20 Beautiful Minimalist Website Design Examples for Your Inspiration

The Best Minimalist Website Designs

Minimalist website design has become very popular in the last several years because it helps designers achieve more elegant and tidy compositions. Plus, it keeps the visitors’ focus on the essential content. In this collection, we’ve gathered 20 minimalist website designs which impress with taste and functionality.

The common thing among these web designs is the lack of unnecessary elements, lots of blank space which helps the compositions breathe, and limited color palettes. Can’t wait to jump into the collection? Let’s begin – 20 beautiful minimalist website design examples that will please your senses.

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1. www.franklysteve.com

Minimalist website design - franklysteve

A clean and elegant website design with a harmonious and symmetric block structure, delicate thin lines framing the sections, and an unobtrusive monochromous color palette.


2. www.finnovasrl.it

Minimalist website design - finnovasrl

A modern minimalist website design that bets on a strictly black and white color scheme and basic geometric shapes. The site conveys mystery and puts the focus on the photos.


3. www.kalpa.parmigiani.com

Minimalist website design - kalpa-parmigiani

A minimalist website design with elements in material design style. With the prevailing white, the site conveys purity and cleanliness. As you scroll, you will see a drastic contrast with another section which is fully black and conveys drama and mystery.


4. www.unite.agency

Minimalist website design - unite-agency

A minimalist website design with a purplish monochromous color scheme. The website design shows monochrome photo overlays which are very modern right now and a part of graphic design trends 2020.


5. www.mogutable.com

Minimalist website design - mogutable

A very pleasant website design presented in soft paster colors. The design looks elegant and feminine. It conveys cleanliness and achieves perfect harmony with the products it sells.


6. www.embacy.io

Minimalist website design - embacy

An illustrated minimalist website design with simple line art illustrations and just a little use of color here and there. The design is airy and modern, combining several of the latest graphic design trends.


7. www.fleurmoreau.fr

Minimalist website design - fleurmoreau

An airy web design which pleases the senses with a beautiful pastel color palette. Each section of the site comes with a different pastel color combined with a white background and pleasant animations.


8. www.circle.squarespace.com

Minimalist website design - squarespace

A clean and elegant website design with a greyish background and decorations in the same color palette. The overall feeling that the site conveys is something natural and clean.


9. www.koox.co.uk

Minimalist website design - koox

A beautifully illustrated site with colors in natural tones. The website design is presented with a subtle background pattern, hand-drawn textured illustrations, and a playful movement as you move the cursor around.


10. www.villalouisa.com.ua

Minimalist website design - villalouisa

A clean and airy website design made with geometric shapes and black and white colors. The design is classy and focuses on pictures and information rather than unnecessary decorations.



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11. www.invisionapp.com

Minimalist website design - invisionapp

A website design based on square geometric shapes and a grid structure. Minimalist at first sight but as you scroll and hover the mouse over elements, you will find colorful sections with illustrations appearing.


12. www.caxis.waaark.com

Minimalist website design - caxis-waaark

A minimalist website design with flat geometric illustrations, geometric background sections, and line art elements. The design combines several colors and lots of white space.


13. www.olivier-guilleux.com

Minimalist website design - olivier-guilleux

Minimalist website designs usually don’t include many colors but when the color is presented with taste, the design can still be kept clean and simple. This website includes bold typography with gradients, flat illustrations, and colorful dots on the white background.


14. www.kickpush.co

Minimalist website design - kickpush

Minimalist website design doesn’t have to stick to black or white backgrounds only. Here is a color-based minimalist site with white bold fonts, lots of white space, and product images presented in material style.


15. www.en.minibricks.co

Minimalist website design - minibricks

A website design with horizontal scrolling, effects like image masking, and a minimalist color scheme of a light gray and white combined with a deep royal blue.


16. www.vegoshi.fi

Minimalist website design - vegoshi

A vegan-themed website with a clean and fresh design which conveys natural ingredients and organic food. With delicate illustrations here and there and a tastefully designed menu which shows pictures only when you hover on the dish’s name.


17. www.shoheitakenaka.com

Minimalist website design - shoheitakenaka

A minimalist portfolio website of a photographer. Leaving out all kinds of decorative elements, the portfolio is presented on a pale green background. The elegant font is followed by the gallery of photos.


18. www.eightthethalasso.jp

Minimalist website design - eightthethalasso

A minimalist website design that conveys purity. The design shows maxi photography, parallax effects with bubbles, and a liquid effect over the photos.


19. www.siroppe.com

Minimalist website design - siroppe

A super minimalist website design with a color scheme of deep purple and a peachy pink color. The homepage is completely minimalist with visuals appearing only when you hover on the text.


20. www.blenddigital.com

Minimalist website design - blenddigital

A minimal website design with attractive animations which activate when you interact with the elements. Based on a white background and a calming blue color to make some elements pop.


That’s it!

If you are a fan of minimalist website design, we hope this inspiring collection gave you fresh ideas for your next project. The minimalist trend is not expected to fade any time soon. It looks clean and classy, sometimes mysterious and dramatic but always manages to capture the attention.

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