Logo Design Trends 2020: A Blast of Colors and Shapes

Logo design trends 2020 are here and they look amazing! Scroll down to check them out.

Logo design is a quite major and important niche of graphic design. Although let by graphic design trends, logo design trends are usually more stable and don’t change as much from year to year. The reason is that a logo’s life lasts long – sometimes up to a decade, sometimes even more before the company decides to redesign. Despite that, designers have to create logos that look modern and chic.

Today, we’ll go through the contemporary logo design and predict which trends will be most popular in the world of logo design in 2020. Let’s begin!

1. Animated Cartoon Logos
2. Animated Black and White Logos
3. Creative Letter Logos
4. Simple Geometric Shape Logos – Minimalism
5. Gradient Logos
6. Retro Style Logos
7. Metal / Engraved Logos
8. Custom Fonts / Logotypes
9. 3D and Isometric Logos
10. Semi-transparent Shapes in Logos

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Logo Design Trends 2020 Video Overview

See a quick video overview of logo design trends 2020 – truly captivating and breath-taking! To see more examples and learn more about each trend, simply keep scrolling down.


1. Animated Cartoon Logos

Funny logo = Friendly brand

Cartoon logos are associated with fun, optimism, and cheerful mood. Brands that want to be accepted as such, often decide to go for a cartoon logo, and usually, they manage to win the hearts of potential clients from a first glance. In 2020, not only will cartoon logos be super hot, but they will be animated, as well. The animation enhances the fun effect of the illustration and breaks the ice between a brand and a client even more. Why? Because it looks friendly, easy-going, and entertaining.

1.1. Outline Cartoon Style

Logo illustrations with thick outlining which almost look as outlined by a marker, are firmly positioned as one of the logo design trends in 2020. These illustrations look simple and fun which makes them perfect for a logo. They are not very detailed and they look great in small and big sizes.


1.2. Flat Cartoon Style

When it comes to illustrated logos, designers prefer going simple, and undoubtedly, flat is one of the most simplified illustration styles. Either with some detail added (the first two examples) or completely left as an oversimplified silhouette (the last two examples), designers will jazz up this logo style with fun and engaging animations, as well.


1.3. Doodle Cartoon Style

The popular lately doodle style in character design and graphic design trends has made its way to logo design trends 2020, as well. To a huge extent, doodling resembles hand drawing and sketching with a pencil or a marker. Translated into logo illustration design, this means simple, effortless drawings that look quickly made by hand.


2. Animated Black and White Logos

The classic combo

Black-and-white logos will never go out of style. They are classy, simple, don’t distract and go with every design. In most cases, designers create color and a black-and-white version of the same logo. But sometimes, the black-and-white version speaks so loudly that a color version isn’t even necessary. Here are a few impressive black-and-white logos.

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3. Creative Letter Logos

Your logo tells everything

Logos usually carry hidden or not so hidden meaning in their designs. Whether to depict the most important values of the brand or the activity of the brand itself, designers are using different techniques to make the logo “speak” and keep it simple at the same time. Quite popular for the purpose is using negative space technique and symbols replacing part of the letters.



4. Simple Geometric Shape Logos – Minimalism

Lines, squares, dots, and curves for the win.

Highly simplified logos made of basic geometric shapes will keep being on top of the charts. Minimalistic logo designs are one of the preferred styles in this industry. They can easily and delicately be implemented in all kinds of brand identity materials without being a distraction. To make them more memorable, designers usually use a unique color code or color scheme along with a black-and-white version.

Squares are symbols of stability and balance, therefore brands often prefer it to convey exactly these qualities. The squares in logo design 2020 may be obvious but sometimes even disguised thanks to using a negative space technique.

Line-based logos are the perfect examples of minimalism in logo design. They are a compound element of every basic shape. In terms of logo design 2020, line-based logos will convey freedom, openness, simplicity, and energy. Whether forming an actual shape or carrying a hidden message, whether thick or thin, designers will keep playing with lines in 2020 to create amazing minimalist logos.


Curves, on the other hand, are lines that bend and don’t have any straight sections. As such, they are associated with dynamics and creativity. Curves allow designers to create literally any shape. In 2020, we will see logo designs with parallel curves, chaotic curves, decorative curves, curves embedded into the logotype, and more.

Logo Design Trends 2020 - Modern curves example 1

Design by Luis Socop


Rounded and circular logos and logotypes are going to be a hit in 2020 and we are not even surprised. As one of the basic geometric shapes, the circle comes with a powerful hidden meaning. Logos which are based on circular shapes carry a meaning of completion, perfection, and infinity. Plus, when it comes to logotypes, logo designers will be combining circular shapes with thick, heavy fonts to make an even stronger statement.

Rounded fonts and shapes which form the infinity symbol will keep being quite trendy in 2020. The never-ending energy which these logos represent is a message which many brands want to communicate. In 2020, designers will keep implementing the infinity symbol into logos, keeping the whole design minimalist.


5. Gradient Logos

When one color isn’t enough.

Gradients in logo design will keep being trendy in 2020. Gradients allow designers to turn simple logos into more complex visual interpretations. The seamless transitions from one color to another or different nuances of the same color make the logo more dynamic and mesmerizing.

1. Multicolor Gradients

One of the most popular uses of gradients in logo design lately has been combining bright, vivid colors that create beautiful palettes. Depending on the purpose, the palettes may depict natural phenomenons such as the colors of the sunset or help achieve a futuristic, dreamy look that speaks of originality and innovation.


2. Analogous Gradients

Sometimes, designers prefer to stick to a more limited color scheme or just one color in order to keep the logo more simple or abide by the brand’s requirement for a color. This doesn’t mean they can’t make it more dynamic by using a gradient. The analogous gradients in a logo allow you to use different nuances of the same color in order to make it more interesting while keeping the brand identity.


6. Retro Style Logos

Yesterday is today

The retro effect is not trendy for logo design trends but for graphic design trends 2020, as a whole. Whether it’s the effect of worn-out paper, a grunge effect, retro patterns, or using retro color schemes, i.e. natural pastel tones, retro design is making a huge comeback and it looks more modern than ever. You may also be interested to check out more examples of Retro Design in Modern Times.


7. Metal / Engraved Logos

We are classy and we know it!

Using metallics in logos such as gold and silver is a sign of a high class and sophistication. In 2020, the metallic effect will be an absolute hit in logotypes and logomarks. The combination of metals and engraving for the physical version of the logo (on business cards, labels, and marketing materials) creates the feeling of exclusiveness and custom-tailoring.


8. Custom Fonts / Logotypes:

Make me a font, I will use it as a logo!

Logotypes in 2020 will tell so much you wouldn’t even need an image! Custom-made fonts especially designed for logos have always been a top choice of designers and businesses. Logotypes will be a part of logo design trends 2020, either depicting the word itself literally or “speaking” to the audience with a hidden meaning.


9. 3D and Isometric Logos

Still here and better than ever

Isometric logos and logos imitating 3D effects are still going to be a thing in 2020. By depicting a 3D object on a 2D surface, the main advantage of these logos is that they create depth. Combined with other trendy looks, such as gradients, outlining, and bright colors, we will definitely see a lot of isometric logo designs in 2020.

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10. Semi-transparent Shapes in Logos

I see through you

Using semi-transparent elements is quite modern right now and we predict that the trend will continue in 2020, as well. Semi-transparency in logos not only looks cool but it carries an important meaning. Brands that use it communicate transparency and transparency helps build trust.


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Final words

2020 will be quite colorful in terms of logo design trends. We will enjoy minimalistic logos made of simple geometric shapes and lines, animated cartoon logos in different but simple styles, ingenious logotypes, colorful logos with gradients and solid colors, impressive black-and-white logos, classy metallic and engraved logos, and even more. We can’t wait for 2020 to come and all the inspiration with it. How about you?

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