How to Draw on Google Slides and Make a Great Impression?

How to Draw on Google Slides

Making a great impression during your presentation is a very tough task. And let’s be honest – who would say you did well if the tools you use cannot help your present better? Luckily, Google Slides have covered everything for you – from shapes to the good old manual drawing options.

In this article, we will show you how to use Scribble for creating manual shapes and pointing out important details of how to improve your presentation.

1. What is Scribble and why should you use it?
2. How to draw on Google Slides?
3. Is there an alternative?


1. What is Scribble and why should you use it?

In a nutshell, the Scribble tool on Google Slides is a freehand drawing pen. It is easy to use, too – just draw a shape you like with your mouse, let go of the mouse, and voila! Google Slides will automatically create an even better version of that shape for you. Scribble turns boring slides into dynamic, colorful ones!

While other tools are preferred in presentations during the preparation, Scribble offers something unique – the ability to pinpoint details. It can make a massive difference and turn a standard audience into an engaged one. This tool is the perfect option for both school/university presentations and business ones.

The brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things.
-John Medina


2. How to draw on Google Slides?

We already know why a Scribble is a good option. But how to add a drawing to your Google Slides presentation and make it look beautiful?


Step 1. Open Google Slides

The first step is to open Google Slides. If you’ve already created a presentation and want to use it, then open the presentation in Google Slides. If you’d like to start with a brand new presentation, then just create a new one. Bear in mind you should already have a Google Account. 


Step 2. Add Scribble

When you have opened Slides, you should click on Insert, then choose Line, and afterward tap on Scribble. Of course, you’re not limited to Scribble only – you can add connectors, normal straight lines, arrows, etc.

How to Add Scribble


Step 3. Start adding custom shapes

Once you have clicked on Scribble, you can start drawing random shapes. Bear in mind that Google has ensured your shapes will be improved, once you finish the figures.

How to Draw on Google Slides Scribble


Step 4. Customize your drawings

You have completed drawing your shapes. Now, you can start adding extra details:

  • change the colors (you can also add custom colors).
  • set line weight.
  • create a line dash.
  • set a line start and line end.
  • format the drawing.
  • and even add links and comments for further utility.

Customize drawings on Google Slides


3. Is there an alternative?

While some people are delighted with the Scribble tool, others seek better options that are found online. Annotate is one good example. It’s a Chrome extension and registration is free. There is also a free forever plan that is more than decent, albeit having some limitations.


Google Slides Tip:

Experts recommend up to six words per slide is enough to gain the attention and get the audience to listen to what you have to say.

Learn More Tips



How can I keep the Scribble tool selected?

Unfortunately, every single time, you will have to use Scribble, you may need to re-open it. This might be a bit annoying, especially if you want to draw some figure with multiple details (for example, a face).


Can I modify Scribble live?

You cannot modify Scribble live. You need to close the presenting mode and add it. However, it is not a big issue if you want to pinpoint a detail from your presentation. However, it is certainly a bad idea to add multiple drawings, as this will distract your audience.


Can I use Scribble for a professional presentation?

Many people state it’s not good to use something like Scribble, as it might add a “cheap” look. To be honest, if you know how to use Scribble correctly, you’d earn more points than lose any.



You can easily draw on Google Slides and improve your presentation’s quality. But with some high-quality cartoons, you can step up your game significantly and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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