81 Impressive Free Presentation Backgrounds for Outstanding Presentations

free presentation backgrounds

Update: May 19, 2022

A collection of free presentation backgrounds for any topic.

Nowadays, presentations need to look modern and eye-catchy in order to keep the audience’s attention from beginning to end. Believe it or not, the visual factor plays a huge role in engaging your viewers. In this collection of free presentation backgrounds, we’ve gathered high-quality graphics – ready to import into your PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote presentations and resize according to your needs.

In this article you will find:
Free Business Presentation Backgrounds
Free Minimalist & Geometric Presentation Backgrounds
Colorful Gradients & Artistic Free Presentation Backgrounds
Free Technology Presentation Backgrounds
Free Liquid Presentation Backgrounds
Free Cute Presentation Backgrounds
Free Vintage Presentation Backgrounds
Free Paper Presentation Backgrounds
Free Holiday Presentation Backgrounds
Bonus Backgrounds

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Free Business Presentation Backgrounds

Business presentation backgrounds are slightly different than other types of backgrounds. Unlike more casual presentations, business presentations usually consist of a business-related stock photo – office space, formally dressed people, whiteboards, etc. Take a look at the backgrounds we’ve collected for your company presentation:

Blurred Office Interior Background

1. Blurred Office Interior Background

Blurred light photographs are great for business presentations where they can fit in any slide.


Light Corporate Interior Background

2. Light Corporate Interior Background

This blurred hallway interior image can ideally match a professional presentation.


Person Writing on Laptop Background

3. Person Writing on Laptop Background

Workstation backgrounds complete your idea if they don’t distract. In this case, the person working on a laptop is positioned in the corner of the frame.


Free Modern Business Building Background

4. Modern Business Building Background

This background might be an amazing first slide. But even if used somewhere else, it will still do a great job, unless used in all slides.


Free Business Handshake Network Creation Background

5. Business Handshake Network Creation Background

An amazing background for corporate presentations that is perfect for teamwork, business communication, partners, or proposals slides.


Businessman in Office Modern Skyscraper Landscape Background

6. Businessman in Office Modern Skyscraper Landscape Background

This background, although made as a photograph, can actually help you achieve the formal vibe you are looking for.



Free Minimalist & Geometric Presentation Backgrounds

Suitable for literally any kind of presentation, these minimalist presentation background designs come with attractive geometric shapes and pleasant color combinations. The graphics are highly modern right now, so your presentation will certainly impress with good taste and professionalism. The resources are also available in fully editable and resizable vector file formats.

geometric free presentation background

7. Modern Geometric Background

Shapes are very pleasant for the eye. This background uses very “soft” colors, making it quite feminine and good-looking.


modern abstract triangle lines composition free presentation background

8. Black and White Geometry Background

Playing with black and white backgrounds is the best way to proceed if you want to accent the text. This one looks stylish and modern, and it will add a premium feel to your slides.


modern abstract background with red lines

9. Simple Dark Geometry Background

Using two dominant colors in one background is a great combination. It shows great power and even a bit of provocation.


Squares and Circles Free Full HD Background

10. Fresh Squares and Circles Background

Utilizing different shapes and a few variants of blue is a good mix. A non-intrusive design for presentations.


abstract blue lines composition free presentation background

11. Abstract Blue Lines Background

This abstract blue lines background fits the standard business practices of non-aggressive design.


Colorful Memphis Style Free Full HD Background

12. Colorful Memphis Style Background

This Memphis-style background shines with its combination of minimalistic design combined with shapes all around the place.


elegant modern abstract soft colors free presentation background

13. Cool Modern Colors Background

If you had to pick one image to explain the term “technology”, that would probably be it.


Free Trendy Outline Shapes Background

14. Trendy Outline Shapes Background

A casual style background with simple shapes with playful colors plus trendy black strokes.


geometric 80s style free presentation background

15. Neon Modern Shapes Background

Abstract geometry definitely has its place under the sun and is becoming a hot trend – your younger audience will love it!


abstract colourful gradient shapes free presentation background

16. Colorful Geometry Shapes Background

This colorful background is an amazing option for presentation design that aims to get more creative.


blue gradient geometric shapes free presentation background

17. Modern Lines and Dots Background

This background with blue/purple colors and linear shapes is perfect for more creative presentations.


Minimalist Shapes Free Full HD Background

18. Minimalist Shapes Background with Pastel Gradients

The minimalist signature is easily recognizable and the use of pastel gradients “softens” the shapes.


Simplistic Free Full HD Background

19. Simplistic White-Grey Background

Light, neutral background with dots and lines that can be used in any presentation.


free psd blurred backgrounds

20. 4 Simple Style Backgrounds

Four simple backgrounds can be used for any purpose. You will find an orange, purple, red, and cyan background for your presentations.


15 Free seamless patterns

21. Seamless Patterns Mega Bundle with 15 Free Geometric Pattern Backgrounds

A huge pattern designs bundle with over 1000 premium. Still, you have 15 free seamless patterns that you can use as backgrounds to lit up your presentations.




Colorful Gradients & Artistic Free Presentation Backgrounds

The delicate play with colors is very important when it comes to presentation background – it should be easy on the eyes and feel… right. This collection is everything you need if you are looking for a vibrant, colorful background for your presentation. Free gradient presentation backgrounds, watercolor backgrounds, and more artistic suggestions for your colorful slides.

blue transition free presentation background

22. Blue Tone Gradient Background

Gradient backgrounds make flat colors look more vibrant. The blue tones are quite relaxing and trustworthy.


watercolor set of free presentation backgrounds

23. 4 Artistic Texture Backgrounds

Textures can be attention-grabbing. Picking such background can create a more professional feeling.


modern gradient free presentation background

24. Nice Warm Colors Gradient Background

Warm colors are typically better for cheerful presentations, as they “uplift” the mood.


light texture free presentation background

25. Cool Cold Colors Gradient Background

If you have to come up with a presentation related to a marine topic, that’s your perfect choice.


seamless gradient free presentation background

26. Modern Blue Gradient Background

Blue and purple are two solid colors. Using this background gradient is perfect for business presentations.


orange gradient free presentation background

27. Energetic Orange Gradient Background

A clean background with a vivid orange color gradient. Perfect for different energetic presentations.


colorful free presentation background

28. Colorful Rainbow Gradient Background

Using a rainbow gradient is an amazing option for presentations dedicated to kids, or teenage audience.


blury bokeh free presentation background

29. Elegant Blury Bokeh Background

Stolen from photographers, the “bokeh” effect background makes presentations stand out.


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Free Technology Presentation Backgrounds

Presentation background designs suitable for technology and business presentations. These backgrounds look high-tech and modern but still won’t steal away the attention of the viewer. Available in vector file formats which makes them fully editable and resizeable depending on your presentation style and dimensions.

free abstract blue geometric shapes background

30. Modern Technology Background

This high-tech background design is perfect for innovation and digital presentations.


free abstract presentation background

31. Abstract Modern Tech Background

Abstract design with modern simple squares – an amazing option for high-tech presentations.


Abstract Futuristic Free HD Background with Honeycomb

32. Abstract Futuristic Background with Honeycomb

This abstract and futuristic dark background is perfectly suitable for technical presentations.


free white presentation background with blue tech hexagon

33. Futuristic Technology Interface Background

Great technology background with minimalist, clean design that will fit any high-tech presentation.




Free Liquid Presentation Backgrounds

A selection of free presentation backgrounds with liquids and bubbles. Flat or 3D, these backgrounds are super immersive and certainly impressive. They will be the perfect addition to a wide array of presentation topics. You can get them completely for free as fully editable and resizable vector file formats.

liquid color futuristic free presentation background

34. Blue Liquid Background

The combination of dark blue and light blue is an amazing option for a presentation. An amazing option, especially for financial services.


yellow orange monochrome realistic liquid free presentation background

35. Yellow Liquid Background

These cheeky shapes and colors are an amazing way to present something that can be qualified as everything but boring. Great for uprising sales, or summer theme for example.


purple violet monochrome realistic liquid free presentation background

36. Purple Liquid Background

Purple is a royal color and combined with a liquid design background it becomes even better for a modern-day classy presentation.


Monochrome Free Liquid Background

37. Monochrome Liquid Background

A perfect blend between using 3D forms and gradient colors. The blur effect and reflections are also attributed to the exquisite look of this background.


modern liquid abstract futuristic free presentation background

38. Modern Blue-Green Liquid Background

It’s an interesting, yet impressive background design. You can definitely stand out with this modern, blue-green liquid background.


colourful watercolor effect abstract free presentation background

39. Watercolor Background with White Blue and Purple

This background, in particular, doesn’t have a practical use in business presentations but it fits perfectly in artistic ones.


living coral realistic liquid effect free presentation background

40. Liquid Shapes Monochrome Background

You’ll rarely come across a better realistic 3D background for medical presentations.


dynamic modern fluid style free presentation background

41. Modern Dark Liquid Background

Compared to a couple of the previous backgrounds, this dark liquid background is pretty standard and it can fit multiple presentation themes.




Free Cute Presentation Backgrounds

Cute backgrounds are often used for educational projects  – especially when presenting in front of kids. Smile-bringing designs will always win you emotional points, and it’s always a good idea to have a themed background or two just in case.

Cute Free Animal Vector Background

42. Cute Animal Background

In this background, you can find cute 2D animals all around the frame. At the same time, the central part is filled with white space, so you can add text there.


Colorful Pastel Color Pattern Background

43. Colorful Pastel Color Pattern Background

These beautiful rounded shapes add the feeling of watercolor art and we can definitely catch the pattern design.


Space Rocket Free Child Background

44. Space Rocket Child Background

If you’re about to teach a science class – that might be perfect. Well, unless you have university students.


Blue Pastel Free Sky and Clouds Background

45. Blue Pastel Sky and Clouds Background

It’s a simple blue background with white clouds. It can be used as a theme for a whole educational presentation.


Cute Free Doodle Frame Background

46. Cute Doodle Frame Background

This beautiful cute doodles frame is also matched with a rainbow border vector and free text space in the center.


Green Park Illustration Landscape Background

47. Green Park Illustration Landscape Background

There is nothing more suitable for educational presentation than a simple landscape illustration with trees, clouds and sun.



Free Vintage Presentation Backgrounds

Retro and vintage looks are quite modern right now, so no wonder people are choosing vintage looks for their presentations, as well. In this selection of free presentation backgrounds, you will find ornamental backgrounds, grudge backgrounds, worn-out materials, old paper effects, antique looks, damasks, etc. All are free to download in vector file formats – fully editable and scalable.

ornamental vintage floral free presentation background

48. Ornamental Vintage Floral Background

Vintage backgrounds, especially floral are a very strong point if you’re coming with flower-related topics.


vector grunge vintage frame free presentation background

49. Vintage Frame Background

Frames are typically used in photography, so go for it if you have lots of pictures in your presentations.


damask pattern free presentation background

50. Damask Pattern Vintage Background

Damask pattern is a specific vintage style which will not only look good, but also grab attention by being unique.


grunge free presentation background

51. Grunge Texture Background

This grunge background focuses on the main picture, so it’s great for quizzes or presentations where there is one central topic.


vintage old used paper texture free presentation background

52. Retro Grunge Texture Background

If you have a presentation related to Ancient times (especially Egypt), that’s your background.


pretty peacock pattern vector free presentation background

53. Vintage Shapes Pattern Background

These vintage shapes are quite peculiar but you can use them for boring topics to give “life”.


grunge hearts free presentation background

54. Grunge Hearts Background

Another cool background design is the grunge hearts. It can be used for many presentations.


old page paper vintage antique free presentation background

55. Old Paper Antique Texture Background

Old Paper can perfectly fit any slide related to the Middle centuries.


blue vector grunge free presentation background

56. Blue Grunge Background

Another amazing grunge background that can be the greatest companion of any history-related presentation.


vintage paper retro antique free presentation background

57. Vintage Paper Retro Background

Vintage paper can be an amazing background for any presentation for hand-made products.




Free Paper Presentation Backgrounds

Paper and cardboard textures give presentations a homey and hand-made feel. In this selection of free presentation backgrounds, you will see different paper textures. Adaptable for any presentation theme, these designs can be downloaded in vector file formats and edited in vector-based software.

design space paper textured free presentation background

58. White Paper Texture Background

Paper texture can be great for teachers who want a neutral background.


package paper free presentation background

59. Package Paper Background

Package paper is great for presentations related to delivery services.


watercolor paper texture free presentation background

60. Simple White Paper Background

A simple white paper background that can fit any need.


eco brown paper free presentation background

61. Brown Paper Background

Another great background for delivery services presentations.


Paper Note Memphis Style Background

62. Paper Note Memphis Style Background

The combination of blank space and surrounding in Memphis Style makes this colorful background perfect to give a modern look to your presentation.




Free Holiday Presentation Backgrounds

Holiday backgrounds should not be used every day but they can be powerful triggers. Holiday presentations spark emotions which can be a good way to convey your message during festive periods. Let’s see some of the best free holiday backgrounds you can use for the occasion.

Free Christmas Decoration Photo Background

63. Christmas Decoration Photo Background

A marvelous Christmas concept background where you can add text on the left part of the slide and the Christmas elements are on the right.


White Free Simple Christmas Background

64. White Simple Christmas Background

If you’re into texture and white backgrounds, this free Christmas photo is for you.


Cartoon Snowy Christmas Free Vector Background

65. Cartoon Snowy Christmas Vector Background

This free vector background gives you the chance to edit details or add some more Christmas decorations.


Cute Christmas Background with Illustrations

66. Cute Christmas Background with Illustrations

The Christmas decorations are placed at the top and bottom of the background, so you have free space right in the middle.


Free Halloween Spider Web Background

67. Halloween Spider Web Background

A great combination of orange (the color associated with Hallowen) and spider web makes this vector background very straight to the point.


Flat Free Hallowen Vector Background With House

68. Flat Hallowen Vector Background With House

A flat illustration background with Halloween’s color palette and some standard “scary” motives.


Free Easter Egg Photo Frame Background

69. Easter Egg Photo Frame Background

You can easily “catch” the Easter topic with the dyed eggs and the basket. The M&Ms are also an original idea to add flat shapes.


Watercolor Light Easter Vector Background

70. Watercolor Light Easter Vector Background

Watercolor Easter backgrounds look natural and beautiful. They can be a great addition to any Easter-related presentation.


Beautiful Landscape Thanksgiving Autumn Illustration Background

71. Beautiful Landscape Thanksgiving Autumn Illustration Background

This illustration has the color palette of autumn which is also associated with Thanksgiving day.


Hand Drawn Free Thanksgiving Illustration Vector Background

72. Hand Drawn Thanksgiving Illustration Background

In the hand drawn thanksgiving illustration we can find the typical colors of autumn, plus the pumpkin and, of course, the Thanksgiving turkey.


Watercolor Thanksgiving Free Background

73. Watercolor Thanksgiving Background

Watercolor art is very distinctive and for the “Thanksgiving” topic, it can create some beautiful results.


Thanksgiving Free Full HD Photo Background

74. Thanksgiving Decoration Photo Background

The combination of a white background with green and brown leaves, plus pines and pumpkins enriches the image and adds contrast.




Bonus Presentation Backgrounds

A collection of high-resolution photos that impress with super high quality. These images show attention to detail but are still humble enough to keep the audience focused on your content. Attribution for using these images is not required, although it’s appreciated.

brown gifts free presentation background

75. Clean Package Boxes Background

It’s a lovely background that is good for Christmas topics or any gift-related presentations.


decoration free presentation background

76. Elegant Decoration Background Image

If you’re looking for a background for your wedding agency, you’re in the right place.


free image for presentation background

77. Pencils and Office Items Background

The elements in the background suggest you it is a perfect match for teachers and lecturers.


free seamless book presentation background

78. Simple Clean Background with a Book

Books are symbol of liberty and education. The background is great for science presentations.


beautiful landscape with bridge and clouds free presentation background

79. Bridge Landscape Photography Background

Golden Gate bridge stands tall. So is the background which can be used for all kinds of presentations.


sunset image free presentation background

80. Sunset Background Image

Sunsets are proven to be stress-relieving, making this background suitable for meditation business presentations.


city landscape free presentation background

81. Monochrome Landscape Background

Skyscrapers, shady pinks, and overall – the perfect cosmetics presentation.



That’s it!

We hope this collection of free presentation backgrounds was useful to you. We hope it helps you make your next presentation super impressive and successful. If you’d like to see even more freebies, go ahead and have a look at these awesome suggestions:


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