12 Animated Infographics That Will Engage Your Mind from Start to Finish

12 animated infographics that will engage your mind from start to finish

A collection of animated infographic videos that will nail your attention from beginning to end! It’s a long-known fact that the motion engages times more than a static image. This is why people are more attracted to animated infographics rather than static ones. Today, we’ll show you 12 great animated infographic videos that will impress you and will probably convince you to try out this engaging technique with your audience. Let’s start!

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Document management | Animated Corporate Infographic

An animated infographic about the history of document management told in a beautiful visual flow and illustrations in an outline style.


Jumis Exaplainer | Infographic Animation Video

A 2D animated infographic video which explains the different economic management of residential and office buildings. The illustrational style is line art which perfectly conveys concepts and doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.


ICO presentation DreaMachine | Explainer Infographic Animation

An engaging animated infographic which presents an efficient platform for a charitable system. The illustrations used in the presentation are simple, made in a flat and outline style.


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AI 3D IP | Modern Animated Infographic

A modern infographic animation with line art characters and icons and engaging visual flow. This infographic is devoted to artificial intelligence explaining a fast circuit simulation tool in this animation.


Storygraph – Breaking Bad Series | Timeline Infographic Animation

An animated timeline infographic that captures the full story of Breaking Bad series. Made with useful visual guides and perfectly aligned with the narration, this animated infographic gives you a quick and comprehensive summary of all Breaking Bad series.


From slave to rebel gladiator: The life of Spartacus | Story Infographic Animation

A very engaging and visually appealing animated infographic telling the story of Spartacus – the rebel gladiator who was once a slave. The animation is made of very artistic illustrations which remind of the ancient times.


Instagram Influence | Colorful Animated Infographic

A great animated infographic in a flat style explaining how to grow your Instagram followers, plus sharing amazing insight on Instagram marketing. The animation is made in the modern and simplistic flat style, attention-grabbing bright colors and seamless visual flow.


Userlane | Business Infographic Animation

A dynamic animated infographic video in an attractive visual style, made by using flat illustrative style and silhouette characters. The 2-minute animation presents the brand Userlane in a very engaging way.


Nexmo Motion Graphics Infographic | Animated 3D Infographic

An animated infographic video with absolutely impressive visuals that we fell in love with. The engaging story tells the viewer about the Vonage Api platform. We see a beautiful mixture of different illustration styles, depths, and rich colors.


Food Infographic Animation | Animated Food Infographic

A very dynamic infographic animation called “The power of food” telling the viewer about the prognosis of food consumption and prognosis of obesity worldwide in the next couple of decades. The video is made in a flat style with eye-grabbing color combinations and engaging visual flow.


How to Organize the European Week of Sport | Flat Infographic Animation

An engaging animation video introducing and explaining the tools to organize the European Week of Sport. The pleasant visual flow and the flat illustrations make the whole video infographic very comprehensive and engaging.


WORST Fast Food Items You Can Order! | Animated Cartoon Infographic

An animated infographic video giving useful insight about fast food and obesity. The video explains which junk food choices are the worst for your health and well-being via engaging animated flat illustrations.


Animated infographics are among the most engaging means marketers use to fight the short attention span of their target audience. They will certainly not fade any time soon! Right on the contrary, animated infographic videos will keep rising in popularity, especially when it’s become more and more accessible to create an animated infographic yourself.

Would you like to share with us your favorite animated infographic which has completely blown your mind? Meanwhile, make sure to get inspired with even more amazing infographic designs and learn the whole process of making an engaging infographic from A to Z.


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