Web Design Trends 2020: High Tech & Visually Mind-Blowing

Update Oct. 2021: New Web Design Trends in 2022 are officially out raising the game. Check them out.

Wondering what web design trends 2020 will be like? In this article, we throw some light on the subject.

Web design trends 2020 are an absolute mixture of the visual side of graphic design and the high-tech side of evolving technology. We can’t hide that once we started researching, we’ve been absolutely impressed with the modern web design. Web designers are getting incredibly creative while keeping the sites functional and clean of clutter. Still, they manage to create pieces that absolutely stand out. We saw some amazing CSS parallax examples and beautiful micro animations, and we will definitely see more and more interactive and animated web designs in the future. Let’s not linger anymore and dig right into web design trends 2020.

Top Web Design Trends for 2020 are:

1. A collaboration of photos and illustrations in web design
2. Patterns in web design
3. Black and white evergreen web design
4. Minimalist websites with maxi typography
5. Retro style in modern web design
6. Line art for clean and creative websites
7. Illustrations to combine art and design
8. 3D elements and motion effects that impress
9. Innovations that will be on top of website design in 2020


1. A collaboration of photos and illustrations

A huge trend in web design right now is combining photos with super simple hand-drawn 2D illustrations. By following this trend, illustrations will either replace parts of the photos or interact with them to create a fun mixture of two realities.

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2. Patterns in web design

Patterns are making a huge comeback in 2020 and are super diverse and refreshing! Besides fully covering the background, in web design trends 2020, patterns that spread only on separate parts of the background will be very popular. They will create hot and modern web design looks.

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3. Black and white evergreen web design

Black and white web designs are classy, evergreen and always trendy. They are usually present in each year’s web design trends, so we’ll definitely be seeing elegant black-and-white websites in 2020, as well. They will be often minimalist, containing maxi typography and line art elements.



4. Minimalist sites with maxi typography

The minimalist trend in web design became popular several years ago and today, it still looks modern and classy. Designers are still removing unnecessary details and decorations but unlike a couple of years ago, nowadays they use maxi typography to make a stronger statement. You may want to get inspired by some Creative Typography Design Ideas.

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5. Retro style in modern web design

Soon, we are about to experience a real blast from the past. The design style of the 50s and 60s is a huge source of inspiration for many web designers. Effects that remind us of retro such as dust, noise, black-and-white photos, duller colors, will be present in web design trends 2020. You may also be interested to check out more examples of Retro Design in Modern Times.



6. Line art for clean and creative websites

Line art is a total hit right now in all fields of graphic design. Logically, it’s made its way into web design, as well! Websites with line art illustrations look professional, clean, and still super creative. We’ll be seeing a lot of this trend in 2020.



7. Illustrations to combine art and design

Illustrations in different styles on web design will be among the hottest trends in 2020. We will see amazing artwork – from watercolor and pastel to modern and weird art such as characters with disproportionate bodies, characters with no facial features, and more.



8. 3D elements and motion effects that impress

The 3D has become an inevitable part of graphic and web design in modern days. The level of depth and realism which it allows designers to create is yet unreachable by any other digital technology. In 2020, we will be seeing many 3D web designs – static, animated, or interactive.

# Interactive 3D effects

In 2020, motion will be more engaging than ever. Web designers will surprise us with interactive 3D effects which will make users stay longer on the website.


# Static 3D graphics

Static 3D models will also impress with smooth shapes, realistic looks, and mesmerizing colors. Designers will usually keep all other elements minimalist, so the overall design can feel well-balanced, clean, and modern.



9. Innovations that will be on top of website design in 2020

Advanced technology is inevitably impacting web design in modern days. But which web innovations will be the trendiest in 2020?

  • Chatbots

Websites in 2020 will be more conversational than ever thanks to the rising use of chatbots. Chatbots are at the user’s disposal 24/7 to answer the most frequently asked questions and guide users through the site. Moreover, advanced AI technology will keep making chatbots more adequate than ever.

  • Voice User Interface & Automated Assistants

Or in other words, the ability to lead an actual spoken conversation with devices. This is now possible thanks to AI and voice user interface technology. In the near future, we’ll see a rapid rise in the use of automated assistants in websites that use voice user interface technology. Having a conversation with the site you are visiting surely sounds exciting, but most importantly, it will help people with disabilities interact with the websites better.

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To sum up,

Website design has developed a lot throughout the years. In 2020, it will not only be extremely impressive in terms of visual presentation but it will be technology-driven, as well. We hope you enjoyed our predictions for web design trends 2020. Surely, a colorful year awaits overflowing with creativity and amazing designs. Do you agree with these trends? We’d love to see what you think in the comments below.


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