22 Insane & Creative Trippy Art Design Examples

Creative Trippy Art Design Examples

Ready to immerse in a world of new sensations? We’ve gathered 22 creative trippy art design examples to introduce you to the style that plays tricks on your mind.

Even if you are coming across this insane design style just now, trippy art is not completely new to the art stage. We can even say it’s a sequence of the psychedelic movement from several decades ago.

But trippy art design should come with a warning! This style wants to make you feel hallucinative. Body parts that turn into animals, random objects and geometric shapes flying around, eccentric colors, a crazy mixture of styles that follows no particular aesthetical order. There is a lot going on in trippy art design.

If you get dizzy easily, this might not be your style. But if you are a fan of deep, vivid, imaginary experiences, then go ahead and dive into the diversity of trippy art design – we’ve prepared awesome examples to take you on a crazy journey you’ve never imagined!

Example by Sergio Lopes Filho

website design with trippy design style illustrations

Example by Ivan Ivanov

Example by ori toor

Abstract mouth illustration with trippy hallucination idea

Example by Lively Scout

Trippy head GIF example animated

Example by Klarens Malluta

Sureal illustration with abstract forms and shapes concept art idea

Example by ori toor

Festival poster designed in trippy hallucination style

Example by Scott Biersack

Trippy orange purple pink illustrations with hallucinated eyes

Example by El Dorado

Animated trippy background example

Example by Chloe Jackson

Example by Ben Couret

Violet purple colors trippy illustration example

Example by Pavlov Visuals


Is it “your” thing?

Weird, mesmerizing, and completely rebellious – this style is not for everyone. While trippy art design is definitely not the first choice to come to mind when creating mass ad campaigns, product designs, web designs, banners, and other digital designs for a wider audience, it surely finds its place under the sky.

Even more, trippy art design is among the latest graphic design trends for 2023 proving that people are once again ready to break the status quo and take charge of their own desires and wishes. Well, it’s up to each one of us, isn’t it?

So, how do you feel about trippy art design? We’d love to see your thoughts in the comment below.

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