporary.

Retro style Memphis-based poster design concept

Example by Andrey KENO

Amazing abstract poster idea with simple elements and patterns

Example by Andrey KENO

Music themed cover with retro vibe - Memphis inspired

Example by Pranali Linge

Cartoon illustration Memphis design

Example by Fabrizio Morra

Creative business card design in Memphis style

Example by Pranali Linge

Sale ads Memphis style example

Example by Iqbalarzz

Vivid Memphis style web app design example

Example by 是北瓜呀

Sex and the city illustrations in Memphis style

Example by Valeria HU

Abstract concept design with Memphis style

Example by Amanda Bublitz

6. Even More Memphis Design Examples

And just to top up your euphoria and inspiration, we’ve picked about a dozen more great examples of Memphis style in the digital and real world. We’ve included poster designs, package and cover designs, banners for social media and websites, and more. Enjoy!

Buss stop banner in memphis style example

Example by oppa franz

Creative cover inspiration with geometry style


Playful colorful blue purple seamless Memphis pattern design

Example by freepik

Retro purple Memphis poster idea


Abstract dark Memphis cover design example

Example by freepik

Memphis sale banner template examples offer template

Example by pikisuperstar

Branding with Memphis design

Example by 贺 虎君

Colorful 90s Memphis banner designs

Example by Andrey KENO

Cyber monday campaign banner design Memphis elements high tech

Example by BiZkettE1

Hand-drawn Memphis style illustration book painting

Example by Solange ABAZIOU


That’s it!

We hope this selection of 60+ Memphis design examples made your day even more colorful and exciting! While the style is more than four decades old now, it is not dying any time soon. One reason is that the Memphis-style movement simply allows you to make a bold statement and get noticed in the crowd.

If you are feeling inspired, go ahead and gear up your creativity to make something bold and eye-catching in a Memphis style today. If you need a little more of an inspirational boost, why don’t you have a look at our Inspiration section? We’ve got pretty good selections to enjoy!

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