Email Newsletter Examples: 10 Brands That Enchant The Inbox

Email Newsletter Examples: 10 Brands that Enchant the Inbox

Are you sure you are keeping your readers’ interest with your email newsletters? Well, today we’ve prepared some awesome email newsletter examples of brands that certainly know how to keep their subscribers’ interest and leave them looking forward to the next one.

Creating engaging content for each email newsletter you send is not the easiest task in the world’s, we believe you. No matter if you have literally zero ideas, or you have so many things going on in your mind, this selection of email newsletter examples will inspire you and help you arrange your thoughts to help you create better email newsletters.

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1. Make recipients laugh

Email newsletter examples: Tinder

This is an idea that we instantly fell in love with. Making your subscribers laugh while answering a question they might have been asking themselves is absolutely a win-win formula. First of all, you’ve got yourself an incredibly large field of ideas for tons of email newsletter campaigns. Literally, any question your users have been asking can turn into the topic of your next email. Secondly, recipients will really have fun reading such a newsletter that is educative and entertaining at the same time.

In this email newsletter example by Tinder, the topic itself provokes the curiosity quite much: When to Delete Tinder. In other words, the brand sends you an email telling you to stop using their services. Certainly shocking and quite provocative. Check out the email newsletter itself.

"delete tinder because" email newsletter examples


2. Make it thematic

Email newsletter examples: Emerald Street

Picking a theme for your email newsletter can be inspired by an upcoming holiday, occasion, change of seasons or anything, really! A great idea is to make up your own theme that subscribers wouldn’t be expecting. Check out the following newsletter example dedicated to alternatives to denim shorts. This is not exactly a subject subscribers would have seen coming, right?

And the great news is, if you can keep making up unique weekly or monthly themes for your email newsletter, chances are you will manage to maintain your viewers’ curiosity and interest to keep opening your emails.



3. A case study. Dedicate it to one real story

Email newsletter examples: MailChimp

If you can use your clients’ real success stories to highlight the benefits of your service or product, then this would be an elegant way to promote your product via email without sounding too salesy. More happy clients mean more success stories to tell your subscribers. Here is a great example of this tactic by MailChimp.

Without a shadow of a doubt, reading about how someone else has succeeded in using your product is thought-provoking. The key is to make people care enough to want to read the story. How? By making them relate. State the problem right from the beginning. In fact, state it in the subject line. Test different subject lines and opening lines to establish what problem your subscribers relate to the most.

email examples how-the-daily-makes-the-most-of-the-mailchimp-mobile-app


4. Highlight one primary news story

Email newsletter examples: Meg Lewis

A newsletter usually contains more than one piece of news to tell your subscribers. When you have a lot to include in your email newsletter, it’s best to focus on one primary story with one primary call-to-action button. Тhen, add secondary options for the recipients with different tastes.

Here is a cool example of Meg Lewis to depict this idea. Besides using a super fun and playful template, they focused on one main news in the beginning of the newsletter accompanied by the only call-to-action button in the email. Then, there are more secondary options, each presented with a text link instead of a button.

cool-beans-it-s-darn-good-update-no-1 email newsletter examples


5. Keep it short and concise

Email newsletter examples: Studio Science

Similar to the strategy used above, Studio Science has focused on one main story, highlighted at the beginning with an eye-catchy background and a big call-to-action button. What makes their newsletter different, is that they made is super short. After the highlighted story they’ve put three really short and concise plain-text suggestions, summarizing what the article is about by using just one sentence for each.

periodic-from-studio-science email newsletter examples


6. One goal = one focused call-to-action

Email newsletter examples: Iron & Air Media

Not all email newsletter must include multiple links and options for the viewer to browse and click. Check out this newsletter by Iron & Air Media. Since they are presenting their physical magazine, they have provided a sneak peek into the content and focused their call-to-action button on taking viewers to explore this issue. When you have a focused call to action and a longer email like this, the best practices show that you should repeat the button at the end (so the user doesn’t have to scroll back up).

motorcycles-of-war email newsletter examples


7. Play with the call to action texts

Email newsletter examples: 1973

CTA copies like “Read more” and “Check it out” now sound way too mainstream after we’ve read this great email newsletter example by 1973. It’s true that the call-to-action buttons are your most valuable design element. They play the role of the gates which take your readers to your desired destination. Following the example set by 1973, you can experiment with the call-to-action buttons’ copy to make them more unique and curiosity-provoking.

1973 email newsletter examples


8. Achieve the feeling of a real newspaper

Email newsletter examples: Aesop

Bring the authentic feeling of holding a physical paper in your hands. Such an email template provokes nostalgia which makes the reader enjoy their experience with your email even more. How to achieve this? Well, Aesop sets an amazing example with their April 2018 issue. Besides using a fair yellow background which is their signature background color, they used black-and-white illustrations, as well as a layout reminding of an actual newspaper.

the-ledger email newsletter


9. Pull it off without call-to-action buttons

Email newsletter examples: One Design Company

Have you ever thought of not including call-to-action buttons in your email newsletter? Relax! You will still be linking your articles to your blog or website. When you have a long, informative email newsletter or prefer to present each story as a full-width section just like One Design Company here, you can ditch the call-to-action buttons to save length. Link to your website through your article images.

one design company email newsletter examples


10. Cut down on text

Email newsletter examples: DIY

Sometimes it’s better to focus on the visual content rather than bore your subscribers with text. Check out this great example weekly highlights by DIY. The brand used minimum text and put an accent on the visual content. They presented each project with one big picture accompanied by a headline.

As fans of everything visual, we personally love receiving such email newsletters in our inbox. Saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is definitely a cliche but following this strategy for your email newsletter is most definitely not.

DIY email newsletter examples

Inspiring, isn’t it?

No matter if you are just about to start sending newsletters to your audience or have been doing for a while, we hope that this collection inspired you to step up your email marketing game and surprise your subscribers with even more engaging email newsletters. Wanna share your email newsletter examples that impressed you? Feel free to do so in the comments below.


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