37 Amazing Parallax CSS Website Examples That will Blow Your Mind

Incredible CSS parallax examples that leave a creative mark and push push push the boundaries of web design.

Parallax is a 3d effect used in various websites to make web pages attractive. The effect created is,  as we scroll,  the background of the web pages moves at different speeds than the foreground making it create a look of motion and movement and making it attention-grabbing and interesting for the viewer. When implemented well and with subtlety, it can take your site to the next level and certainly help it leave an impression. Relatively normal for video games it’s a growing trend in website design. 


Video overview:

We’ve prepared 10 of the website examples in the article as a video to see the parallax CSS effects in action. Check it out:


Here we’ll take a look at some fabulous examples of this Parallax effect on CSS websites.


1.  Davide Perozzi

Davide Perozzi website parallax effect

German creative developer Davide Perozzi starts off our tour.  The heavy black typography headings on a sepia background move horizontally on scroll creating a fabulous movement with great contrast in static text. The smooth scrolling and project images that warp with the animated cursor all add to the showcasing of the designer’s own skills.


2. Dog Studio

dogstudio website parallax effect

Let’s focus on the animated 3d dog at the center of this design, how can you not. As an attention grabber, it hits the spot. Rotating, resizing, blinking, ears moving and changing color at key points of interest, titles. It’s placed behind the text and moves to the front, it alternates with backgrounds and has a sheer presence that makes it truly a memorable image, showing how they’ve mastered the effects.


3. Firewatch Game

campo santo website parallax example

A tremendous example of parallax scrolling for the game Firewatch, creating real depth at the top of the page. Brilliant coloring to work alongside the layering making a stunningly inviting landscape. You know it’s worked when you want to walk into it, and you can’t fail to want to enter this vista.


4. Garden Studio

garden estudio parallax example

Garden Studio self limits its site by using the parallax technique only at the top of the site. This means that the image must be a real beauty that shows off their design skills, and thankfully is it exactly that. An almost graphic representation of a garden bordering the page to the left and right with tree silhouettes and topping with the autumnal leafed branches. The eye is drawn to the center and led back through carefully crafted layers towards the setting sun. Lovely. Scroll down to the static page and it’s as if the sun is setting completely. Rather clever and very effective.


5. Madies

madies website parallax example

This crunchy food snack site uses large squared blocks of color filled with images and overlaying text. It’s perhaps how Mondrian would have used Parallax. As the blocks slightly overlap and animate it could be over-fussy, but the strong clean typography holds it together throughout the site.


6. EyeSprint

eyesprint website parallax example

Black on white/white on black text contrasting with colorful photographic action shots. Static text behind overlaid images, text swinging movement, title pop up on hover, solid and creative. A highly stylized and distinctive site with a variety of effects.


7. Playful

playful website parallax example

Awesome, sweeping background images in the horizontal section take up the whole screen, like film slides on a reel. A nice theme emerging, from Playful, art direction specialists in the field of beauty, fashion, and product design. Classic parallax, different speed scrolling, playing with the luscious images, and titles of recent projects. Consistency in style and color of typography, hold the focus as the playfulness happens behind.


8. Calexo

calexo website parallax example

Calexo is a cannabis drink – we almost couldn’t get into the site being under 21!!. An animated cursor takes you on a roller coaster ride through the whole site. Full of graphic elements and line, it’s a busy site with plenty going on everywhere you look. Somehow it works, combining a retro quality with softer pastel colors to achieve a fun, peaceful, hippy sense which couldn’t be more apt.


9. Majestyk Apps

majestik website parallax example

The main parallax feature on the Majestyk site is the first thing you see, at the top of the site. Starting with an arresting image, a blurred head and shoulders shot on a kind of galaxy infused background. Once you’ve processed it, you start to scroll, as instructed. As the picture remains the darkness takes over, embracing the space with space. The rest of the site is clean, crisp, and quality. Reaching the bottom another – this time volcanoscape on starred darken sky provides a great background for the finale.


10. Pink Rabbit

pink rabbit website parallax example

Pink Rabbit are an Amsterdam based production company representing a selected group of film/TV directors. It is only right therefore that the effect here plays on the idea of a role of film. Horizontal scrolling on example images from productions, it’s like taking a roll of film from an old camera and holding it up to the light to see what’s on it. Add to this the pink blur animated cursor and the outlined production information on each film which changes on hover, and you have a rather cool landing page the invites interaction.


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11. Rewind 2019 YouTube

youtube rewind parallax example

Clever, clever, original, and clever. YouTube’s review of 2019’s biggest and most unforgettable moments -is itself unforgettable. Firstly horizontal scrolling over a series of cool creative representative icons of each clip and then on the far left vertical scrolling of a precise review of each clip. Both working together not just in time but complimenting text an images. It is equally good depending on the review of whichever of the country you select. Charming, with perfect use of parallax, absolutely appropriately, to give something needed and not to just impress with a technique.


12. Laracon

laracon website parallax example

Laracon US is an annual gathering of people who are passionate about building amazing applications with the Laravel web framework. So far, so what. The key is where it is being held, Atlanta aquarium. The site sets the scene perfectly. A desert scene with the downward scroll taking you into and under the water. Through layers and layers to the sea bed. All the time scrolling through the essential information surrounded by fish, divers, and sea life floating around. A great way to set the scene in an interesting effective way.


13. Bamboo Toothbrush

bite toothpaste website parallax example

Bite’s site is as clean and fresh as you’d expect with dental hygiene. The parallax effect is used to keep the Bamboo Brush center stage through the whole scroll down process, it succeeds. As the images and textual information float either side, the main star is place front and center, eventually being placed in its specially design box. You never for a single moment lose what is being offered here. Parallax holding the attention and focusing on the message.


14. Sketchy Media

sketchmedia website parallax example

Matt Thorne is an award-winning digital marketer, so we expect him to be able to market himself and his skills right here on his own site. you won’t be disappointed, this is a classy, elegant, informative site that gives just enough for him to showcase his skills without becoming showy. Black and white personal photographic shots with an element of movement, static color shots of work projects. An effective and subtle way to split your site into clear sections.


15. Defeat Boco

defeat boco website parallax example

Once you’ve landed you’ll need some time to take in the Monsters before starting your journey. And you’ll need to take some time on this quite amazing journey through the four-stage research/design/ test deliver process. Each section is a genius homage to parallax effect, scrolling horizontally and vertically through glorious abstract land and seascapes, and all the time being taken on the journey of a working process. One word -Genius.


16. FPP

fpp website 3D parallax example

A shop marketing agency, and therefore and shop site. It could be dull, it isn’t. A scrolling walk down a Supermarket aisle, dragging you further into the site and literally posing questions at the bottom of the page. And suddenly at the end of the aisle, you are thrust inside the pineapple, trust me it works. More questions spinning around your head as the pineapple spins. It sounds mad but it works – curious? That’s exactly what they want.


17. St Regis, Venice

st regis images parallax example

A nice mix of great hotel images, food, Venice. A total feel for what’s on offer and a pretty standard although high-quality hotel site. What set’s in apart is the subtle and gentle use of parallax. Almost unnoticeable but adding a movement and touch of quality.


18. Reservoir Dogs Beer

reservoir dogs website parallax example

A craft brewer with obvious attitude. Everything about this site creates and holds an image. Part pastiche to the film, part informative and largely image-conscious. Dark, broody, frighteningly cool. The parallax features help guide you down, floating letters of Dogs in a highly stylized font overlay and add interest to the images.


19. Emlyon Junior Conseil

junior enterprise website parallax example

An enormous amount of essential information on this University site. The limited use of parallax at the top, with an almost automated slide show of images, sets a modern, serious tone but leaves you with a sense of organization and calm. Slowly and effortlessly relaying a serenity.


20. Boe Gin

boe gin website parallax example

Great blocks of color, for each associated cocktail. Bright and fun, the site sets the party tone. The Gin story uses the parallax to flip from slide to slide along a horizontal timeline but allows you to continue down through the site at any point. Super navigational device.


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21. InDnegev festival

indnegev website parallax example

This Israeli music festival site is image image image-conscious. Very cool landscape to begin with only slight movement. the key theme of these color schemes and style is continued throughout the site as background with floating clouds and starscapes. A great way to use parallax to hold a theme.


22. Anafi Parrot

anafy drone website parallax example

Anafi’s Parrot is a top-quality drone. If ever a product was begging for the parallax effect this is it. And they don’t let us down. From the opening layered landscape at dawn with an overlaid drone, we sweep drone with a drone’s eye view, in many ways a perfect introduction. Later the colored images and information texts are placed on aerial landscape backgrounds that never let you forget the potential of this technology. The techniques go on to the end and don’t get dull.


23. Aaron McGuire

aaron development paralax example

Aaron McGuire is a freelance Interactive designer from California who showcases his work to great effect on his own site. An unusual kind of flipbook page effect covering 4 pages; tinkering, exploring, developing, and animating. each has it’s own color scheme and transition as well as cool images.


24. Defy Performance Drinks

defy website parallax example

Back and Yellow, energy, and movement, at first glance. Strong lines, dynamic movement, cool imagery, and background video. lot’s of techniques all revolving (sometimes literally) around the central idea of health, energy, and fitness. Modern and dramatic use of parallax to create the feel.


25. Oboosho

oboosho website parallax example

New York cleaning company Oboosho has a great fresh, friendly clean site starring their very own cartoon comic character. Great branding, great use of parallax on the opening of the page. The originally static images raising forward out of the screen on the down scroll. It’s nothing dramatic but it does add to the site and make it that little bit more special.


26. History Of Czech Ice Hockey

110 sport website parallax example

For such a fast-moving sport, parallax is perfect to demonstrate and depict a flow of movement on the rapid journey through the 110-year history of Czech Ice Hockey. Video, text, photos, watermarked backgrounds all overlaid onto the specific year as the scroll through history takes you through time. Inventive and well done, ideal use of this great effect.


27. Lasczuk

laszczuk website parallax example

A site form Polish Law Practice Lasczuk that clearly demonstrates that you are not restricted to web designer portfolio sites when being technologically innovative. It’s not groundbreaking but it does add a depth and dimension that shows care and attention to detail.


28. Omnium Blockchain

omnium blockchain website parallax example

Gradient blue scale coloring and floating shaded geometric blocks create a calm, serenity on Omnium’s site. The main pulling point is the opening of concentric blocks being drawn into a globe on scroll, representing the blockchain ecosystem working together to create a cohesive whole. There is a softness to the site that is strangely alluring and hypnotic. Quality design.


29. La Phase5

studio interactif website parallax example

The French Interactive design studio goes all-in on this modern, geometrically minimalist design. Whilst leaving plenty of negative space they manage to imbue a sense of design clarity and vision with little tricks, twists, and motion features. Simple but effective.


30. La Mordue

hard cider website parallax example

La Mordue is a French cider maker. When you have taken so much effort to design the product it is absolutely right that it needs to take center stage, it does just that. The two flavor cider bottles are never far from the center of any screen. They hold your attention, they focus the site and allow the information to skirt around them like they know they are number one.


31. Lookbook Wedze

piste website parallax example

A mountain scene for winter sports. Not the usual scene though. Here we have a mountain range as geometric planes with great greyscale shading creating an unmistakable depth. It would be enough with just this, but you get more, click on the sport options to be taken on a color ride over the angular slopes to each separate section. Very nicely done indeed.


We’re sure you’ll agree, 33 top, top examples of perfect parallax adding to and complimenting great sites.

There are more, many many more. Check out the selection below for even more mind-blowing effects.

32. Adriaansen


33. Rajapack


34. Whoamama

35. GTG

36. PEAK Education

37. Beangels



Sometimes trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but here is one that is sure to stay. A fine example of the latest technology making it easier to create something truly memorable and leave the lasting impression that you desire for your site. as can clearly be seen in these examples, parallax can and does take website design into the future, pushes the creative boundaries and leaves the viewer wanting more. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it shows an attention to style and detail that reflects on your product or service and certainly sets you apart -at least until the other catch up!

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