8 Google Classroom Tutorials for Teachers to Start Online Lessons

A guide to google classroom tutorials for teachers new to the platform. all you need to know to get you started.

8 Google Classroom Tutorials for Teachers to Start Online Lessons

With the forced move to remote online teaching, many experienced teachers have been taken out of their comfort zone and had to confront new skills and techniques with little or no preparation time. There are many platforms being used to teach from specialist educational sites to general communication sites and accompanying emails. One platform that has the benefit of as least looking familiar is Google Classroom the free web service, developed by Google for schools, that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. A free service providing your school or education district has signed up for a G Suite for education paid package. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students and allow communication,  and there are a number of tutorial guides available on YouTube that help you get your head around exactly that. So here are 8 incredibly useful Google Classroom tutorials to ease you into this brave new world.


1. Getting Started with Google Classroom

Edtech made easy’s 10-minute video is a great starting guide to Google Classroom briefly covering all the key areas from the beginning of creating classes and adding students, through sharing materials, changing themes, adding parents and other teachers, grading, viewing work, and vitally class settings. There are also some ideas for different types of assignments.


2. Google Classroom Tips and Tricks for Teachers

A 20-minute video is full of tips and tricks for organizing your Google classroom and importantly saving time. Tips and a “how-to guide” to things like using Archived material, differentiating work, grading and commenting on work, etc. Useful and practical.


3. How to Create Digital Assignments for Google Classroom

Eight minutes on creating essential digital assignments using Google Slides. A step-by-step guide to creating an exemplar graphic organizer for vocabulary, that can easily be adapted.


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4. How I Make My Google Slides for Teaching

A start to finish, clear and easy guide to Google Slides, through Google Drive in twenty minutes. The slides can work for presentations of a particular subject or as a lesson plan. A basic beginners tutorial, ideal for starters. You can produce something impressive in minutes.


5. Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents

A brief 5-minute run-through FAQ from parents and students. The student’s view will help the teacher understand the other side. Practical for the teacher’s understanding but also a great link to send to parents and students who are confused or unsure.


6. 5 Tips Every Teacher Must Know About Google Classroom

Google classroom top tips in under 10 minutes. Some time-saving tips include copying and adapting a whole course.


7. Using Zoom with Google Classroom and Calendar (2020)

For teachers using Zoom, this tutorial shows how to combine Google Classroom and Google Chrome. Scheduling and linking Zoom to Google calendar, adding guests through e-invites, and disabling Google Hangouts.


8. Host a Live Virtual Classroom – Google Classroom, Calendar, and Google Hangouts Meet

A 5-minute guide to setting up a virtual classroom and combining other G suite features such as calendar and Google meet. Explaining some more settings and features will clear demonstrations.


Final Words

These tutorials are fully explanatory, clear, and brief. A great guide to getting you through the opening few lessons and into a great routine. Looking forward, this is a time to improve skills and learn new things that will be useful in your future career, so make the most of the help being offered.

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