Website Backgrounds: 18 Sources to Find the Perfect Background

Website Backgrounds: websites to find backgrounds for web

Sometimes, finding the perfect background for your website may turn into quite a challenge. In today’s selection, we’ve gathered sources of website backgrounds – free and premium, so you have many options for your next (or current!) big website design project.

The most common choices for a website background (besides plain color, obviously) include patterns, vectors, and photography. The sources listed here offer high-quality patterns and stock images, so let’s begin.

  1. Website backgrounds: Patterns
    1.1. Pattern galleries and collections
    1.2. Pattern generators
  2. Website backgrounds: Stock images
    2.1. Free stock background images
    2.2. Premium stock background images


1. Website Backgrounds: Patterns

Patterns are a classic option for website backgrounds. These days, you will find amazing galleries of seamless patterns with eye-catching motifs and trendy color schemes. Moreover, you can take advantage of great pattern generators where you can create a pattern according to your liking.


1.1. Pattern Galleries and Collections

Ready-made patterns for website backgrounds that will make your design pop. In this selection of patterns, you will find more subtle patterns, as well as patterns that scream for attention. We’ve included free and paid options, so jump in to see what’s on the market.

1. Toptal Subtle Patterns

Toptal Subtle Patterns

A huge library of free tileable subtle patterns with classic and cute motifs and limited color schemes. Click Preview on any pattern to see how it looks like a website background.


2. GraphicMama Seamless Patterns Collection

seamless pattern designs

A huge bundle of over 1000 premium seamless patterns. Each pattern is available in both png and vector file formats, which makes it absolutely scalable (up and down) and editable in vector-based software.

  • It includes 15 Free Pattern designs you can download and try out for free.


3. ColourLovers Patterns

ColorLovers patterns

A library of bold and colorful pattern designs was created by a design community. The colors of each pattern can be changed according to your taste right on the platform. The licensing of each pattern is described on the left.


4. Wowpatterns


A platform offering a huge diversity of free patterns conveniently sorted into categories. You can also search patterns by keywords. The licenses cover personal and commercial use with attribution.


5. ThePatternLibrary

The Pattern Library

A library of attractive and artistic tileable patterns created by a design community and absolutely free to download.


1.2. Pattern Generators

The one disadvantage of ready-made patterns is that other people can download and use them, too. If you want a unique pattern design for your website background, you can turn to one of the many pattern generators on the web. And most of them are free!

6. Cool Backgrounds Generator

Cool Backgrounds Generator

A generator of website backgrounds with different effects and options to modify the colors according to your taste. The generator includes low-poly backgrounds, abstract animated backgrounds, CSS gradient backgrounds, gradient topography, and a gallery of images.


7. Patternizer


An easy-to-use tool that lets you create a unique pattern design according to your needs. The tool offers three classic pattern motifs and allows you to experiment with scales and colors. Patternizer generates a script for you to use the pattern as a website background.


8. Patternico


An online pattern generator that lets you create a custom pattern based on icons. Use the icon library on the left to browse icons. Then simply drag and drop your desired icons on the canvas. You can easily change the background color, icon transparency, and canvas size.


9. StripedBackgrounds

Striped Backgrounds

A generator of striped pattern backgrounds that gives you the opportunity to select your own colors by entering the Hex codes. Or, you can play with the Randomize button to get inspired by color combinations.


2. Website Backgrounds: Stock images

Stock images are a popular choice for website background or the hero section of a website. Luckily, there are many sources for free and premium stock images where you can find high-quality photography and vectors as website backgrounds. Here are some of the most popular platforms on the web offering stock images for website backgrounds.

2.1. Free Stock Background Images

A few sources of free stock images – pictures and vectors of high quality and great diversity. These sites offer assets with different licenses, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the terms of use before downloading any background.

10. Pexels

Pexels images for web

A source of high-quality free photography. All imagery on Pexels is free to use without attribution and available for modification according to your liking.


11. Unsplash

Unsplash free stock images

A library of high-quality photos that are absolutely free to download and use for all kinds of purposes. Attribution is not required but appreciated. On Unsplash, you will also find textures and patterns.


12. Pixabay

Pixabay free stock backgrounds

A widely popular source of photography and vector artwork that is completely free to use for commercial and noncommercial purposes without having to give attribution.


13. Freepik

Freepik free images

A large library of vectors that can be used for free with special licensing rules. Attribution is required and the number of daily downloads is limited unless you have a subscription.


14. Pngtree

Pngtree free background images

A gallery of vector and raster artwork, all available for free download. On Pngtree, you will find a rich category of background images. You can use all assets for personal and commercial purposes, however, the latter requires giving attribution.


2.2. Premium Stock Background Images

A few popular platforms for premium stock images offer anything and everything in terms of imageries for websites. The majority of stock images on these websites come with royalty-free licenses. Subscriptions and individual purchases are both available.

15. DepositPhotos

Deposit Photos

A website for stock photography and vector artwork. In the backgrounds section, you will find a diversity of abstract vectors, HQ photography, and more. DepositPhotos lists free photos, patterns, and vectors, as well.


16. ShutterStock


A very popular site for royalty-free stock photography and vectors. Under the backgrounds category, you will find a huge choice of abstract backgrounds. On the site, you will find photos of every theme, as well.


17. Dreamstime


A stock photography platform offering royalty-free photography, vectors, illustrations, and more assets. Purchases are available with credits or subscription plans.


18. iStockPhoto


A platform for stock photography and vectors. On the site, you will find different pricing categories of imagery – essentials and signature. The first ones are budget while the second category costs a little bit more. Subscription plans are also available.


Check out our article Free Stock Photos: Ultimate List of 55 Free Image Websites, to find more sources of free stock images.


That’s it!

If you’d like to add up to this collection, feel welcome to share your sources of website backgrounds in the comments below. We hope we’ve been useful with this selection. And if you are ambitious to show us your creations, go ahead!

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