20 Of The Best Illustration Portfolio Examples

Illustration Portfolio Examples

Crafting the perfect illustration portfolio is a challenging task. It involves carefully selecting the best illustrations and projects, visualizing each piece effectively, creating an overall cohesive look, and ultimately showcasing your skills, talent, and trustworthiness. Every decision you make about your portfolio can significantly impact the type of clients you attract, or whether you attract any clients at all.

To assist you in this process, we have curated 22 exceptional illustration portfolio websites. These examples will provide you with valuable ideas on how to build a successful artist’s portfolio.

1. Leo Natsume

Leo Natsume 3D illustration portfolio

Leo Natsume, an amazing artist renowned for his 3D illustrations and animations, predominantly engages in substantial, long-term projects for prominent clients such as Facebook, Huawei, and Adobe. His portfolio reflects his expertise in the advertising realm, offering glimpses of his incredible illustrations, accompanied by concise descriptions and animated videos for selected works.

2. Andra de Vlieger

Freelance illustrator artist portfolio

Andra de Vlieger, a versatile freelance artist, skillfully combines her drawing and animating talents. Her portfolio impresses with animated elements that aptly highlight her animation skills. Exhibiting a broad range of styles, Andra’s collection captivates visitors with its artistic diversity.

3. Maria Källström

Maria Kallstrom artistic illustration portfolio website

Maria Källström specializes in delightful cartoony-style character illustrations, evident from the moment you explore her portfolio. Focused on attracting clients interested in her preferred styles, Maria’s deliberate choices ensure her portfolio reflects her expertise and allows her to connect with her desired audience.

4. Siddhant Jaokar

Siddhant Jaokar - Amazing 3D illustration portfolio

Siddhant Jaokar, a talented freelance designer, focuses on showcasing his extraordinary 3D skills through a remarkable collection of illustrations. His portfolio boasts creative and fresh 3D graphics, featuring high-quality, visually striking images. Each project offers a detailed insight into the process, tools used, additional images, sketches, and diverse variations.

5. Curry New

Illustrator portfolio colorful illustrations

Peter Zhang, also known as Currynew, embodies boundless creativity and constantly seeks new challenges. His portfolio resonates with abstract art lovers, as he fearlessly delves into various mediums, including mugs, buses, stickers, posters, phone cases, and more. Despite working with esteemed clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s, he regularly shares his passionate personal projects.

6. Gizem Vural

Illustration posters and arts portfolio website

Gizem Vural, an award-winning illustrator, is celebrated for her creative, abstract art. Foregoing trending modern illustrations, her portfolio delights visitors with unique drawings on paper, proving the timeless allure of physical artwork presented on a website portfolio.

7. Yasmin Ayumi

Digital art portfolio website example

Yasmin Ayumi, a master of character illustrations, skillfully explores different styles while leaving her signature mark on each work. Each project offers a captivating glimpse with large thumbnails, leading to a rich tapestry of harmonious scenes, characters, and elements.

8. Hedof

Hedof illustrator portfolio

Rick Berkelmans specializes in modern flat illustrations, captivating audiences with his unique style. While his work encompasses wall paintings, marketing campaigns, product designs, and more, his portfolio focuses on highlighting the specific style that sets him apart. Detailed project information and a plethora of images are accessible for each showcased artwork.


9. Aurélia Durand

Aurelia Durand creative illustrator portfolio

Aurélia Durand, an exceptionally artistic individual, fearlessly embraces diverse projects that pique her interest. Her portfolio showcases her beautiful and bold illustrations gracing paintings, books, comics, walls, posters, and other captivating mediums.


10. Ailie Banks

Artist Portfolio with illustrations website

Ailie Banks boasts a unique style characterized by modern aesthetics and fresh colors, seamlessly woven throughout her portfolio. Her website radiates her artistic vision, and the personal touch of sharing her philosophy and values allows visitors to connect with her on a deeper level.

11. Susann Hoffmann

Illustrations and animations portfolio website example

Susann Hoffmann’s expertise lies in crafting enchanting illustrations for children. Her delightful portfolio features charming characters rendered in various styles, perfect for books, puzzles, calendars, social media posts, and more.


12. Lisa Odette

3D illustration website portfolio

Lisa Odette, a versatile 3D artist, illustrator, and animator, seamlessly combines her skills to create a creative portfolio. Each project showcases her diverse talents and creative thinking, complemented by an artfully designed website.

13. Uran Duo

Modern flat illustrations portfolio

Uran Duo, a talented married couple of freelance illustrators, presents a minimalist and clean portfolio, paying meticulous attention to detail. With a consistent style and color palette, their portfolio exudes a professional and cohesive vibe, making them an enticing option for creative clients.

14. Shkriblyak Studio

Product illustrations portfolio website

Shkriblyak Studio excels in product package and brand design, with a unique twist – the incorporation of captivating illustrations. This distinctive niche sets their portfolio apart, making them a perfect choice for companies seeking artistic and visually appealing branding solutions.


15. Pavlov Visuals

Creative illustrations website portfolio

Ryan Dean Sprague, an American Illustrator and Graphic Designer, commands attention with his creative flat style infused with a trippy vibe. Despite showcasing a select number of projects, his portfolio’s magnetic appeal has allowed him to sell some of his illustrations as prints.

16. Hurca 

Great abstract illustration portfolio website

Hurca’s illustration portfolio captivates with hundreds of illustrations showcasing different styles, allowing visitors to witness the breadth of his artistic capabilities. His inclusion of videos showcasing the creative process brings life to the artwork, further engaging audiences.

17. Emans

Modern geometry illustration website portfolio

This illustration portfolio captivates with its elegant presentation of the artist’s work. Utilizing big images against a simple background, the illustrations pop and immediately draw the viewer’s attention. The artist’s style shines brightly, accentuated by the clever use of flat colors.

18. Maja Veselinović 

Cartoon illustration portfolio website example

Maja Veselinović’s focus on watercolor-style illustrations is evident in her portfolio, where floral elements unite each graphic, creating a cohesive and enchanting ambiance.

19. Mojo Wang

Cool portfolio of art illustration artist

Mojo Wang’s portfolio mesmerizes with its beautifully executed geometrical style, brimming with intricate details and perfectly matched colors. Against a simple white backdrop, his artwork becomes the true highlight of the portfolio.



Creative portfolio website of artist

Ori Toor’s creative prowess is evident from the playful illustration of himself, which artfully hints at the wonders within his portfolio. True to expectations, his captivating portfolio leaves visitors amazed with its artistic brilliance.

21. Alex Fisher

Graphic designer illustrator website portfolio

Alex Fisher’s illustration portfolio impresses from the moment visitors arrive, thanks to its beautiful website design with animated effects. With a nature-inspired theme, his art comes to life, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

22. Geneviève Godbout

Hand-Drawn artist illustration portfolio website

Geneviève Godbout, a passionate freelance illustrator with a penchant for hand-drawn styles, astutely separates her portfolio into single illustrations and book illustrations. This thoughtful approach allows potential clients to easily discern her abilities in both realms.


Final Words

An illustrator’s portfolio is an indispensable tool for establishing a reputation and attracting clients. Once you grasp its potential, you can leverage it to transform your hobby into a thriving career or position yourself in a niche you are passionate about. We hope these examples have inspired you with actionable ideas for creating your own portfolio. Wishing you the best of luck on your portfolio journey. If you’re interested in further reading, we have curated additional articles that might pique your interest:

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