Can a cartoon logo be your most valuable brand asset? As you know, creating a strong positive first impression is not important only for people when they meet for the first time. It is also a top priority for any newly established brand. It’s not debatable at all that every company that has just emerged on the market wants to quickly make a name for itself. Well, there is no shortcut for this kind of success, nor a secret recipe but creating a unique and catchy logo, which people will easily remember, is certainly a place to start.

There is no right or wrong way to create a memorable logo, there are just different approaches. In this article we’ll focus on one unusual technique that delivers extraordinary results: combining your logo with a cartoon character design!

Despite the general assumption that cartoon logos are suitable for marketing the younger audience, this belief is actually far from the truth. Using a cartoon character as a part of your logo’s overall design can make your brand’s identification symbol stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your potential customers, regardless of their age, occupation or hobbies. If a cartoon character design is indeed wittily combined with your brand’s name, the final result could exceed your expectations
Check out 50 examples of all kinds of brands that went down this road and ended up with some super awesome cartoon logos. Enjoy!

This collection made you smile, didn’t it? No more arguments are necessary. If your logo manages to simply put a smile on your audience’s faces, this is how you know you’re on the right track to success!