50 Engaging Infographic Examples That Make Complex Ideas Look Great

50 Engaging Infographic Examples

Infographics are a collection of images, charts, and text that create a visual representation of data and are easier to understand and overview. In short, an infographic uses visuals to tell stories, explain concepts and ideas in an engaging way in order to communicate a message quickly and clearly. This is why, today we will aim to inspire you with a collection of amazing hand-picked infographic examples that show different uses of data visualization for marketing, magazines, presentations, books, recipes, reports, and many more. With that being said, let’s dive into it.

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Infographic Examples: Overview
1. Visual Infographics – More Visuals Less Text
2. Timeline Infographics – Tell Your Story in a Chromonological Way
3. Visual Resumes- CV That Instantly Gets Noticed
4. List Infographics– Order Heavy Data In The Form of a List
5. Comparison Infographics – Compare Concepts
6. Statistic Infographics– Visualisation Of Complex Data
7. Process Infographics – Step-By-Step Process


1. Examples of Visual Infographics

This is the most common type of infographic where all you need to do is to cut down text as much as possible in favor of visuals. Therefore, the visual infographics let the images speak and they are perfect for making plain articles, reports, and presentations more appealing and sharable.

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2. Examples of Timeline Infographics

The timeline infographics are the perfect format when you need to tell a story or present a process chronologically. Basically, what they do is show how a concept changes over time or how one event leads to another. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to visualize a complicated story and make it easier to digest.

Timeline by Irina Tumakova


3. Examples of Visual Resume/ CV Infographics

You have only one chance for a first impression, this is why when you apply for a job, you need to impress your potential employer with a memorable CV. That’s why an infographic resume done right gets noticed, it’s easier to scan through and helps the candidate to get hired amongst piles of traditional text-based resumes. Also, it is ideal for industries that hire graphicness, illustrators, marketers, and developers.

4. Examples of List Infographics

Infographics that are list-based are a great option when you wish to present a claim or win an argument in a series of steps. However, they are most commonly used in heavy data presentations where you need to order all the information in the form of a list. The following infographic examples surely got this right.

5. Examples of Comparison Infographics

This format is ideal when you have to compare and put against each other two concepts. It’s a great way to visually highlight the differences and similarities between the two ideas or prove that one of them is superior to the other.

6. Examples of Statistics Infographics

Also known as data visualization, this format is ideal to help you illustrate heavy and complex data through graphics, charts, and images. In short, it makes the data much easier to comprehend and absorb. The next infographic examples clearly show how even the heaviest data can be presented in an appealing way.

7. Examples of Process Infographics

The last category in our infographic examples collection is the process infographics. They are best to use when you have to explain step-by-step processes or flows no matter their complexity.

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Final Words

In conclusion, infographics are the perfect tool to tell a story, convey a message, or explain complex data in a more comprehensive way through visuals and order. From digital marketing to schools, you could use infographics to make your presentations more engaging and attractive. We hope you enjoyed these infographic examples from across different industries and got inspired to create your own for your next big presentation. Also, you can use these free Google Slides infographic templates to help you out in the process or see our step-by-step tutorial on how to make an infographic in less than 5 minutes.


539 infographic templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides, Photoshop, Illustrator

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