13 Websites with Creative Menus to Feed Your Creative Mind

websites with creative menus for inspiration

A selection of modern websites with creative menus that impress with good taste, pleasant animations, and even unconventional placements. Designers are always striving to demonstrate a really innovative and unique approach in order to create designs that pop from the mass. In this selection, we’ve made sure to include exactly this type of websites with creative menus that make a difference. Using some CSS parallax effects, some micro animation, and your imagination you can make unique website menus, that will be remembered.


2create website

1. 2Create.io

A minimalist and very professionally looking website with a very creative menu resembling a puzzle or a sitemap with square sections. The site itself follows a specific path when moving from a section to section, and the menu acts like a guide telling you where you are located on the site at the moment.


superrb website

2. Superrb.com

A cool illustrated website whose whole thematic is inspired by the ocean, the sea, and… waves. The menu of this site looks like an upgraded burger menu – instead of the traditional three-line burger look, it has two wavy lines. When you click on it, the menu itself falls down like an animated wave –  cool and creative.


festival bersiserlini website

3. Bersiserlini.it

A very interesting website design whose menu is actually the main design element on the home page. Presented in a big display font and centralized over the big yellow spot in the middle, this menu provokes the user to interact with it. Whenever you hover over any option on it, a different animated object appears.


creativecruise website

4. CreativeCruise.nl

A pretty creative and beautifully illustrated site that almost makes you immerse, as you scroll. If you look closely, you will see that this design was inspired by the golden ratio. The menu itself resembles a perforated ticket paper perfectly harmonized with the subject and theme of this website.


dottodot website

5. DottoDot.es

A very interesting website with a galactic vibe and a really creative menu. Written in a huge trendy outline font, floating across the center and rolling as you scroll, this menu certainly impresses with creativity and imagination.


coralinecolasse website

6. DrinkCann.com

A very fresh website design whose menu is not so special itself rather than how the whole page interacts with it. When you click on an option, the page animates in a very fun to watch way and takes you to the desired place down the road.


drinkcann website

7. PRM.ooo

A refreshing yellow website design made with cool animations as you hover and click there and there. The short menu on the left impresses with an untraditional position, vertical orientation, but mostly – with the interesting animation that follows once you click on it.


prm website

8. ShantellMartin.art

A very cute website portfolio with the artist lying in the middle surrounded by cool doodle illustrations. The interesting thing about this website’s menu is that it is scattered around, written with a marker, and pretty much made as a part of the whole doodle background.


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culture basicagency website

9. BasicAgency.com

A quite interesting and creative site menu located on the left of this minimalist and edgy website design. When you open the menu, it waves like a flag and, unlike most website menus, this one has additional information for every option, as well as a cool illustration per each.


sonsofgallipoli website

10. SonsOfGallipoli.com

A documentary website with a monochromatic design and a relaxing vintage feel. The menu of this site is a classical burger menu but you can see a few options of it placed in the home section, as well. When hovering over the menu options, you can see eye-pleasing and tasteful animations.


cuberto website

11. Cuberto.com

A cool creative site with adorable illustrations and pleasant little interaction animations that create a dynamic feel. The menu on this site is modern, minimalist and also impresses with subtle but really tasteful mini interactions when the cursor hovers on each option.


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saramarandi website

12. SaraMarandi.com

The whole website of Sara Marandi is built around the menu. On the homepage, you see different photography projects presented in the form of a menu. When hovering over each, you can see a nice preview of the project. In addition, there are more general menu options scattered on each corner of the screen.


buzzworthystudio website

13. BuzzWorthyStudio.com

A modern site demonstrating a great taste with big bold sans serif fonts. The full-width menu nicely plays with the viewer’s senses by showing a different picture for each option, accompanied by a little hover animation for the text.


Final words

Websites with creative menus have always been a treat for the eyes. We hope you enjoyed this collection and it brought you the inspiration you needed to go create an awesome website right now.

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