Logo Design Trends 2022: Bringing Back the Hype for Logotype

Logo Design Trends 2022

Right after the Graphic Design Trends 2022 became clear, it’s easier to see the outline of the next year’s tendencies in each field. With this in mind, today we’re going to narrow down the topic and review our predictions for Logo Design trends 2022 based on our team’s research. As usual, let’s all enjoy each trend with lots of amazing examples from agencies and freelance graphic designers that never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

In 2021, 3D logos, ink style, and wordmarks confidently stepped forward to drive us loco, but as graphic designers always strive to evolve their creations and stand out, the current shifted once more. Let’s see where it will take us and how it resonates with the main graphic design trends.

Top Logo Design Trends in 2022 Overview:
1. Tall Logos
2. Candy Colors
3. Outline Logos
4. Serif Logos
5. Start Lowercase
6. Art Deco
7. Neon Vision and Holographic Logos
8. Cartoon Logos

1. Tall Logos

Narrow and vertical, tall logos are back in style to break the ideal horizontal shape that we’ve all got used to. Same as with business cards, going vertical is a great way to stand out with a strong and unconventional design. This, however, is a two-edged sword as being different has benefits and disadvantages for the same reason: some clients and audiences will love the fact you’re different, some will not appreciate it. It all depends on the brand strategy.

With this in mind, let’s see some amazing examples and concepts of tall logo variations for different businesses.

Another great advantage of the tall logo trend is that it fits better most online advertising and decreases the need to create a handful of same style logos in different shapes based on each media.


2. Candy Colors

Surely, when your branding strategy is to stand out and draw attention, you can do quite the impression with the right color scheme. One of the top graphic design trends for 2022 applies to the logo design trends as well. Beautiful logos striking with bold vibrant candy colors and not caring about moving away from the standard business logo.

Here we can enjoy how talented designers from all over the web translate the candy-colors trend into their logo creations with a strong and yet friendly atmosphere.

These logos communicate vibrancy, optimism, and energy with higher saturation in the HSV color model. Unlike pastel colors, the candy schemes don’t aim to soothe but to inspire and wake you up. Just like these lively logo examples.


3. Outline Logos

Outline style, in general, has been gaining a lot of usages right next to flat design trends, but unlike the latter, it keeps getting more and more popular. Light and subtle, outline logos won’t overwhelm your design but will also help you emphasize its modern look.


These logos are ideal for watermarks, small icons, and even bullet symbols as they have high readability. Due to their simplicity, outline graphic elements are easier to animate, elegant, and suit a diverse range of design styles.


4. Serif Logos

This has been anticipated for a while as the serif vs sans-serif logo debate isn’t one that could ever end. With little exception, serif fonts are widely accepted as traditional, conservative, and formal, leading to a handful of big brands abandoning them for modern sans-serif fonts in the last couple of years. Another reason would be that sans-serif fonts are more readable on a different desktop, tablet, or mobile phone resolutions.

However, serifs have managed to catch up becoming more readable on the web as well. Now nothing can stop designers from implementing them on beautiful logos to resonate with the brand identity. Let’s see some elegant serif logos that prove serifs are here to stay.

Serif logos can also be modern and minimalistic in addition to their elegance. With the right font, you can add some exciting flair to your new logos.


5. Lowercase Logos

Using all lowercase letters in a logo as opposed to all caps isn’t something new (Adidas, BitCoin, amazon, faceBook, Intel, Wacom, etc.), however more and more it gains popularity in logo design for one particular reason. The written words in a logo must serve as a picture, a collection of shapes rather than an actual word following the rules of grammar. All lowercase letters fit together in visual harmony. The reason why this trend can’t apply to some logos is the tricky letters (lowercase l vs capital I), and letters difficult to kern. It all depends on the word and how creative can you be with the font.

All lowercase logos are friendly and approachable in contrast to all caps lettering that conveys authority and power. Even so, many large corporations, such as MasterCard have also swapped their caps for lowercase to look more approachable and human.


6. Art Deco

Another one of the biggest graphic design trends for 2022 appears in the logo trends with full power. We’re in the new 20s with a blast from a century ago with Art Deco, packing both class and machine-age streamlining sleek geometry. Just look for the symmetry, geometry, and The Great Gatsby aesthetics. When done right, Art Deco logos look elegant and classy, yet modern and resilient, adaptable to any design.

In these examples by creative graphic designers from all over the web, we can enjoy how elegantly Art Deco translates into logos. The new Roaring 20s embrace the style in modern logo design with gold colors and we’re going to see a lot of it in the upcoming years.



7. Neon Vision and Holographic Logos

Especially great for dark backgrounds and futuristic designs are the trendy neon and holographic logos that strike with flashy color gradients to make an impactful impression. While Art Deco makes a comeback with clean and elegant geometry, Neon is all about bringing the 80s synthwave back into design and making it glow in the dark.

The vibrant gradients create the impression of constant motion and bring a strong dynamic to the logo design. It’s become the preferable way for logos related to technologies.


8. Cartoon Logos

We gladly declare that cartoons are not just still in the market for logos, but they are more popular than ever. Combined with lovely animations, cartoon mascots come to life as dynamic and engaging logos for different business fields, and not just for brands who target the youngest audiences.

Let’s have a look.

Cartoon logos come in all shapes and sizes, you can meet them in 3D, with many details, in flat, or outline style. They are all colorful and exciting.

Final Words

2022 is just around the corner, ready to unveil amazing throwback to the roaring 20s, flashy neon from the 80s and lots of vibrancy and dynamics. What are rules for if not to break them. With that, we can’t wait to see where the amazing creations of graphic designers rulebreakers will take us.

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