17 Inspiring UI/UX Designer Portfolios That Take Design to the Next Level

UX is User Experience. When related to website design it is essentially how the design affects the behavior of the user when viewing the site, in various ways…..usability, accessibility, relevance, and desirability. To put it simply this is a wholly integrated design approach throughout the entire process, including aspects of branding, color, design, usability, and functionality. Here we have selected some UX designer portfolios that you can peruse at your leisure and they are worth it. Maybe you are looking for a top designer to create your new, exciting site or maybe a designer wanting to find examples of good practice and inspiration, either way, enjoy our selection.

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1. Creativemints.com

Creativemints UI UX Design Portfolio

Prague-based Creative Mints focus on branding, games, graphic design UI, and illustration. Creative mind Mike has a huge 17 years’ experience in this field. The brand enjoys fusing Design with Art and photography. A very varied portfolio.


2. Glorialo.design

Glorialo.design UI UX Design Portfolio

Gloria Lo is based in Sydney and has a limited but nonetheless interesting site. A relatively new self-taught designer she could be worth keeping an eye on.


3. Elisefu.com

Elisefu UI UX Design Portfolio

Product design specialist Elise Fu from New York has a site that contains her resume and blog alongside her personal about page and examples of work done. She’s been UX designing for 4 years after previously working in Digital Marketing. Her portfolio contains examples and detail about the process of these projects.


4. Buzzusborne.com

Buzzusborne UI UX Design Portfolio

Remote designer Buzz Usborne has previously contributed to and led design teams such major companies as Atlassian, Campaign Monitor, Skype, Sendle, and a number of start-ups and agencies in Europe and Australia. He is now a chief designer at Help Scout. His portfolio shows work from all these stages of his career and gives a fascinating insight into the project briefs worked on and the creative process.


5. Joshuataylordesign.com

Joshuataylordesign UI UX Design Portfolio

Joshua Taylor has helped and designed for many companies including features for Airbnb, Evernote Web Apps, and Penultimate for iPad, as well as Android and iOS apps. On his site, you can view case studies of selected projects.


6. Husamelfaki.net

Husamelfaki.net UI UX Design Portfolio

Husam Elfaki is currently working for Chelsea FC and has worked alongside Bowers & Wilkins, British Airways, Nike, Rolls-Royce, Samsung, and others. Her portfolio features some of these companies and gives insight into the color schemes, layout, and fonts selected.


7. Thatedchao.com

Thatedchao UI UX Design Portfolio

Most recently Ed Chao has been working on Microsoft Dropbox and for Apple. This site is solely dedicated to his portfolio of work showing some great examples.


8. Danielkorpai.com

Danielkorpai UI UX Design Portfolio

Daniel Korpai’s background in International Business and marketing psychology is ideal for UX design. At present working for InVision, this site explains the design process and showcases products.



HTMLBurger - website development and design


9. Doering.design

Doering.design UI UX Design Portfolio

Jake Doering is head of product design at Plato, having well over 5 years of experience in UX design. The site and portfolio highlight case studies and takes you on a personal trip through his work on these projects.


10. Erikbue.com

Erikbue UI UX Design Portfolio

Erik Byue has done work for Facebook, not featured here due to privacy reasons, as well as fitness trackers, music, and personal sites. You can follow his process and ideas by clicking on the portfolio listings.


11. Peterchangsite.com

Peterchangsite UI UX Design Portfolio

Since graduating in 2014 Peter Chang has worked with computers, more recently adapting to UX design. In 2019 he was selected as one of the 50 essential UX portfolios by the UX collective. You can view some of his projects here.


12. Luminous.gr

Luminous UI UX Design Portfolio

Luminous is an Athens, Greece-based design group and this site show you what can be done by working together. The project of this portfolio are as numerous as they are diverse,
From bags to bottles and plenty in between.


13. Outcrowd.io

Outcrowd UI UX Design Portfolio

Another team-based studio is Outcrowd from California. With up to 50 employees their work contains specialties in various areas. The portfolio shows a small but interesting selection of apps and eCommerce solutions.


14. Designstudiostar.com

Designstudiostar UI UX Design Portfolio

Studio Star is a Serbian team that doesn’t just limit themselves to UX design but works in all areas of web design and their portfolio shows their flexibility and showcases the work they have done.


15. Sandroieva.com

Sandroieva UI UX Design Portfolio

Italian Sandro Ieva is located in Hamburg, Germany, and has a very cool and attractive portfolio site with a select group of projects that represent what can be done with Ux design and other areas such as animation. Each project is accompanied by a comprehensive illustrated guide through concepts, ideas, and creative process.


16. Jennstack.com

Jennstack UI UX Design Portfolio

Jenn Stack has been working as a UX designer for over 4 years and her portfolio breaks down her projects into project background, her role, the product, a style guide, and the design process. It’s a varied selection form Dating Apps to Carpentry.


17. Lizvwells.com

Lizvwells UI UX Design Portfolio

Liz Wells is currently a UX designer at Stink Studios, with experience in a wide range of brands in music, health care, technology, fashion, media, and nonprofit organizations. She has exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, New York, and been recognized by amongst others The New York Times, Awwwards, and Time magazine. She was also one of Adobe’s designers to watch in 2019.


Final Words

The UX Designers featured here are just a snapshot of the global talent out there. We’ve selected some of our favorites from around the world but we are open to hearing about others. Some have worked with world-famous clients, others did more personal projects the common theme here is simply quality.

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