18 of the Best Portfolio Examples That Do It Right

18 inspirational Class Portfolio sites from top designers around the world.

18 of the Best Portfolio Examples That Do It Right

To showcase your style and skills a stunning portfolio is an absolute must. We’ve brought together a collection of 18 inspiring portfolio examples that demonstrate unmistakably creativity and a sense of style, whilst at the same time leaving you in doubt about what the designer offers. Cool combinations of informative portfolio example sites that leave a mark and set a standard of design.

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18 Unique Portfolio Examples that will inspire you to the bones:

1. Jack Kjeznach – Front End Developer Portfolio

7. Jack Kjeznach portfolio

Front End Developer and WordPress expert Jack brings all the tools picked up in his years of experience to bear in this inspiring portfolio example. Each work project from Aspect Property to Rockys Mountain Gear is treated to an equal share of the portfolio limelight. Without any superfluous fuss, you get to see exactly what this developer achieved and the results speak for themselves.


2. Bruno Simon – Creative Developer Portfolio

10. Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon is the lead developer at Immersive garden and from the moment you land, this site is full of imagination and creative style, and sound effects too. It’s a 3D car driving adventure game, it’s an about site featuring portfolio work and to be honest you just need to see it to believe it.  The only thing that isn’t difficult to believe is that this site is award-winning. You don’t want to miss this one.


3. Xavier Cusso – Visual Designer & Art Director’s Portfolio

1. Xavier Cusso portfolio

Xavier Cussó, an Independent Visual Designer & Art Director working globally in Digital and Brand Design from Barcelona has worked with such global clients as Adidas, Audi, The UN, and Coca-Cola. This visually stunning site shows off his work and gives a guide to the work done and the role played in each of the featured projects and examples where possible. The stylish and informative design leaves you with a real sense of exactly what you’ll get from this collaboration.


4. Toy Fight – Web Design Portfolio

2. Toy Fight portfolio

Web Designers Jonny and Leigh have worked with an enviable list of clients from Nintendo, Estée Lauder, Oxfam, Scribner, to Coca-Cola, Google, Ford, and Netflix. If that’s not impressive enough they also have a fine selection of awards and recognition in the field of web design. Their own portfolio site is a superb example of their skills, with stunningly memorable visual imagery representing the design pair as action figure toys for each of the various sections. Their previous work portfolio is comprehensive and wide-ranging, with examples of work, screenshots, and key information regarding project goals.


5. Pollen London – Digital Agency Portfolio

3. Pollen London portfolio

An award-winning digital branding agency, with a site to match. Full of life, movement, and high-quality photographic images to show off their work with such companies as Reard Paris, Paris Life Magazine, Playing Fashion, and Milan Design Dose. The site’s landing page sets the high-end tone and clicking into featured work keeps it up. Heavy on stylish images but informative on project overview and service provided. Top-quality, cool, and classy portfolio example.


6. Ryan The Weave – Designer & Illustrator Portfolio

4. Ryan The Weave portfolio

Ryan Weaver is a self-employed designer and illustrator. particularly focused on web design and icon development. His portfolio landing page is a nod to in-your-face functionality. No messing about, a large single image for each example of work takes you directly to the product. The product pages keep up the style, with a brief introduction of the product and process goal and then multiple impressive images of the finished results. The site exudes strength, focus, and confidence in the work to stand up for itself. 


7. Jonathon Patterson – Product Designer Portfolio

5. Jonathon Patterson portfolio
Detroit-based, full-time freelance product designer is all about helping real companies implement real solutions and has designed for Ford, Sony, and OK Cupid among others. A landing page of brightly colored boxes directs you to sections but automatically creates a sense of solid, forthright design quality. Each case study in the portfolio is a classic guide through the creative design of the product, fully explanatory and demonstrating key skills, knowledge, and flair.


8. Kyson Dana – Digital Design Portfolio

6. Kyson Dana portfolio

Kyson is a San Francisco-based designer who has been working with a range of companies for the past 9 years. A variety of in-house brands range from small non-profits to large tech companies from the GivePower foundation to Tesla. Working on digital, brand design, or Art direction the portfolio site shows cool, cutting-edge design created by imagery and color choice but still allows a personality to shine through at every stage. Beautifully worked case study creations show a step-by-step process in a clearly creative environment of professionalism.


9. You and I Graphics – Freelance Designer Portfolio

8. You and I Graphics portfolio

Greek freelance designer Irene Demetri has been wowing the digital world, creating user-friendly digital designs ranging from web to mobile for years, and has featured in the top 10 web design portfolios. Her portfolio site takes on a geometric square theme with a red and grey color scales. Information is minimal but the classy design nature is clear to see.


9. TMS Outsource – App Development Agency Portfolio

9. TMS Outsource
TMS is a development hub for planning, building, supporting, and enhancement of web applications. Unusually for us, this is not a designer’s site showing off their own designs. Nevertheless, this portfolio example does exactly the job is to set out to do. A clear, simple design allows the viewers to navigate to exactly where they want to be, with minimum fuss. Once there the organization and breadth of information are impressive. Design working with function. Job done!

11. Zhenya Rynzhuk – Art Director Portfolio

11. Zhenya Rynzhuk portfolio
An Art Director with an architectural background Zhenya Rynzhuk award-winning work with product & visual design, mobile & web projects as well as branding, typography, and animations are the stars of this show. Solving real business cases and growing their businesses by using design thinking, you can see exactly how in the features case studies., from Adobe’s XD Kit to Limnia and ESPN. A portfolio example showing consistency of design, great flow, and pride in detail wrapped up together in one cool imaginative presentation. 

12. Marvin Kuehner – Film Editor Portfolio

12. Marvin Kuehner portfolio

German film Editor Marvin Kuehner has edited films for Nike and Mercedes Benz along with the likes of BMW and Nike. An impressive portfolio of credits can be found on his site, all in color clip form on a plain black. Super effective and super cool. Each clip rises on hover and can be played on click with stills and details on the scroll down. A neat precise representation of the body of work. An appropriate cinematic theme is carried throughout.


13. Florent Biffi – Interactive Developer Portfolio

13. Florent Biffi portfolio

French freelance interactive developer Florent Biffi used to work with the influential Immersive Garden. His bold blue/black landing page is a tour de force of classic design. The portfolio includes work done for some of his clients such as Sociéte Générale and Samsung. Over the years he has also worked with Ferrari, Kronenbourg, and Moët & Chandon and this showcase shows you exactly why his service is sought after.


14. District 2 Studio – Branding Studio Portfolio

14. District 2 Studio portfolio

District2 is a hub of award-winning talent describing itself as being “built on mashed up creativity, by mustached Danish Vietnamese and artistic unicorns”. It should therefore be of no surprise that this whole site is infused with personality and out-of-the-box creative styling. The actual work portfolio demonstrates a strikingly detailed approach with nothing left to chance. Cool, bright, and airy with energy and passion. They’ve worked with some huge companies such as Lexus, Volvo, Disney, and Warner Bros.


15. Igma – Digital Designer Portfolio

15. Igma portfolio

Igma is the portfolio site of award-winning designer Igor Mahr, Art director, and digital designer. The landing page is an effect-laden piece of well-crafted design. Selected works such as Talkwave and Mantel as well as a selection of his illustrations continue a theme flowing naturally from one page to the next held together by matching colors, typography, and effects. A cohesive whole, brilliantly well done.


16. Wvth – Digital Designer Portfolio

16. Wvth portoflio

This s portfolio example from digital designer Wesley Van’t Hart is a classy elegant black and white breakdown of his career so far, he is only 25. If you are plugging UX design then this design shows you what you should be doing. Clean and simple, yet visually attractive and effective.


17. Olouen – Freelance Designer Portfolio

18. Olouen portfolio

Paris-based Olivier Ouendeno is a freelance digital designer. This is site beautifully soft site portraying a real personal touch with great stylistic panache. Minimal, with soft-focused imagery and soaked with emotion. She worked with famous brands like Armani, Roger&Gallet, Bollinger, BMW, Lancôme, HSBC, and Pierre Hermé Paris. Her features work on this portfolio example includes Wines and Spirits and Askja Audio.


18. Rodolfo Sarno – UI Designer Portfolio

17. Rodolfo Sarno portfolio

A UI designer from Sydney, Aus Rodolfo Sarno grabs the attention on the opening page with a series of arresting photographic images with blurred, psychedelic liquid rollover effects to represent the portfolio of work. The selected works show a wide selection of techniques and showcase his skills in this field. he’s worked on the Rugby League World Cup mobile platform, as well as retail sites.


Final Words

A selective collection of 18 truly wonderful portfolio sites from designers in differing fields. The common theme is great creativity and showcasing skills in combination with a real purpose in demonstrating previous work and attracting potential customers. Beautifully inspirational, gushing with top-quality ideas and creative freedom, and chosen to inspire you to push your limits and show yourself off to the finest extent.

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