16 Cool Apps for Instagram to Change Your ‘Gram Game for the Better

16 Cool Apps for Instagram

Updated: May 04, 2022

Are you searching for useful and popular Instagram apps to improve your Instagram presence for good? This selection of cool apps for Instagram will absolutely get you there. Used by popular Instagram influencers, these apps are the key to turning your Instagram profile into a followers-generating machine. In this selection, you will find:
1. Photo editing apps for Instagram
2. Apps for Instagram stories
3. Video editing apps for Instagram
4. Apps for Instagram content planning

Let’s start!


I. Photo editing and manipulating apps for Instagram

One of the most desired types of Instagram apps is the one developed for photo editing and manipulating. Videos are surely gaining speed but photos still wear the crown of the preferred content on the Gram. This selection of apps for photo retouching, editing, and manipulating can surely make your photos look like a professional photographer took them, so let’s dive in.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor Pro Camera

1. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo editing app that can turn your photos into professional-looking masterpieces with just a few taps. The app provides preset filters and editing tools to give you full control over the size, colors, and light properties of your pictures. You can, as well, make fixes or remove unwanted objects with the healing tool, use the perspective tool to create clean shots with straight lines, and more. Moreover, you can sync your Lightroom across multiple devices, meaning you can use the presets you made yourself on the photos you are taking with your phone.

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Snapseed photo editing app

2. Snapseed

Developed by Google, Snapseed is a great photo editing app that has powerful features allowing you to customize and instantly improve the look of your pictures. Among the key features, you will find 29 tools and filters such as HDR Scape, Selective, Brush, Healing, Curves, Lens Blur, and more. One of the most attractive tools the app provides is the capability to edit and manipulate only a selection of the picture. The app supports the editing of Raw files, as well.

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VSCO Photo Video Editor


VSCO is a popular app for photo and video editing that Instagrammers use. The app works also as a social media that connects you with other creatives. The app has both free and paid memberships, the latter coming with an impressive amount of over 200 presets and advanced editing tools. With VSCO, you can easily add depth, color, shadows, brightness, etc to the photos you take. You will also find well-known tools like exposure, tone, saturation, white balance, and a lot more.

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Facetune2 Selfie Photo Editor

4. Facetune2 – Selfie Photo Editor

An app specifically developed for editing selfies. Having large capabilities of turning your regular photos into magazine-worthy shots, we are pretty sure that many users on Instagram will appreciate the existence of this app. Facetune comes with easy-to-use, yet very powerful and effective features, tools and filters. In the app, you will find retouching tools, face reshaping options, smoothing, color correcting, an option to whiten your teeth and the white on your eyes, remove objects such as blemishes or hairs from your face, fix red eyes, adjust tones, and many more.

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Afterlight photo editing app

5. Afterlight Photo Editor

Afterlight is a photo editing tool that will give your pictures an improved and glamorous look in just seconds. The app comes with 15 adjustment tools, a gallery of 59 preset filters, cropping and transforming tools with 15 different presets, 77 frames. Among the most interesting features you’ll find in the app, there are the textures. A great diversity of dust effects, light leak effects, and color shifts add a color channels effect, and a double exposure effect – all of which give photos a truly glamorous look.

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II. Apps for Instagram Stories

Developed specifically for Instagram storytellers, these apps are all your story roll needs. In these apps, you will find attractive layouts for Instagram stories, various effects, and options that let you get really creative. Such apps are a must-have for Instagrammers who love posting stories.

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Unfold Story Templates

6. Unfold

An app developed specifically for story posts and includes over 150 attractive templates. Besides templates, you will find a variety of fonts and tools to help you make an even more attractive appearance on the story roll. Moreover, the story templates in Unfold are compatible with other social media channels, as well. In the library of templates and collages, you will find various custom collections with different effects – a vintage camera roll, torn paper, a magazine layout, etc. Unfold gives you the opportunity to add multiple photos and combine videos and photos into one story post.

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StoryArt Insta story editor for Instagram

7. StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram

An app that will transform your Instagram stories and make them super attractive and unique. StoryArt comes with over 1000 story templates with different borders, colors, and styles. The editing is super easy and the fonts will help you make an impression with your quotes, captions, and statuses. The app also includes awesome photo editing preset filters for instant improvement. You will find templates for animated stories and themed templates like film, retro, minimalism, polaroid, and more.

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Mache Your Story Editor

8. Machè

Maché is a relatively new design tool for Instagram storytellers, currently available for iOS users only. The work with the app is very easy – with just a few taps you will have a great story look. The app provides various themed packs of templates – a classic pack and pro-themed templates. You have the opportunity to scale any added image, change the background to any color, and add effects like blurring and fading. Maché comes with an advanced text editor, as well, which gives you unlimited opportunities to play with the text.

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III. Apps for Instagram video editing

Video editing is also a niche that grows in popularity among Instagram users. When it comes to editing and improving videos for this social media, developers focus on attractive effects and filters that will make your content more engaging. Moreover, there are apps on the market that offer more powerful capabilities for editing videos and are compatible with other social media, as well – let’s start with such a suggestion.

Video Editor Video Maker InShot

9. Inshot Video Editor

A great mobile video editor and video maker with rich capabilities and options to make you turn your video into a share-worthy masterpiece. Inshot allows you to trim and cut your video, split it into parts or merge multiple videos in one, control the speed, crop video in the desired aspect ratio and export it in HD, and more. The app allows you to add music effects, as well as your own voice recording with a fade in/out option. You will find a library of filters and effects like a glitch, stop motion, retro TV, and more. You also have a gallery of over 1000 stickers, emojis, fonts, customs memes, and more extras to add to your video.

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Rad Video Editor

10. Rad Video Editor

Rad is a video and photo editor and cam recorder that comes with awesome VHS and retro effects. Most Instagrammers use this app to create attractive video content for their Instagram story roll. The app allows you to record a video or take a photo inside or import it from your phone and then, add effects. You have VHS effects, vintage effects, and glitch effects all of which can be increased and decreased.

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11. KUNI Cam

Another app for video and photo editing that adds a vintage touch to your visuals. KUNI Cam can be effectively used for photos and videos, although it is mostly used for video editing. The app contains a great amount of 190 filters among which you will find dust filters, color filters, light effects filters, fade effects, 3D effects, grain filters, etc. KUNI Cam contains the option to add different date stamps. You can also crop and rotate your visuals and create your own presets.

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Vintage Camera Dazz

12. Vintage Camera – Dazz

Currently available for iOS users only, Dazz Vintage Camera app is inspired by the 80s films and recreates similar effects to the photos and videos you are taking with your phone – in terms of colors, textures, and noise. Additional features included in the app are the following: a self-timer function, the double exposure effect, a camera assistant grid, a fisheye lens, flash colors, exposure adjustment, and square frame shooting mode which is perfect for Instagram’s feed videos.

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IV. Apps for Instagram post planning

Instagram is not only about individual posts and stories. The whole look and feel of your profile matter. We’ve selected a few apps that will help you plan how and when you should publish your content. Apps like these allow you to realize your Instagram layout ideas.

UNUM Design Plan Stories

13. UNUM

UNUM is a very handy app that makes a simulation of your Instagram profile photo arrangement, so you can level up your planning game and the way your profile looks. But the app holds so many more opportunities. Besides the rearrangement option, you can have multiple accounts, deep analytics options, custom scheduling, and reminding. Among the tools, you’ll find a tool to edit and filter your photos, a tool to add captions to future posts, a tile tool to create complexity, and many more.

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Preview Plan your Instagram

14. Preview Planner for Instagram

An app for Instagram that does just what it’s supposed to – it helps you preview your Instagram profile with your future posts in it. Preview has an unlimited grid space and a drag-and-drop option to help you shape the way your profile looks just like you’ve imagined it. The app comes with more handy features such as scheduling your posts and sending you reminders, reposting old content, and adding captions and hashtags with the hashtag manager. Moreover, you have handy photo editing tools and analytics tools to improve your planning process.

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WhenToPost Best Times to Post

15. WhenToPost: Best Times to Post

WhenToPost is a simple app with a powerful mission to help you reach the most followers. The app will connect to your Instagram and analyze it to generate a heatmap of the best times of the day to publish your photos. The app monitors when the majority of your followers are online and advises you to publish your content at this exact moment. Extremely useful if you have followers from all over the world. WhenToPost is right now only available for iOS users.

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Regram for Instagram

16. Repost

A simple and straightforward app that lets you repost other users’ content by elegantly providing attribution to the original author. Repost works with videos and pictures. You have full control over how the attribution mark looks – you can change its color and position. The app lets you repost content quickly and easily, in just a few steps. All you need to do is copy the link to the original content and paste it into the app – Repost will do the rest.

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That’s it!

Now that you know about these apps, you have no excuse to keep maintaining a low-performing profile. These apps for Instagram surely have the power to turn you into an Instagram star. We hope we’ve been helpful. If you know about more awesome apps for Instagram, we’d be happy if you share them in the comments below.

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