33 Peculiar Character Design Styles of the Modern Day

Get ready to be flushed with imagination off limits. We’ve gone through plenty of Behance profiles to dig out some of the most peculiar character design styles created by artists who don’t play it safe. The result: a collection of 33 brilliant unconventional character design styles. Some of them are adorable, others are far from cute, a few may provoke controversial feelings but at the end of the day, all of them carry their own unique vibes.

Nowadays, artists have complete freedom to turn their wildest imagination into real art and present it to the world. It’s a whole science how artists convey different emotions and feelings through their character design styles by exaggerating and accenting on certain physical features. If you’d like to learn more of the character design secrets, this article will reveal you how artists convey character’s personality through shape, variance and size.

Now, all you have to do is sit comfortably and enjoy these peculiar masterpieces created by astonishingly imaginative artists.

1. OCC’s visual identity by Beetroot Design

2. Disney XD Happy Holidays by Gastón Pacheco and 2veinte

3. Voodoo Character Exploration by _moon


4. Karateca by Italo Cerone

karateca character design styles

5. New year’s doodles by Murat Miroğlu


New year's doodles character design styles

New year's doodles

6. Winter is Coming…milk and honey? by Corey Smith

Winter is Coming character design styles

7. Video game character design collection by Pablo Hernandez


8. Fishing In Autumn and Arctic thriller by Paulius Kolodzeiskis



9. Character Design with Limited Palette by Cihan Gelerli

Character Design Styles with Limited Palette

10. BeardBoy by Stasik Kanevsky

beard boy cartoon character

11. Character Design Challenge by Krzysztof Rosłan

Character Design Challenge

Character Design Styles


12. Herman the Yeti by Vinicius Gut 

Herman the Yeti

13. GWK Farms by bewilder tv

gwk-farms character design styles

14. Brazilian Noel by Yellow Mello Studio

Brazilian Noel - Yellow Mello Studio

Brazilian Noel - Yellow Mello Studio

15. The Rocket Paw by Rustam Isaev

the Rocket Paw

the Rocket Paw

16. Piggy Pink by Aleksey Baydakov


17. Jack Pumpkinhead by Jonfer Maia

Jack Pumpkinhead

18. Stuff by Konstantin Alekyan

Konstantin Alekyan

Konstantin Alekyan

19. Low Poly Characters by Jona Dinges

Low Poly - Character Design Styles

Low Poly - Character Design Styles

20. Balance Magazine by Vicki Turner

Balance Magazine

21. Geometric Gang by Jared Nickerson

geometric gang character design styles

geometric gang character design styles

geometric gang character design styles

22. Little Red Riding Hood


23. Beard Styles by Fabio Rex

Beard Styles

Beard Styles

Beard Styles

24. Cute Monster Project by Maria Grønlund and Muxxi



25. Negra Tomasa Artbook by FÚ


26. Fantastic Geometric Flat Characters

Fantastic Geometric Flat Character Design Styles

Fantastic Geometric Flat Character Design Styles

Fantastic Geometric Flat Character Design Styles

27. Bull by Nick Gunn


28. Old Feathers by Hugo Cuellar

old bird character design styles

old bird character design styles

29. Doodles Lab by Alexandra Zutto

doodles-lab character design styles

30. Character design for Roooster by Juan Carlos Cruz




31. Luchador by Vincent Dromart


32. Characters in 3D by Alexis Tapia

3D character design styles

3D character design styles

Sadboyz by Cosmic Nuggets


Got the thrills? Then you will certainly fall in love with our collection of 50 digital art masterpieces of feminine beauty. 

If you’d like to share your thoughts on this collection of 33 contemporary art pieces or add more examples to it, we would love to see what you have in mind in the comment’s section below.

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