20 Digital Tools for Classroom for Innovative Teachers & Students

Digital tools for making infographics, presentations, videos, animations, as well as tools for assessments, quizzes, and more.

20 Digital Tools for Classroom for Innovative Teachers & Students

Updated April 21, 2022

In the world we live in, technology is literally everywhere and the kids adapt to it more than anyone else. Unlike teachers, students are being raised in a digital world. It is absolutely natural for students of all ages to use technology in every aspect of their lives. This is why digital tools in classroom are becoming more and more crucial. Traditional methods for teaching are already going through a transformation to adapt to the needs of 21st-century students and to enhance the professional practice of teachers. The digital future is literally happening now.

Using technology for education provokes students’ curiosity, boosts their engagement, and leads to better learning and comprehension. These factors are a priority for every effective teacher and today they can be easily achieved by using digital tools in classroom. We’ve selected 20 innovative digital tools for classroom which foster responsibility, relationships, and respect, and can be used by educators and students.

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Article overview:


1. Prezi

  • suitable for students of all ages
  • suitable for teachers

Prezi is a digital software for creating interactive presentations. According to their research, the innovative way Prezi helps you make presentations – by zooming, leads to more effective, more persuasive, more effective, and more engaging presentations than presentations made with PowerPoint. If you are still unaware of what you can do with the software, we strongly recommend that you check it out and present it to your students. Who knows, maybe this would be one of the digital tools for classroom that would help you keep the attention of the kids.

Here is a useful tutorial that will help you get the hang of the software:


2. Haiku Deck

  • suitable for students and teachers

A digital tool with whose help you can easily make presentations on your iPad, iPhone, and the web. The tool works online and offers a huge database of stock photos with which you can create image-based slides. Haiku Deck makes it easy to create presentations on the go and literally carry them in your pocket. Haiku Deck can be also integrated into Google Classroom which has been very popular lately. See a quick video of how Haiku Deck makes presentations fun and easy:


3. Scratch

  • for students primarily between 8 and 16 years old

Although mainly purposed for students, Scratch can be used by people of all ages. This digital tool lets students create engaging projects like games, animations, interactive art, stories and more. If your students have an interest in making programs, Scratch is definitely one of the digital tools for classroom you have to introduce them to. This program would give the little ones a brilliant start to make them think in an innovative and creative way. If you wonder how to help them start, here is a video tutorial “Make Your First Program” with Scratch:


4. Animoto

  • suitable for students of all ages
  • suitable for teachers

Video is one of the most engaging mediums of the modern-da society which is why you should definitely incorporate it into your classroom. Animoto is one of the digital tools for classroom that can be used by both teachers and students for educational purposes. Animoto helps you create animated videos easily. You can create photo slideshows, stitch various videos together, and add text and more images to come up with a truly engaging video in the end. Check out this video tutorial before starting your first Animoto video:


5. Pixton

  • suitable for students of all ages

Why make students write a story when they can draw it for a change? Digital tools for classroom like Pixton boost the children’s visual thinking and creativity while it engages them to the fullest. This tool allows little and big students to make comics and storyboards. This activity can be both educational and fun. If you are an educator, you can try Pixton for free before introducing it to your kids. A perfect tool to boost the students’ imagination! See how it works:


6. BoomWriter

  • suitable for students of all ages

A great digital tool for collaborative writing. BoomWriter is suitable for children of all ages but especially for the little ones who are still reluctant to write. BoomWriter encourages students to write a story together by voting for each person’s version of the story. To get an idea of the process, check out this great explainer video and spark the interest of your students in writing.


7. Explain Everything

  • suitable for educators and upper-class students

Explain Everything is all about interaction in a virtual environment. This digital tool allows students and teachers to collaborate on an interactive whiteboard thus encouraging group activities. This software can also be integrated with Schoolwork, Dropbox, Evernote, GDrive, OneDrive, and more useful apps. With the drag-and-drop options, Explain Everything is super easy and intuitive to work with. See how you can get started and how collaboration works via the following video:


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8. Educreations

  • suitable for educators and upper-class students

As an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool, Educreations is an alternative to Explain Everything. Educreations allow you to explain any kind of concept in an interactive digital environment which means you can teach and learn from anywhere. The app allows you to approach each student individually by replaying their work and allowing them to learn at their own pace. Here is a video that compares Educreations to Explain Everything which we believe you will find useful:


9. Glogster

  • suitable for students of all ages
  • suitable for teachers

Glogster is one of the amazing digital tools for classroom which helps children learn by using visual content. This app allows you to create multimedia posters by combining text information, photos, and videos. The creations are called glogs and stored in a special library called Glogpedia. Containing over 40 thousand different glogs on various subjects and topics, this tool can become one of your most trusted tools for teaching children effectively. Learn more in the video below.


10. Flipsnack

  • suitable for students and educators

Another interesting tool that will help you boost the engagement level of your class is Flipsnack. This is an app for creating digital flipbooks. This digital tool can be used by teachers for educational purposes and by students for presenting projects in class in a really interesting way. The tool works with PDFs and JPGs. All you have to do is upload your images, write your information and present it to the world. See a quick tutorial of how it works:


11. Padlet

  • suitable for the whole class to use

Padlet is a digital pinboard that allows participants (students and teachers) contribute by pinning different images, videos, text files, links, and more. Digital tools for classroom like Padlet motivate students to work together and brainstorm like a team. You can customize the background to a corkboard, blackboard, wood, sand, and many more options, the layout to a grid, stream, or freeform, as well as control who has access to the board. Here is a tutorial you can check out:


12. VoiceThread

  • suitable for K-12 students

VoiceThread is a great digital tool that can be used in the classroom in many ways, especially to practice the students’ oral language. VoiceThread is basically an app for presentations and storytelling which actually records the student talking. This way, the students can practice their speaking skills while building confidence and allowing teachers to assess their work. Here is a demonstration video made by a teacher who uses VoiceThread for educational purposes. She also gives ideas of how other teachers can use VoiceThread with their class.


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13. StoryJumper

  • suitable for K-12 students

A great tool that boosts the imagination of the children. StoryJumper is an app for creating storybooks by using writing and illustrating skills. StoryJumper is certainly one of the digital tools for classroom which inspires a passion for reading and writing. Moreover, this digital tool allows for the collaboration of multiple students on a single storybook. Students collaborating on a storybook can video chat which makes StoryJumper great for group projects. Here is a great tutorial on how to create a storybook with StoryJumper.


14. Storybird

  • suitable for K-9 students

Storybird is a great digital tool for writing stories in a visually appealing way, thus motivating students to write and read stories. Storybird uses artwork to inspire people to write. Of course, there are various types of stories that engage differently aged students. There are picture books for students K-5, chapter books for students in Grades 5-9, and poetry for everyone. This app develops the ability of the brain to connect words and images. If you are an educator, check out the video below to learn more.


15. Quizlet

  • suitable for students of all ages

A great app that can come in very handy for students of all ages. By using flashcards, games and more fun activities, Quizlet allows students to learn a subject and assess themselves. Everone can create their own study set or choose an already existing study set. Quizlet even lets you study on the go, so students can learn and test their knowledge from literally everywhere. Here is a quick intro of how Quizlet works:


16. Socrative

  • for educators

Socrative is one of the digital tools for classroom that will help you assess your students and get immediate insight on students’ knowledge. At the same time, using Socrative is fun for you and for your students, so basically, they can have fun while taking a test! You can launch various types of assessments and follow the results in real time. Here is an explainer video that will help you get the hang of it:


17. Edmodo

  • for students, teachers, and parents

Edmodo is an Education Network that teachers, students, and parents can join. Edmodo provides a digital classroom environment and gives you access to many resources. At first sight, it pretty much looks like the social media networks we know, so you will intuitively understand what, where, and how to join groups and communities, and collaborate with other users in the network. Edmodo gives you the opportunity to create a digital classroom where you can invite your students and even start sending digital assignments. Check out this explainer video to learn more about the Edmodo education network:


18. Schoology

  • for students, teachers, and parents

Schoology is a learning management system that is free to use and it allows teachers to create and distribute materials, give assessments, track progress, etc. Basically, with Schoology, you can do everything that you do in Google Classroom, plus more features. You can organize content much more easily, embed multimedia within the assignment description, record audio or video within the platform, have a grade book, set completing rules, and many more. Check out an introduction video below.


19. Piktochart

  • suitable for students and teachers

Piktochart is a great digital tool that can be used by both educators and students for various educational purposes. This tool allows you to create infographics, presentations, posters, and more visual materials. It is perfect for classroom activities, as well as home activities. They offer special plans for education teams of more than 25 people which is basically the category where you and your students fall into. Here is a guide video to get an idea of the digital software:


20. Visme

  • suitable for students and educators

One of the great digital tools for classroom which provides educators and students with tools to create infographics, presentations, reports, and more visual content materials. Visme provides all kinds of templates and graphic resources to help visualize any kind of data or assignment. You can insert videos, make animations, insert links, etc. Check out the following to see what you can do with Visme.



Technology is a friend of education and there is no reason to fight this trend. Right on the contrary, by incorporating digital tools in classroom, you become an effective school leader who fosters innovation.

Here, at GraphicMama, we support educators with innovative thinking who encourage students to learn and develop. This is why we create cartoon characters that are great for educational purposes and can be used in many ways: in digital tools for making infographics, creating presentations, video making, and animations, as well as all kinds of tools for conveying visual concepts and ideas.

We hope we’ve been helpful. If you can think of other useful digital tools for classroom or more ways to use cartoon characters for digital education, we can’t wait to see your thoughts in the comments below. See ya!

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