Mood Board Examples and Mega Inspiration for Your Upcoming Projects

Mood Board Examples

Mood boards serve as a transition between your initial idea and the very first sketch or draft. Similar to storyboarding, mood boards serve to organize your thoughts, ideas, and concepts and keep you on track. In today’s article, we will take a look at some amazing mood board examples that we hand-picked to inspire you.

Interior Design Mood Board Examples for Restaurants and Bars

These four moodboards are part of interior design projects for restaurant and salons by Interior design and architecture student Audrey Merle. They present the overal style and vibe of the places.

mood board examples

Interior Design and Branding Identity Mood Boards by Kelsey Ordaz

Two amazing examples of greatly designed mood boards that instantly catch the eye. The graphic designer has gone an extra mile to create a lovely symmetrical composition in order to present four different color combinations for the interior in the first mood board, and two for brand identity in the second.

Movie Night Mood Board by Bennie Visser

Something simpler, yet effective in setting the mood for particular genres of movies is this mood board for a movie night. It’s also a great way to practice and experiment with mood boarding.

Patterns Mood Board by Beatriz Trentino

In this collection, the graphic designer brainstorms a concept for clothing patterns. The board focuses on the city vibe and the philosophy behind city life. It also offers a color combination.

Lifestyle Mood Board by Bruna Boscarino

The lifestyle of a city girl in few panels by a fashion designer.

Web Design Mood Board by Kimberly Schwede

These two mood boards offer an example of how you can make a presentation for your web design concept in a few panels in a mood board. It features color combinations, icons, fonts, and the overall style of the designer’s vision for the final product.

Color Palettes Mood board by Marie Girard

A simple board that showcases the designer’s chosen color combinations, featuring the palettes and images that represent those palettes best.

Baroque Bed Collection Mood Board by Meryl Misquitta

Here, the designer collects Baroque elements to show dramatic forms and ornamentation before starting to design the product.

Kids Wear Trends Mood Board by Franchette Sandenbergh

Mood boards are ideal for creating a style and getting inspired to make your own collection. Here, we see the trends.

Style Mood Board by J Galan

More like personal projects, these two mood boards communicate a strong independent style for an individual in the first example and an empowering one for couples.

Kids and Babies Fashion Mood Boards by Uiara Peixeiro

These boards offer a very rich collection of inspirational images and examples for attires for kids who love sports, as well as animal-themed clothes for babies.

Interior Collage by Kaylee van der Ven

Physical boards with photo collages of ideas for interior design for bars and restaurants.

Fabric Patterns mood board by Caitlin Ritchie

Panels with soft and natural colors and moods for fabrics and patterns.

World Expo by Jocelyn Boon

This mood board is dedicated to a World Expo project and features modern design architecture patterns and shapes.

Textile Exploration by Nat Andrea Ng

Physical mood boards that aim to explore textile based on Game of Thrones characters. These compositions are sewn by hand and represent Jon snow and Oberyn Martell.

Boards for Various Projects by Matthijs Kok

Shapes, colors, patterns for product design and fabric textures.

Fabrics and Prints by Santiago Ospina Rojas

Six different concepts for fabrics and prints for fashion design in six different styles.

Interior Photography Mood Boards by Paulien

These mood boards for interior feature photos made by the designer themselves.

Colors and Interior Accents by Lili Tanko

Four different styles and four different palettes put in an amazing presentation.

Minimalism and Fashion by Sammy van Geerenstein

These two mood boards showcase minimalistic fashion style in beautiful pastel colors.

Fashion Style in Pastel by Julia Kush Blamey

A rich collage of ideas and examples for a modern extravagant fashion style in pastels.

Lavender Lifestyle by Shalu Jaiswani

Fashion mood board based on a particular color.

Media Board by Jesse van Arendonk

A simple mood board for gaming night.

Boutique Hotel Art Direction Mood Boards by Mia Case

These boards aim to provide atistic direction for the wensite of a an upscale boutique hotel.

Cinematic Mood Board by Alexandre Chaudret

Mood board with artworks for a dark fantasy RPG game.

Concepts and Colors by Crystal Lee

Boards that give the interior design the life of a character.

Shapes by Bodil Seekles

Sometimes, it’s just an egg.

April Boards by Mamzette C

For your spring mood.

Museum Mood Board by Gabe Winter

Board for the Mewtropolitan Museum of Art showcasing some of its collections.

Christmas Aesthetics by Shweta Deshpande

Perfect for Social Media posts are aesthetic boards that set the vibe for a season.

Colors and Aesthetics by Suryanshi Tyagi

Aesthetic board with beautiful contrasting color palette.

Style and Aesthetics by Chiara Moretto

Art deco, elegance, sensuality, and cave combined.

Gucci Product by Chiara Moretto by Shweta Deshpande

Style and elegance suiting the Gucci brand in a lovely collage that showcases a product.

Seasons by Natalia Demeter and 80s Aesthetics by Shahd Amr

Fall, Summer, and Winter in beautiful mood boards. The designer has chosen images that represented the seasons best and offered color palettes as well. With the same style, Shahd Amr presents the essence of the 80s fashion we all love and remember fondly.

Masculine Disposition by Angela Ferguson

A board based on a particular theme for a mood for a personal project. The panels come in elegant classy dark and neutral colors and use images that convey the concept of the nature of masculinity with perfection.

Office Project Moodboards by Taylor Oosting

Concept mood board for office project in navy and neutral beige.

Branding Project by Hellen Cardenas

A sequence of mood boards for a branding project that conveys professionalism, warmth, and good vibes.

The Boho Chick Mood Boards by Romina Chio

The lifestyle of a boho chick in a few panels with an additional explanation of the concept.

Typographic Board by Giarri

This one is for the London magazine Modus and offers a set of templates with typographic layouts with glitch aesthetics.

La Coste by Arnaud Bossolini

The last set of mood boards is created by the art director Arnaud Bossolini who presents sport as an art form.

Final Words

We hope you had a great time exploring our hand-picked examples for mood boards for various types of personal and commercial projects. If you feel as inspired as we are, why not give it a try and make your own mood boards for your upcoming projects?

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