55 Super Fun Illustrated GIFs on Dribbble

Dribble is an amazing web place gathering all kinds of creative designers from around the world to share their projects with everyone. The trendy show-and-tell platform has now become a home for tons of illustrated GIFs. As the guys behind Dribbble revealed themselves in January, almost 40 000 animated GIFs were posted only last year. Impressive! Having an invite-only membership system, the Dribbble community was enriched with more than 300 000 members in 2015, as stated by the company itself.

Dribbble has been gaining more and more popularity. That’s why here at GraphicMama we’ve decided to make a quick roundup of some of the best-illustrated GIFs published there. What we came up is a super fun collection of 55 illustrated GIFs that will surely inspire you and brighten your day. In addition, illustrated GIFs are some of the most shareable visual content on social media. So get ready to fuel yourself with plenty of fresh ideas provided by 55 super fun illustrated GIFs on Dribbble!

1. In space no one can hear you cry… by R A D I O


2. Going for a Spin by Latham Arnott


3. Hairstyles 01 by Jonathan Dahl


4. Self Portrait by Chris Phillips


5. Steal Your Thunder by Chris Phillips


6. 404 Got Lost by Anastasiia Andriichuk


7. Monsters’ Night by Anastasiia Andriichuk


8. Dribbble is 5! by Fede Cook


9. Caveman by Markus Magnusson


10. Rain Shower by Chris Phillips


11. Man by Tania


12. Burgers and Beers by Linn Fritz


13. Gadget Lab by Markus Magnusson


14. SummerLust by Christine Le


15. Roadtrip by ARM Sattavorn


16. A rabbit and bear walk into a theatre by Wonderlust


17. Snip snip by Ryan Rumbolt


18. Kick Push by Markus Magnusson


19. Coffee by Tania


20. Pen Tool Creation by Gal Shir


21. Сute stump by Nikita Melnikov


22. Workforce by Seth Eckert


23. Rudolf final prep by ueno


24. Sweets for friday by Mantas Gr


25. Row Fat Boy, Row! by Simon Tibbs


26. NY Pizza! by Guillaume Kurkdjian


27. Hey! Bear by Egor Kosten


28. The Pong Challenge by Jake Bartlett


29. Sailor Walk Animation by Jonathan Dahl


30. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! by Eran Mendel


31. Pearalyzed by Jonas Mosesson


32. Deleting by Hanna Jung


33. This is my dog, Meshi! by Gal Shir


34. Two Plus One by Vladimir Marchukov


35. The Handshake by Michael Young


36. Google Play Music Animated Illustrations by Jonas Naimark


37. Wiley Fox by Misha Petrick


38. Life as a designer by Chuan²


39. Remember to have FUN – GIF by Tsuriel


40. Rockstar by R A D I O


41. Rooster Loop by Pier Paolo


42. Buck Hunter by Chris Phillips


43. Soft Serve by Chris Phillips


44. BB-8 by Brent Clouse


45. Booty Bear by Eran Mendel


46. Bicycle Day by MUTI


47. Tiffany Lamp by MUTI


48. Magic book by Fede Cook


49. Singing Octo by Fede Cook


50. Mt Fuji by Markus Magnusson


51. Moon Surfer by Markus Magnusson


52. Prudential – 1 Percent More – NFL Season by Chris Phillips


53. Mating by Chris Phillips


54. Mindfulness – Learning to Breathe by Chris Phillips


55. International Sloth Day by Eran Mendel


Final words

That last one certainly made us LOL! Which illustrated GIFs did you like the most? If you are an artist yourself, you’re welcome to share your illustrated GIFs in the comment’s section below.

If you feel like you need even more inspiration from illustrated content, maybe you should check out our mega collection of 80 illustration based web designs.

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