70+ Mascot Logos That Will Definitely Impress You

A collection of mascot logos including friendly animals, fierce animals, human characters and even objects!

Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are widely used for all kinds of businesses these days. Knowing how powerful mascots and cartoon characters can be when used in marketing (throw a glance at How to Boost Your Business by Using Cartoon Characters in Marketing), businesses are leveraging the benefits of having their own mascots by incorporating it even in their logos.

Today, we’ve prepared a collection of over 70 awesome mascot logos used for different kinds of businesses. All of these examples clearly show that having a mascot in your logo makes it more appealing to the viewer. We’ve categorized the mascot logos we’ve gathered into the following categories:

Enjoy the collection!

Friendly Animals Mascot Logos

Animals are perhaps the most preferred theme for mascot logos. With each animal bringing a specific symbolism to the picture, it’s no wonder that businesses choose to depict an animal in their mascot logos, rather than choose a human face. However, the same animal can still convey different emotions. Let’s say, a bear can be pictured as a friendly, welcoming character but it also could look fierce while conveying strength and power. For this reason, we’ve divided the animal mascot logos into two categories. Let’s begin with the friendly looking animal mascots!

Two amazing cartoon animal mascot logos created by artist Aga Ochoco. On the left, we can see a friendly kangaroo mascot with a pouch full of gift cards. The smile and the thumb up are welcoming signs and build trust. On the right, there is a toucan mascot logo for a protein brand – presented with a smile while showing off his muscles.

mascot logo kangaroo

Mascot logo design by Aga Ochoco

mascot logo toucan

Mascot logo design by Aga Ochoco

A shark usually brings negative emotions but not in this case. This smiley charming fella holding a pencil was illustrated by artist Martin Hoffmann for a creative mascot logo design.

mascot logo shark

Mascot logo design by Martin Hoffmann

A brand for homeless dogs who got a super cute mascot logo of a puppy illustrated in an outline style.

mascot logo puppy

Mascot logo design by CHEESEBANANA

A beautiful peacock mascot logo createdy by Attila Nagy for a brand for flowers and events.

mascot logo peacock

Mascot logo design by Attila Nagy

A collection of cute mascot logos presented by artist Bodea Daniel. All animals are drawn in an outline style and they simply look adorable.

cute animal mascot logos

Mascot logos by Bodea Daniel

A very appealing colorful unicorn mascot logo created for a brand for kids’ playground. The design was created by the artists’ duo Ngoc Thuy Do and Loan Do and is absolutely adorable.

unicorn mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Ngoc Thuy Do and Loan Do

A series of mascot logos for a veterinary clinic. The artist has presented different versions of the logo with cute animals designed in an outline style with pastel colors.

cute animals mascot logos vet

Mascot logo designs by Maykel Nunes

A bee mascot logos designed in golden gradient tones by the artist Igor Dimarski.

bee mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Igor Dimarski

A penguin mascot logo wearing a cap which gives him a “cool” look.

cool penguin mascot logo

Mascot logo design by AmbroZio

Two cute animal mascot logos illustrated by artist Aditya Pranata. On the left, we can see an adorable happy sloth who is the face of an app for studying. On the right, we can see a brave fox bandit character that enchants with his friendly smile.

sloth mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Aditya Pranata

fox mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Aditya Pranata

Two amazing mascot logo designs made by artist Horacio Velozo. A friendly pigeon on the left – this mascot logo is perfect for a delivery brand. On the right, we can see a geek lizard character suitable for a wide range of brands.

pigeon mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Horacio Velozo

lizard mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Horacio Velozo

An extremely adorable superhero cat in a cup illustrated as a mascot logo by the artist Ekaterina Toapanta.

mascot logo cat

Mascot logo design by Ekaterina Toapanta

A mascot logo design that presents a chimpanzee with a chef’s hat. Made by the artist Borja Robles.

chimpanzee mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Borja

Hungrey donkey is a brand which got a fun mascot logo of a donkey looking at a carrot.


Mascot logo design by kalli

A super cute whale mascot logo holding drinks and snacks. Made by Silvia Cheung.

Mascot logo design by Silvia Cheung

The next two examples of mascot logos were created by Trexyca Artworks. On the left, we see a very welcoming giraffe mascot illustrating a brand for a zoo. On the right, we see a creative bird mascot holding a pencil-brush and smiling. Both cartoon mascot logos look very friendly and appealing.

giraffe mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Trexyca Artworks

bird mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Trexyca Artworks

Fierce Animals Mascot Logos

Some mascot logos need to convey strength and power. Such mascot logos are widely used for sports teams but they are suitable for any brand that wants to make you feel strong and invincible. It could be a fashion brand, a brand for energy drinks, gym brands, etc.

The following six mascot logos were made by the same digital artist – Paul Howalt, and they are gathered in a collection called Logo Collection – Sports & School Mascots. Typical for this category, the desings present scary, powerful animals, some of them even depicting an attack. Check out his awesome collection.

shark mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

tiger mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

bulldog mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

angry bear mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

eagle mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

horse mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

Two designs by Tycoon Creative. These mascot logos present an octopus on the left and a wolf on the right. Botch characters convey power, energy, and toughness.

octopus mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Tycoon Creative

wolf mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Tycoon Creative

A powerful owl mascot logo created in an outline style by the artist Derrick Stratton.


Mascot logo design by Derrick Stratton

A deer mascot logo holding a gun. The design was created by Kamil Zaniewski.


Mascot logo design by Kamil Zaniewski

A monkey robot mascot logo depicting the brand The Iron Chimp, made by Triskaideka Masuerte.


Mascot logo design by Triskaideka Masuerte

The following mascot logo of a clothing brand depicts a logotype with a pig. Artist – Ihsan Lazuardi.


Mascot logo design by Ihsan Khairul Lazuardi

A scary mascot logo of supernatural being based on the concept of a skull and inspired by a character from the movie “Hell Boy”. The artist of this fierce mascot logo is Derrick Stratton.


Mascot logo design by Derrick Stratton

Human Mascot Logos

Besides animals, human cartoon characters are also among the popular mascot logos. They could be illustrated either friendly, or scary depending on the brand they represent. In this category, we’ve gathered various human mascot logos of men, women, and kids.

This mighty warrior character was designed by artist Johnny Haru for a mascot logo for a band named “The Horde”.

warrior mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Johnny Haru

A mascot logo by Yury Orlov depicting a powerful ruler and representing a hockey sports team.


Mascot logo design by Yury Orlov

A mascot logo of a strong captain representing College Of Marine, by artist Paul Howalt.



Mascot logo design by Paul Howalt

A mascot logo for a software program inspired by the Goddess Eris. The illustrator is Kristin Dankanich.


Mascot logo design by Kristin Dankanich

A pimp mascot logo created by Almaz Rysbayev presented in a purple color conveying wealth.

pimp mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Almaz Rysbayev

A fun redesign project of the brand “Noodle Factory”. The presented new mascot logo was designed by artist Jude July who gave the friendly noodle boy an attractive 3D look by using gradients and shadows.

noodle factory mascot logo boy

Mascot logo redesign by Jude July

A friendly boy mascot logo designed by digital artist Rafael Marques. The cute casual boy is illustrated in a flat style and conveys a welcoming feeling.


Mascot logo design by Rafael Marques

A charming elderly man wearing a tailcoat and a top hat. Designed as a mascot logo by Aga Ochoco.


Mascot logo design by Aga Ochoco

An elderly man mascot logo by artist Aditya Pranata, wearing a monocle and holding a mug of beer.

old man mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Aditya Pranata

A friendly bearded Oriental cook wearing a turban – a mascot logo designed by Minal Dusane.


Mascot logo design by Minal Dusane

A chef with a mustache wearing boxing gloves – a mascot logo rebranding illustrated by Kate Jacuszek.

chef with boxing gloves mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Kate Jacuszek

A graduating boy illustrated as the mascot logo for The Scholars’ Den by Trexyca Artworks.


Mascot logo design by Trexyca Artworks


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Objects Mascot Logos

Quite often, brand owners choose objects with human characteristics to represent their businesses. The great thing about choosing an object as a mascot logo is literally the infinite possibilities that you have. Of course, the mascot will be best perceived if it is directly related to the business itself. Let’s see several examples.

Is there even a better choice for a pizzeria’s mascot logo than… a slice of pizza? We don’t think so. This awesome mascot logo was designed by Kate Po in an outline style. A pizza slice with human traits.


Mascot logo design by Kate Po

As one of the symbols of Mexico, the red pepper is a perfect choice for a Taco & Burger Mexican restaurant. The cute pepper character has a typical Mexican look and is designed by Papagayo Estudio.

jalapenos red pepper mascot logo

Mascot logo design by Papagayo Estudio

The story behind the following mascot logo, as written by the creators, is logo creation for a brand that offers egg-based snacks. Naturally, the agency decided that an egg mascot logo would be a perfect choice. Well done!

Mascot logo design by Anatomia Design

A super excited waffle character created as a mascot logo for the brand Dr. Waffles. The cute design is illustrated by Aga Ochoco.


Mascot logo design by Aga Ochoco

A very cheerful tooth character created as a mascot logo for a dentist office. The author of the design is Silvia Cheung.

dental mascot logo tooth

Mascot logo design by Silvia Cheung

Mascot logos are suitable for absolutely every kind of business. With the diversity of mascot logos, we showed you in this collection, we hope you already have ideas for your own mascot logo. If you’d like, you can even share with us your design concept in the comments below.

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