15 Inspiring Design Boards to Follow on Pinterest

shaky-has-an-ideaWe already told you about why and how to use Pinterest to draw inspiration and find new ideas for your own projects. Today we’ll pay special attention to all of you who are either designers, or design lovers. Pretty much all of you, huh?
We’ve taken the time to gather 15 incredibly inspiring design boards to follow on Pinterest which will inevitably help you get loaded with fresh ideas if you feel stuck with your project.
In addition, we believe that nothing else can take you out from a creative burnout faster than art itself. Moreover, if you are still new to Pinterest and don’t know who or what to follow, these boards are great places to start. Here we go!


1. Packaging Pick Of The Day by Packaging Diva

With more than 100 thousand pins (wow!) and over 450 contributors, Packaging Pick Of The Day is a design board that will fill you up with inspiration about all kinds of packaging designs: boxes, cans, bottles, bags, you name it. You will love this board not only if you are a designer yourself but also if you are just a lover of the unconventional designs and unique packaging.



2. Web Design Inspiration | UI | UX by Awwwards

А web design board by the respected Awwwards is not only a must-follow for any web designer but for graphic designers, as well. With over 280 contributors who are all lovers of the great web design, this board has gathered a great deal of inspiration for both web designers and users, and is also among our favorites.



3. Business Card Designs by Canva

Probably every designer alive has created at least one business card at any point of their career. If not for a client, for themselves! Therefore, one of the must-have boards to follow on Pinterest is a board dedicated to business card design inspiration. Our suggestion is Business Card Designs by Canva which enjoys more than 36 thousand followers merely on this board.



4. Design ideas by Andrew Walbridge

Gathering all kinds of design ideas, from posters to leaflets and from collages to advertisings, this Pinterest board of creativity belongs to a talented graphic designer who refers to himself as a craftsman. Almost 223 followers just cannot be wrong! If this board doesn’t fuel your brain with new ideas, we don’t know what will, so just go hit the red Follow button.



5. Patterns by Milele Design.

An adorable Pinterest board gathering eye-pleasing pattern designs from all over the web. With patterns being an inevitable part of the design process, this board is a real source of inspiration and new ideas for every designer. A board with more than 1.4k adorable patterns has certainly a lot to offer to its 70.2 followers. Go check it out!
If you are interested in patterns, don’t forget to check out our article “40 of the Coolest Web Designs with Pattern Backgrounds + Freebies



6. For The Love of Type by Laura Morgan

As Pinterest board devoted to typography, For The Love of Type is a place gathering beautiful posters, collages, book cover designs and more, all of which feature stylish typography work. Being fans of typography ourselves, we simply couldn’t skip this type of graphic art. If you are a fan too, you know what to do. If not, go check it anyway. Who knows, you may become one.



7. Greeting Cards by Sanqunetti Design

As you know, illustrations are “our thing”! So, when we found this board, we simply could not NOT include it in our list. Being super fun and cute, the pins on this board will not only melt your heart (they already melted ours) but will also inspire you to experiment with illustrations in your own designs.



8. Photo finish ideas by P

A Pinterest board devoted to absolutely stunning photography after effects. We already revealed what the secrets of taking amazing photos are, so now is the time to show you which Pinterest board to draw inspiration from. Photo finish ideas is a full-of-ideas board that will show you new perspectives and tricks to master photography retouching.



9. ADS by kevin reis

Clever advertising does not only require advance marketing skills but also some fine graphic execution. In this board Kevin Reis has been gathering incredibly creative advertising posters from all over the web, some of which may leave you with you mouth open. Being a great source of inspiration and containing plenty of clever ideas, this board will certainly inspire you to the bone.



10. G R A P H I C INSPIRATION by Alyson Hood

A Pinterest board containing all kinds of graphic creations with the purpose to inspire you. Variety is key because you never know where the inspiration will come from. The board includes designs of business cards, posters, billboards, packaging, typography work, branding and more. Just jump in and see what this board has to offer.



11. COLLAGE by Juan Pablo

A quite peculiar board containing plenty posters with unconventional creative finishes. If you love mixing 2D with 3D, photography with illustration, or simply enjoy crazy art creations, then you should definitely follow this board. If you are also fans of unconventional beauty, you should also check out our collection of 33 Peculiar Character Design Styles of the Modern Day.



12. Poster by Valeriya Bediy.

Containing all kinds of posters: collages, illustrations, typography art, all combined with great graphic work, this board is certainly a great place to draw inspiration from. Coming with a great diversity of graphic design ideas, this board has a great potential to inspire you and show you fresh ideas for your own graphic art projects.



13. GRAPHIC . advertising by ᗰᖇᒪᔕ.

A Pinterest board dedicated to brilliant advertising ideas, all of which can take your breath away! Characterized by extreme cleverness, you may even find yourself wondering who came up with these ideas. Best of all is, this board will help you get out of your comfort zone and think outside of the box. After all, this is when the magic happens, right?



14. conceptual | illustration | fine art | outsider art by Kate Collins

A board inspired by art that will motivate you and all its followers to trigger your imaginative thinking and simply… create. Whether you are an illustrator, a web designer, a graphic designer, a sculptor, an artist, or just an admirer of art, this board will absolutely be an inspiration and incentive to create something beautiful today.



15. Print, Edito & Branding by Nemaï

A board created under the motto “Design is thinking made visual.” With more than 1300 pinned posters this board is a feast of color, creativity and visually pleasing designs. If you are feeling a little bit stuck with your graphic project, just go to this board to fill your brain with inspiration. Diversified works of art, all working in favor of your imagination.


Loved them all?

We sure did. No matter if you follow all of them or just pick the ones that raise your interest the most, we hope we’ve been useful. If you’ve been an avid pinner like us, why don’t you share your favorite boards that you draw inspirations from? We’ll be waiting for your suggestions in the Comments section below. See ya!

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