The Ultimate Source for Free (and Paid) Design Bundles and Resources

The Ultimate Source for Free (and Paid) Design Bundles and Resources

Instead of an article or a tutorial, today we decided to make something different and create a rich library of design bundles and resources for designers. The collection features almost entirely free resources. However, there are some premium ones too since we believe they are worth checking out. We will also feature links to some of our previous articles that offer additional resources for every section. Let’s consider this our ultimate constantly-growing list made with love from design lovers to other design lovers.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. As usual, here’s the overview for easy navigation through the entire list that will help you fast-travel into the exact section you need.

Article overview
1. Illustrations
2. Infographics
3. Mockups
4. Fonts
5. Icons
6. Color Tools
7. Stock Images
8. Stock Videos
9. Presentation Templates
10. Logos and Logo Resources

1. Illustrations

We’ll open the list of design bundles with a collection of illustration resources. Easily customizable, the characters and graphics can be easily adjusted to your projects and give them even more personality and playfulness. The graphics are mostly made in flat style, following the latest trends and they suit presentations, websites, and infographics.

 1.1. Free Illustrations and Graphics

 1.2. Premium Illustrations

In addition to these bundles, you might be also interested in some of our previous collections for free and paid illustrations, sorted by graphic style.

You could also check out our guide on how to get custom illustrations for your project.


2. Infographics

Infographics are a powerful tool for communication and presentation. They present data in a condensed and highly-visual manner, that is why they have become the standard visual in content across all fields ever since the infographics boom of 2012. So let’s gear up with some free design bundles that offer infographic templates you could easily customize and use for any purpose.

2.1. Free Infographics

2.2. Premium Infographics

You might also be interested in more sources for free infographic templates from some of our previous lists. Below are additional collections that you could use for your projects:


3. Mockups

Perfect for demonstrating how your designs will look in the final phase, mockups are an essential part of the design process. This is why we gathered a big choice of online mockup tools that will help you visualize your final products.


4. Fonts

You most likely already have a ridiculous amount of fonts in your library, but you know what they say: there isn’t such thing as too many fonts. In the following list, you will find sources for thousand of fonts, most of them free, to choose from and enrich your library even more. Just make sure to check out the terms of use.

You might also be interested in our previous article with a collection of the top 20 free fonts or the best 48 free handwritten fonts in 2022.


5. Icons

Icons are universally recognizable and work amazingly well in infographics and websites when you decide to replace entire concepts with a single icon. This is why in this section, we will list design bundles for free icons in different styles you could download and use for your projects.

5.1. Free Icons

5.1. Premium Icons

You may also be interested in some of these icon-related articles:


6. Color Tools

To accurately combine your colors is a critical skill for every designer, artist, and marketer. Although this requires a good understanding of color theory and how color combinations work, a big part of the entire process is finding the right inspiration. In the following resources, you will find great online tools that automate the process of putting color theory into action and can help you find splendid color palettes for your project or brand. It’s definitely worth checking them out.

For more color combinations and palettes, feel free to check out our articles on the matter. Whether you simply need to get inspired or you want to take a palette, these might interest you.


7. Stock Images

We continue with design resources for stock photography images you can use for your brand, presentations, or promotional material. These sources offer free or paid but affordable stock photos with a huge diversity of topics for any industry. Surely, check out the licenses and terms of use when you decide to include a stock photo in your project.

Additionally, you could also find more sources for free stock photos in our previous dedicated article.


8. Stock Videos

As a continuation of the previous section, we’ve gathered resources for free stock videos as well. Those are short high-quality videos on different topics you could use for background videos on your website or whenever you need them.


9. Presentation Templates

Here’s a selection of design bundles for presentation templates for Google Slides, and Powerpoint, all free and ready to use. They are perfect to present your design projects or your agency services. For individual sheets, you could also look into our article with 100 free PowerPoint graphics that offers each template for instant download.

For additional resources for individual presentation templates, you could check out our articles:


10. Logos

We’ve arrived at the last section, dedicated to logo design bundles and resources. The following sources also include websites that offer HD logos of existing brands. The others offer elements and templates you could use for creating your own logos.

10.1. Free Brand Logos

Two more galleries you could try out when in search of a particular brand logo are the vector logo section of FlatIcon and the website Brands of the World.

10.2. Logo Creation Resources (Free and Paid):

While on the topic of logos, you might be interested in 200 of the best free logo templates to grab, or look through logo creation tools and generators.


Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this collection of design bundles and resources and could find many new additions to your library. This list will be updated occasionally once we gather a generous amount of new sources to share so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you could always dive into 2023’s Graphic Design Trends, 2022’s Animation trends, or Web Design Trends in 2022 with lots of colors, glow, texture, and round shapes?

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