30+ Creative Adobe Character Animator Video Examples with Puppets

Adobe Character Animator video examples

By far, you must have already heard of Adobe Character Animator but have you seen it in action? The software is relatively new and allows even non-skilled people to make an animation in a matter of hours. Character Animator holds a lot of possibilities indeed but many people still don’t know what to use it for. Today, we’re on a mission to fuel your mind with ideas. We will show you some of the best Adobe Character Animator video examples so far of how the software was brilliantly used to make highly engaging videos. You will also have fun with several non-professional videos of people who have just started getting the hang of it. We’ve digged out all of these videos for your inspiration, so let’s jump right into it.

Talk Show Live Animation

The team behind The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been brilliantly using Adobe Character Animator to introduce famous politicians as cartoon guests who actually interact with the host. Having started over a year ago with the live-animated series, the show has been generating large success with the cartoon versions of Donald Trump, Putin, Hillary Clinton, and even the Vatican Pope (second video).  Тhanks to the software’s innovative technique of bringing live animation in the studio, this is by far one of the wittiest ways we’ve seen that somebody has used Adobe Character Animator. Awesome!

The first time the show used this technique was not with a celebrity actually but with a blue bird. The cute puppet “flew into” the studio and had a conversation with the host. The show’s debut of using Adobe Character Animator did not go flawlessly, as the lead animator explains in an interview published by Adobe. However, they contacted one the software’s main creators right after, and both teams have been tightly collaborating ever since. Two days after the blue bird puppet appeared on the show, cartoon Trump also made his debut. Actually, you will find Adobe Character Animator video examples by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, so dig in to explore!


Live Cartoon Videos Made with Adobe Character Animator

The Simpsons Live

The famous cartoon show broadcasted a live-animated segment in season 27 last year. Aired twice, for the East and West Coast viewers, the episode generated lots of buzz mainly about how such an episode was achieved. Easy to figure out, this became one of the most famous and successful videos made with Adobe Character Animator. The team behind this project revealed interesting details about the backstage process, including the fact that everyone was more nervous than the voice-over actor himself. Now, here is the actual footage of the live-segment that was aired.

Bart Simpson Live Interview

Conducted live at Adobe Max conference last year, the interview with Bart Simpson was one of the highlights of the show. The whole thing was realized thanks to Adobe Character Animator which was used by the voice-over actor to bring Bart to life in real time.

Red Monster Live

Created by the UI/UX designer who works for Adobe Character Animator’s team, this adorable cartoon conference starred one of his freebie puppets. The adorable red monster answered all kinds of questions in real time after which the creator drew the curtains and revealed how it was all done.

Cartoon Mr. Bean Live

The first ever attempt of the cartoon Mr Bean being live and having interaction with his Facebook fans was viewed over 443k people. Described as an “innovative new experience” by the global director of brands and licensing at Endemol Shine Group, this video was made possible with Adobe Character Animator and was certainly a big hit among Mr.Bean followers on the social media.


Gaming Live Stream

Instead of recording yourself on the camera while gaming, why don’t you use a cartoon version of yourself to do the narration? This is exactly what a gamer did by using Adobe Character Animator. What an awesome idea!


Educational Videos Made with Adobe Character Animator

Toddler Fun Learning

Using a lizard as an animated mascot, this channel is devoted to both entertaining and educating kids. What a better way to hold the attention of the little ones than a friendly cartoon character talking from the screen, right? This strategy seems to be working great for the channel’s creator who use Adobe Character Animator to bring their lovely lizard to life. This channel also contains plenty of Adobe Character Animator video examples, so go explore if you’d like.

Chico & Furface Show

Targeting the audience of children, these series strive to educate and entertain the kids. By using Adobe Character Animator, the creators of these videos animate their squirrel characters turning them into easily manageable puppets. Cool!

Fun Adobe Character Animator Video Examples

The Dumbest Scientist in the World

One of the hilarious Adobe Character Animator video examples! Using a clay character as a puppet, these entertaining series are called “The Dumbest Scientist in the World” and are created with the help of Adobe Character Animator. What happens, is the audience asks all kinds of absurd questions and then gets entertained by the scientist’s hilarious responses.

Here is one successful first attempt of a creative studio that used Adobe Character Animator to come up with a hilarious result.

Even More Adobe Character Animator Video Examples

Ever since the software has been released for the mass user, people have been dying to test it out for themselves. Most of the users out there have just started learning the ropes of Character Animator, being all eager to take advantage of its possibilities. Here is a portion of the Adobe Character Animator video examples we’ve digged out to help you get your creative juices going and try out the software on your own.

Feel amused and inspired after watching these 30+ Adobe Character Animator video examples? Awesome! Adobe will keep on releasing new features in the future, so the possibilities of the software are yet to be unraveled. The guys from Adobe certainly have a precious goal on their minds – to help you come up with crazy creative and clever videos even if you are a non-professional. 🙂

Custom Puppets for Adobe Character Animator Software

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