Awesome Instagram Layout Ideas and Examples

Awesome Instagram Layout Ideas and Examples

In the era of social media, people are getting more and more creative in order to attract attention. Especially when it comes to fully visual social media channels like Instagram. Prepare for a huge dose of inspiration because, in this post, we will show you cool Instagram layout ideas and examples that will keep your audience interested in your profile.

The block structure of Instagram’s personal and business pages allows users to get really creative and make their profiles unique. But Instagram layouts are not only used to make your personal or business page prettier. Following a particular Instagram layout makes your content more consistent and your name –  more easily recognized in the feed. This way, you can definitely stand out among millions of profiles.

Now, we’ve identified several trends in presenting visual content on Insta and we want to share them with you. Now let’s begin with these awesome Instagram layout ideas and examples!

Article overview:
1. The horizontal tiles layout
2. The vertical tiles layout
3. The 3×3 layout
4. The puzzle layout
5. The checkerboard layout
6. The diagonal layout
7. The borders layout
8. Color & filter consistency

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1. The horizontal tiles layout:

Matching the visual content row by row.

This is a very popular Instagram layout that shows its effect right after you start applying it to your feed. The principle of this layout is to match your visual content blocks 3 by 3.

This layout is quite easy to follow. Since the content is published 3 posts at a time (to prevent the layout from breaking), the hardest part would be to plan your posts. There are two options here:

  • you can either match your 3 posts like a puzzle and create a full horizontal image, or
  • you can match your three horizontal posts by style, theme, and colors in such a way that they differentiate from the top and bottom rows.


2. The vertical tiles layout:

Create distinctive columns with your visual content.

Since we have the horizontal layout in the world of Instagram, it’s logical that we also have the vertical layout style. Unlike the horizontal, this one will take some time until it shows off, so it definitely requires persistence and devotion.

The principle that you have to follow is – to match your content by column. This means every first, second, third, or all posts of each row should match the first, second, third, or all posts of the previous rows. The result is – beautifully created columns just like the examples below.



3. The 3×3 layout:

One image is split into several visual blocks.

One of the most popular Instagram layouts is 3×3. In other words, instead of posting a picture as a single post, you break it down into smaller squares and post it as a series of posts – usually 9 (3 rows x 3 images in a row). The result is a large-scaled image spread on 9 visual blocks.

How does this benefit the user and yourself? Each post obviously looks like a part of a larger image and the user definitely becomes more curious to see the full image. In order to do so, they have to click on your profile. This means, your layout helps you get more profile views.

In some cases, 3×3 is actually 2×3, 4×3, or 5×3. The principle remains the same but the good thing is – you are not limited to posting square images only. You can post horizontal (2×3) and vertical (4×3, 5×3, etc) images.


4. The puzzle layout:

Arranged together, posts create a bigger image.

As the name suggests, each image post is visually connected to the surrounding posts, and together, they create one bigger image which is usually a collage of images.

This layout, in fact, has a lot in common with the previous one with one major difference. Unlike the first layout, in this one, each image makes perfect sense as an individual post, as well.

So, each post contains a focus visual accent, a description, hashtags, etc. In order to create the puzzle, however, the composition of each post should go beyond the edges.


5. The checkerboard layout:

Alternating two types of posts with good contrast.

A layout that is easy to achieve and will help you surprise your audience with diversified content. The principle of this layout is to alternate two types of posts that are visually contrasting and consistent in style. The result resembles a checkerboard – with lighter and darker squares.

Usually, for this layout Instagramers would alternate quotes on a solid color background with photos, or simply photos with different (contrasting) overlays.


6. The diagonal layout:

Matching the content type by diagonal.

A layout that is similar to the checkerboard layout. Unlike it, this one doesn’t necessarily have to look like a checkerboard. In this layout, you are once again alternating post types in such an order that the blocks of a visual content match by theme or style diagonally.

The post types would usually be 3 or 2. The theme or style could be anything and everything. It’s very common to alternate a quote post with 1 or 2 image posts. Оr simply alternates 3 images in different styles, themes, or overlays. No matter what your choice is, you have to stick to this pattern for a while in order for it to create the desired effect.


7. The borders layout:

Freedom to create unique looking layouts

Putting borders on your posts, usually in white color, gives you the opportunity to create really different and distinctive layouts. Users on Instagram often experiment with borders’ orientation and width to make sure their layout looks unique.

Alternating horizontal and vertical layouts also creates an interesting arrangement, as well as using a round border, diamond-shaped border, and more.

It is not uncommon to see colorful borders on Instagram photos. Be it solid colors, gradients, or patterns, they also create a unique feel and look for your personal Instagram page.


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8. Color & filter consistency:

Keep a consistent visual style for your photos.

The visual style of your posts – the colors and filters you choose, plays an important part in defining your layout better. Some layouts even depend on this (the checkerboard pattern, the diagonal pattern). Moreover, maintaining your posts in one visual style helps you build a strong visual presence.

The opportunities here are limitless but the main rule is to keep a good visual consistency. For example, you can choose to use pastel colors, black-and-white colors, neon colors, rainbow colors, a particular combination of colors or a particular filter applied to all your photos.


To wrap up,

Instagram’s unique way of arranging visual content provides a field for creativity that will help you make your profile different from the rest. In this post, we covered the trendiest Instagram layout arrangements. Of course, you can use them as a basis to come up with new ones and develop your own vision of how a modern Instagram profile should look. If you have ideas that you want to share with us, do so in the Comments section below. See ya!

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