50+ Yummy Food Logos to Make Your Jaw Drop

Food Logo Ideas to Make Your Jaw Drop

Are you looking for appetite-provoking food logos to inspire your creativity? In this collection of yummy food logos, we’ve gathered great designs that appeal to the eyes and the appetite, as well. Some of the logo designs are pretty stylized while others are quite detailed. For sure, all look absolutely stunning and professional, and most importantly, they speak of good, tasty food.

Article overview:
1. Minimalist and simplified logo designs
2. Appetizing cartoon food logos
3. Flat illustrations in food logo design
4. Creative typography and lettering in food logos


1. Minimalist and simplified logo designs

It’s no wonder that we start with this category. The minimalist has been quite popular for logos. It helps convey a concept, but it also looks great in big and small sizes. Pretty much, it’s a win-win situation for designers, brands, and consumers. Let’s see some amazing examples of minimalist and simplified food logos.


2. Appetizing cartoon food logos

Nothing appeals to the eyes (and stomach) better than a good food logo that looks like it’s out of the oven! Cartoon logos are usually more detailed and their purpose is to provoke the appetite as much as possible. The brands that prefer this type of logos surely know how to temp people – and they make it pretty successfully, too. Let’s see some appealing cartoon food logo examples.


3. Flat illustrations in food logo design

Somewhere in between cartoon logos and simplified logos – flat illustrations are the golden middle for many logo designers and brands. They appeal to the senses with energizing colors but they definitely look more stylized and conceptual than typical cartoon logo designs.


4. Creative typography and lettering in food logos

When it comes to logo design, we can’t go without creative typography and lettering. This type of logo design is always among the hottest logo design trends, which speaks of functionality and attractiveness. Here is a selection of creative typography and lettering food logos.


That’s all!

We hope this collection of jaw-dropping food logo designs brought you the inspiration and ideas you were looking for. We surely had a great time picking all the examples and got quite hungry by the end of it. If you’d like to browse even more visual inspiration, let us suggest the following articles:

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