Cool Logo Ideas for Your Next Outstanding Logo

cool logo ideas

Are you looking for cool logo ideas to boost your creativity for your next logo design? In this selection of logo ideas, we’ve included some really amazing designs in various categories: lettermarks, negative space logos, logotypes, illustrated logos, and symbolic logo designs.

The logo design is unarguably one of the most important factors in creating brand identity. But when you are sitting in front of a blank canvas, feeling absolutely out of ideas, maybe it’s time to awaken your creativity with some really good logo designs. The logo ideas we’ve included in this selection are powered up with creativity, functionality, and good taste. Let’s begin!

Article overview:
1. Creative lettermarks ideas and examples
2. Cartoon and illustrated logo ideas
3. Creative negative space logo ideas
4. Logotype ideas and examples
5. Symbolic logo ideas and examples

1. Creative lettermarks ideas and examples

One of the most popular types of logo design is the lettermark type. The lettermarks are usually made by the initials of the brand styled as a logo. This means designers have a base on which to work. Lettermark logos can be made of a single letter or a combination of letters. Have a look.



2. Cartoon and illustrated logo ideas

Illustrations are very popular in logo designs. They make a logo truly unique and eye-catching which is everything a brand ever wants. In this selection of cartoon and illustrated logo ideas, we’ve included illustrations of various styles. The illustrations are usually clean and stylized, so they can look good in small and big sizes.


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3. Creative negative space logo ideas

Negative space is one of the most attractive techniques which logo designers use. The right usage of negative space can make a logo look very witty and memorable while the design stays simple and readable in all sizes. Negative space logos can also carry hidden meanings of qualities that brands want to convey.



4. Logotype ideas and examples

Logotypes are another very popular type of logo design. Unlike the lettermarks, the logotypes (also called wordmarks), use the whole name of the brand to stylize it as a logo. The logotype may look very clean and simple like a typeface, be absolutely artistic like an illustration, or include illustrations and negative space symbols only in some of its letters.



5. Symbolic logo ideas and examples

Just like the name suggests, these logos symbolize something. Whether a quality of the brand or the main activity of the company, symbolic logos carry strong meanings. Such logos are usually captured in a minimalist design – the lack of detail helps convey a stronger concept. Enjoy the collection.


That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed this collection of creative logo ideas, and most importantly – we hope we gave you a lot of ideas for your next logo project or the logo design of your own brand. If you’d like to share with us even more inspiring examples of logo designs, go ahead and do so in the comments below.

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