80 Illustration Based Web Designs: Mega Pack, Mega Inspiration!

80 Illustration Based Web Designs: Mega Pack, Mega Inspiration!

Seeking some illustration-based web designs to inspire your next web design project?

We are so lucky to be living in the digital era full of unlimited opportunities for artists to show their talent and creativity to the world. The web is an endless field of inspiration and the horizon is always open for ingenious artworks to find their way through the obscurity and be sunlit by community appreciation. There are literally millions of absolutely stunning web designs based on illustrations throughout the web which foster respect for those gifted designers who came up with the idea of creating them.

We at GraphicMama, being inveterate admirers of digital art and creativity, have decided to praise the talent of these incredible artists by showcasing some of their beautiful creations. We’ve browsed the web to put together 80 of the most ingenious cartoon web designs. Imagination really knows no bounds!

Get ready because this mega pack of 80 illustration-based web designs will fuel your creative mind with mega inspiration.


1. Mitchlana.com

Mitch Lana Website with illustrations

Michelle Lana treats us to a cute surfer child illustration. Graphic with stand-out colors of black on yellow.

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2. Fleximize.com

Fleximize cartoon website

Fleximze’s Squad are full of personality in this top-class illustration

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3. AngryWifeGame.com

Angry Wife Game illustration web design

A dark suburban scene from a bird’s eye view. Great illustrative sense of atmosphere and nice 3D effect.

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4. MailBakery.com

MailBakery cute website design

Fantastic characterful illustration, bright and intelligent, and excellent use of uniquely illustrated symbolic icons.

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5. Discovery.Europadns.net

Discovery Theme illustration design

As the rocket flight over the pale skyline, the illustrative design takes you from the hazy, city to a bright new future.

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6. LeedsBuildingSociety.co.uk

Kick My Habits Graphics

A super geometric set of fast food illustrations, instantly recognizable and beautifully coordinated.

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7. SocialMediaFail.com.au

Social Media Fail funny website design

A great example of basic illustration functioning in a perfectly symbolic way. The simplified figure’s expressions tell what you to need to know.

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8. NasaProspect.com

NASA Prospect web

Robot and astronaut on #d polygon background, dramatic and great shading, shadow effects.

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9. EveryLastDrop.co.uk

Every Last Drop flat design illustrations website

As flat as can be, 2D illustration from Every Last Drop. It literally takes every last drop of depth, giving a strange but interesting feel.

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10. MakeYourMoneyMatter.org

Make Your Money Matter modern-graphics web design

A pleasant landscape illustration is the background presence of the strong graphic arm displaying the cash. Good contrasting style.

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11. DanishSait.com

Danish Sait cartoon people illustrations

DanishSait.com cleverly transforms one illustrated face into eight different designs by adding various elements.

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12. Bilan-Trends2016.Heed.agency

Bilan Trends retro style drawings website

Beautiful freehand illustration, pencil style with exquisite detail.

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13. Waaark.com

Waaark minimalist illustrations web design

Elegant and functional illustration to represent their tagline.

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14. TheGreyTales.net

The Grey Tales art website

The Grey Tales illustration is a tremendous example of finely drawn, amazingly detailed work using pencil and delicate shading variations.

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15. MajorSavage.com

Major Savage artistic website design

A comic book street art style animation that is as juicy as the site name. 

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16. Chekhov.WithGoogle.com

Chekhov is Alive Website

Two contrasting illustration styles one employing negative space and minimal features letting the imagination do the work, the other the opposite and linked by color coordination. Clever.

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17. KeepEarthQuakesWeird.com

Keep Earthquakes Wierd Cartoon Website

Keep Portland weird is the message that the illustrator keeps front and center. A cityscape with a disaster movie feel.

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18. ThinkPixelLab.com

Pixel Lab Minimalist web illustrations

Consistent character illustrations aside from their futuristic lab. Smooth and amusingly detailed.

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19. AnimalMade.com

Funny Animal illustrations website

AnimalMade has a wild take on animal illustrations that fit with the theme. Mutant and post-apocalyptic spring to mind.

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20. Hansonwu.com

cartoon eggs website

Egg- traordinary – four types, simple and effective.

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21. LightHouseBrewing.com

Lighthouse Brewing beautiful illustration style

Brillant seascape complete with octopus. Superb coloring and patterns add context to the illustrations.

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22. Change-The-World.Unltd.org.uk

Live To Change Space Website

Flat illustration of satellite and Earth, with a great sense of aurora around the planet. 

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23. SlaveryFootprint.org

Slavery Footprint modern illustrations

Graphic multicolored links are chained across the page.

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24. Species-in-Pieces.com

Species in Pieces 3D illustrations

Species-in-Pieces have hit the nail on the head with this geometric bird with super shading, it can’t fail to remind you of origami.

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25. FollowBubble.com

Follow Bubble Linear Illustrations

FollowBubble.com freestyle bubbles from a hoop, irregular and carefree. As childish as it should be.

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26. HarveyWaterSofteners.co.uk

Interior Design interactive cartoon design

HarveyWaters captures the 50s vibe to perfection with this flat retro illustration. An illustration that’s style is the mood, and mood is the style.

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27. Nerisson.fr

Nerisson realistic illustration website

Black with flashes of highlight to provide form, what can you see here? Cooly mysterious.

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28. Creative-Mob.com

CreativeMob animated website design

Great cool blue palette and the isometric illustration is like a comic book by Edward Hopper. We like it.

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29. Lisa-Gringl.com

Lisa Gringl designer portfolio website

CityScape in geometric block form, strong and visually striking.

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30. ProFleet.com.tr

Profleet background illustrations design

Profleet.com uses a bird’s eye illustration to show you everything that they are and everything they do, compact into one huge car park. Like a scene from a child’s play area, as easy as child’s play!

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31. BooksAtWork.org

Books at Work minimalist design

Graphic illustrative icons forming a machine, Heath Robinson would like this very much, and so do we.

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32. LanderApp.com

Lander Office Illustrations

A top view of a desk littered with flat icons of design essentials, especially the coffee.

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33. StopTheVultures.org

Stop The Vultures cool illustrations

StopTheVultures.org has its vulture center stage in a rather abstract baby form but nonetheless menacing.

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34. Tectonica.co

Tectonica Studios modern illustration web design

Tectonica has used geometric machinery parts as the building blocks for a human figure, trying the two key concepts of their site.

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35. SpaceLamb.12Wave.com

SpaceLamb website with futuristic illustrations

Space Lamb a wonderfully attractive cartoon illustration jet packs through a space scene from a slightly off Earth-like planet to an almost edible moon. A smoothly professional look.

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36. AndyHau.com

AHA website Design

A vintage-style sea scene from Andy Hau with clever combinations of initials and sails.

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37. ModSquad.com

ModSquad artistic illustrations

ModSquad has used uniquely designed illustrative icons that clearly represent the point but manage to transcend with their Mod style genre-specific styling and of course red, white, and blue color scheme. 

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38. True Detective

True Detective with cartoon characters

HBO’s True Detective has a cult following, so the characters just need to lead you in. These illustrations do enough, just enough.

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39. MikiMottes.com

Miki Mottes cartoon website design

A whole underground world of cool illustrations from Mikki Motte. Creative, charming, odd cartoon creatures.

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40. Wrist.im

Wrist watches cartoon website

Simple, realistic, and timeless, Wrist.im do what needs to be done, nothing more, nothing less. A minimal style that suits this specific site.

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41. ILoveThisFame.com

I Love This Fame illustration characters website

A heavy outlined childish illustration that captures a personality with effortless ease. Less is definitely more in this case.

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42. DeanOakley.com

Dean Oakley cartoon story website

The boutique’s web design deserves boutique illustrations. Dean Oakley does this with a comic cactus eco scene.

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43. Branded7.com

Branded 7 cool website with illustrations

Branded7 has hit the ball out of the park with this great landscape illustration, a soft textural and wonderfully inviting autumnal scene bursting out and pulling you in. 

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44. DoINeedAnUmbrella.com

Need an Umbrella weather site with illustrations

Do I need an Umbrella? – Great cute illustrations on this adorable website.

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45. Oleggert.ru

Oleggert illustrator portfolio website

Illustrator and art director Oleg Gert from Russia showcases his work with great presence and craft.

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46. MakeMePulse.com

Make Me Pulse Aartistic illustrations

Interactive, great artwork, illustrative animation, and sound – makemepulse show what they can produce, and its awesome quality.

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47. SeaHarvest.net

seaharvest vintage graphics site

Great newspaper pastiche from Sea Harvest market in Australia, detailed, beautifully elegant illustrations, and imaginative. We particularly like the marker circle highlight effect. 

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48. SiliconValley.BaunFire.com

SiliconValley minimalist animations website

Well if you are going to do a website based on design in Silicon Valley you’ve got to set the bar high with your own design. Fortunately, Baunfire does just that with this animated, creative design.

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49. Shimane-Misato.lg.jp

Shimane Misato creative website design

We can’t understand a word of Japanese but this design kept us intrigued anyway. Great movement, awesome motion effects, scroll around and play.

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50. Sabcomeed.com

Sabcomeed website with art design

Sabcomeed has succeeded in producing a captivating atmospheric design that perfectly illustrates their coffee concept. Intricate design, highlighted cursor revealing more, fantastically artistic illustration, top quality all around. If this much effort has been put into the site, how much effort has been put into the product?

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51. Bloom.co

Bloom modern illustrations on website

Bloom’s landing page blooms out of nowhere, with trees, saplings, and rain clouds. It’s as clear and calm a page as you would like from a digital identity firm. Plenty of information, unhurried, lots of negative space and confidence.

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52. TheBearAndHisScarf.com

TheBearAndHisScarf illustration based website

Really..wow..just wow. Belgian football Club Bruge has turned out a masterful site..or story. Simply lovely pencil-colored drawing of great animal illustrations, and a super story about Respect. You’ve got ours!

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53. BrandStudio.ru

BrandStudio creative website design with illustrations

Like a surrealist inactive story dream, in a good way. And with music and weirdly wonderful illustrations.

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54. InsideTheHead.co

InsideTheHead web site with abstract illustrations

Great site with great art, each element furnished with a fabulous Picasso-style illustration. Big, bold, brassy..you feel with such confident art they must know what they are talking about.  

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55. Chobani.com

Chobani website design mixed with illustrations

Natural look for natural products. Soft, gentle pastel illustrations and textures flow straight out of the product design and into the landscape, seamlessly.

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56. SennepGames.com

SennepGames website with 3D style graphics

The Alphaputt game site shows you exactly what you are getting, fun animated illustrative letters on color-coded backgrounds. Typography went mad – but we like it.

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57. RickAndMorty.com

RickAndMorty cartoon website

With the Rick and Morty products site, you are really in the show, it’s like a guided tour via the lift, with lots of click-on interest. The illustrations are already world-famous so why not stick with them.

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58. Lemonade.com

Lemonade website with linear illustrations

Lemonade makes you work for the information -in a nice way. Follow the line illustration down along a ball of string as you scroll revealing its good work in facts and figures. Intelligent lead.

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59. Lopesce.com

lopesce cool website with cartoon illustrations

You certainly don’t need to know Spanish to know what you are getting in each bag of snacks. Wild and colorful, rich and comic illustrations but as clear as day.

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60. Akua.co

Akua website with creative illustration style

Great graphics, superb informative site. Everything you need to know, and much more. Well space, clear and balanced design.

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61. Cytora.com

Cytora web design with isometric illustrations

A guide to AI, it takes you on a step-by-step process illustrated by great graphic design. Thought-provoking and very well done.

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62. Labs.Swiggy.in

Labs Swiggy web design with modern illustrations

Swiggy Labs want to make convenience their essence. Imaginative and explanatory, stylish and simple, in fact rather convenient.

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63. CognitoHQ.com

CognitoHQ website with flat illustration animations

A foolproof guide via animation, you know what Cognito does within seconds but in a strangely hypnotic way, you want more anyway. Clarity and cognition. 

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64. Teleset.plus

Teleset website with 3D cartoon character

Brightly colored, an impactful site with an amazing 3D character taking center stage. Modern and appealing.

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65. Hleb-Dom.ru

Hleb Dom website with old school illustrations

House at Khlebny is strongly artistic. Grabbing the attention by a sensational watercolor inked illustration depicting the history and modern usage in one. Very high-end.

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66. LaPierreQuiTourne.com

LaPierreQuiTourneweb design with hand-drawn illustrations

Lapierrequitourne gourmet site mixes photographed culinary creations with weird but wonderful hand-drawn animal figures in human clothes, it’s certainly memorable.

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67. Toggl.com

Toggl web design with 3D illustrations

Landing on a well-worked animated illustration keeps the viewer there, and toggl uses the same Pixar-style comic creation to hold the site together in color differentiated blocks. 

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68. WeRecycle.ch

WeRecycle web design with modern flat illustrations

Sparing use of distinctive colors illustrates how we shouldn’t be wasteful in any area. Great use of graphic icons combined with simple line drawings. Clear and effective, hopefully like the recycling business itself.

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69. EkoPatrioci.pl

EkoPatrioci site with abstract illustrations

Polish site Ekopatrioci uses very distinctive retro style animation and character illustration, like 70s children’s cartoons. The Eco story is great too, a blend of excellent well thought content and terrific artistic design.

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70. YanlinMa.com

YanlinMa site with modern outline illustrations

Yanlin Ma’s “flat UI and a half” uses a flat pattern background to show off a small but beautifully formed selection of buttons, toggles, sliders, etc all colorful, all comic, all with hover movement.

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71. StartWithSquare1.com

StartWithSquare1 website with custom graphics

Square1’s eCommerce site is a great example of the use of negative space, allowing a serious amount of information space to breathe, well-organized text with bullet points, and clever illustrative icons. It all adds up to a site that does its job particularly well.

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72. Design-Maturity-Model by Invision App

Design Maturity Model website with background illustrations

If you want a fine example of infographics on a site, this is for you. Great variety of techniques, all clearly functional and adding to understanding, combined with strong balance and organized space and fronted by a visionary purple and pink illustrative space design.

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73. TheDigitalPanda.com

TheDigitalPanda creative website design

The Digital Panda site features, you’ve guessed it a panda, animatedly busy trying out various elements of design processes. Simple and cute and cleverly combining the black and white of the panda with a deep contrasting purple for the tech. A site that uses the obvious in a fresh inventive way.

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74. Moments.Epic.net

Moments creative cartoon 3D animals

Fun, animated geometric illustrated animals, its aim is to make you smile – it succeeds.

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75. MutantCreative.com

MutantCreative amazing illustrations for website

Mutant Creative showcases their offerings on their site, with motion graphics aplenty. Both creative and clearly mutant, memorably odd.

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76. Petr Urbanek

Petr Urbanek amazing animated website

Czech Front End developer Petr Urbanek, starts off with some futuristic font and then takes you on a micro tour of the city at night before reaching his domain. Purple, pink, dark, and atmospheric illustrations, you are interested in what’s on offer well before getting to the demos. Job done.

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77. Bike Sharing Abo Verschenken

Bike Sharing modern website with illustrations

Bright, fresh, eco-friendly  – all things good. All are made very obvious from the opening click, complete with friendly typography, and sweet wobbling illustrative icons.

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78. Zibbet.comZibbet creative business website design

Zibbet takes us through a storybook of increasing sales by focusing on a single character. A cool purple-haired entrepreneur, following an icon symbol flowchart approach – simple idea did well

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79. ZapareTech.com

ZapareTech cartoon character scenes

Opening with a three-figure illustration of an animated business meeting, Zapare makes a memorable impression at first glance.

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80. S4X.StationFour.com

S4X cartoon website with modern graphics

A site is full of imaginatively drawn illustrations of the Earth and key historical moments in its history. Each one popping out of the page. Fabulous.

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Hope you’ve found your inspiration in this collection of 80 illustration-based web designs. Don’t forget to show your own creations in the comment section below. You are welcome to share with us even more amazing designs featuring gorgeous illustrations from all around the web.


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