Character Clipart: a Collection for Every Taste & Every Project

You will find free character clipart, black and white character clipart, character creators, character clipart girls, boys, and more.

Character Clipart: a Collection for Every Taste & Every Project

Character clipart is artwork often needed by teachers, presenters, educators, students, and pretty much everyone who wants to make their projects look more friendly and appealing. We know how hard it is to find good character clipart which is high-quality, affordable, and can convey all kinds of messages at the same time. That’s why we’ve decided to make a collection of character clipart that offers a solution for everyone. You will find free character clipart, black and white character clipart, character creators, character clipart for girls, boys, and personality traits. Let’s begin!

Article overview:
1. Free Character Clipart
2. Black and White Character Clipart
3. Character Clipart Creators
4. Character Clipart Girls
5. Character Clipart Boys
6. Character Clipart Personality Traits

1. Character Clipart Free

When you are on a tight budget, free character clipart may be the best option for you. However, the opportunities you have here are limited. The characters you’ll find for free usually lack the diversity of poses and concepts that your project may need. In addition, you will most likely have to give attribution to the artists or be limited to using the clipart for personal projects only.

The selection of free character clipart we’ve chosen can be used in both personal and commercial projects, and attribution isn’t required. However, you are not allowed to use the clipart for your logo or trademarks or sell the graphics in any way.

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2. Character Clipart Black and White

Known also as outline characters, black and white clipart characters are suitable for a wide range of projects. Because of their simple shapes unburdened with 3D volumes, colors, and gradients, this kind of character goes with projects of all themes and styles.

The selection of outline character clipart we’ve featured below is not only black and white but also has a color accent that can easily be changed to your brand color. Alternatively, you can simply remove it to keep your character clipart fully black and white. The characters we’ve picked come in collections of 112 poses that will come in handy to express and convey all kinds of concepts and messages.

3. Character Clipart Creators

Sometimes your project might have specific needs for a character that you can’t seem to find anywhere else. Unless you can afford to order a custom cartoon character created specifically for you by an artist, our suggestion is to go for a character clipart creator. In other words, you will have a gallery of elements including body skin tones, facial expressions, accessories, hairstyles, body positions, clothes, etc. This option gives you the opportunity to build your own character according to your project specifications.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you create your character exactly as you’ve imagined.


4. Character Clipart Girls

If you feel like your project needs a feminine touch, you may want to look for a specific girl character clipart. Depending on the project, a girl cartoon character may make your work more appealing and help you convey your message better. In the following selection of character clipart girls, we’ve picked very friendly and charming girls that can easily break the ice between your audience and you.

Each character is prepared in a variety of poses such as showing emotions, holding items, and wearing accessories. All of these poses convey certain concepts which make them suitable for a wide range of presentations and projects.


5. Character Clipart Boys

Boys cartoon characters are among the most used character clipart in projects. These characters are fun and appealing but most importantly, they convey confidence and competence. These traits make the boy character clipart perfect for any kind of presentation and education project.

In the following selection, we’ve featured versatile boy cartoon characters that can fit into almost any kind of web or print project. Every one of them comes in a variety of poses which will help you convey any kind of message and concept.


6. Character Clipart Personality Traits

Sometimes, it is enough to use a character’s silhouette to convey a personality trait. Moreover, some projects simply require the use of simplistic character icons. While it’s true that the facial expression says a lot, the posture also speaks for the person.

In the following selection, we’ve gathered simplistic character silhouettes that express personality traits. These character icons can be used in almost any kind of project which doesn’t allow the use of detailed character clipart.

No matter what kind of character clipart you want for your project, we hope you’ve found it in this collection. All of these characters will help you convey your ideas and concepts better. Enjoy the artwork and stay creative!

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