24 Effective Landing Page Design Examples That Convert in 2020

24 Effective Landing Page Design Examples That Convert in 2020

Updated: June 2, 2020

Your landing page is absolutely essential, you know it and so do we. It’s where the visitors literally lands after clicking on a link in an email, social media, ads from Google, Facebook, Instagram. It is the focus of your digital presence, it’s the welcome at the door, and never have these first impressions been more important. You want to increase conversion rate in your marketing campaign, you want a sale, you need a lead, you want to get yourselves noted and noticed, then what you really want is a landing page that holds the visitor, then informs, inspires, and persuade them then you are worth dealing with. A focused goal, to do a job…it’s not easy but it’s very possible.

We’ve selected 24 landing page designs that will inspire and motivate, they are both fantastically designed and effective. Check them out, the bar is set high, but every bar is worth aiming for.


MailChimp landing page

1. MailChimp – The Inside Scoop

Great logo, blending the ice cream cone (scoop)and lightbulb –idea metaphor. You’ve got the attention right there, with a spot on design. After that it’s all about clean, friendly organized content. Clear typography, consistency of color and text, ease of navigation –breathing space. You don’t need to fight your way through this site, just relax into its delicious simplicity.



Planable landing page

2. Planable – Content Marketing Report

We start off with a sense of flow, colors and lines in organics twists and curls. This feeling pulls you in and pulls you down through the page, leading you but not pushing you. It leads to some incredibly effective infographics –doing exactly what they should do –presenting the information in a clear, concise, accessible format. Unfussy, plenty of room, negative space showing a real confidence in the data, it gives the viewer a sense of open honesty. Sets the tone of the business.



Qwilr landing page

3. Qwilr – Document Generator

Seriously structural. Dark blue background, white typography, focused icons –what you see is what you get. Divided into strong horizontal blocks, it’s a crystal clear design that lets you know you are in the hands of professionals. Organized, informative, direct –it attracts with is strength of character, creating a perfectly appropriate atmosphere.




4. Logindesigner.com

Classic black and white color scheme with pink accent colors especially focused on the call to action buttons. A landing page that is functional and directed, there is no way you cannot see those calls to actions, they are front and center and rightly so. The rest of the page is a beautiful example of simplicity of explanation, images that add explanatory value and the briefest of texts. Everything adds, nothing distracts.



GraphicMama - Custom Character Landing Page

5. GraphicMama – Custom Character

Full marks for creativity here. If this landing page doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will. A powerhouse showcase, a character creation slides to real photo and back –front and center –this is what we can do for you!! Scroll down and it’s equally impressive. A step by step process guide and ideas on usage, nothing left to chance and all fully illustrated. Combination of full information and showcase of ability –it seems effortless but we know it isn’t.



GraphicMama Custom Puppet Landing Page

6. GraphicMama – Custom Puppet

Whilst the characters rightly steal the show, this landing page is full of useful explanations, videos and ideas, and links but it succeeds in feeling airy. Clear navigation and well structure organization break down the concept into accessible blocks, and all this makes complete sense. But back to the puppets, if you have such a product it’s absolutely the thing to show off. Impressive showcasing, impressive design.



HubSpot Landing Page

7. HubSpot – Help Clients Grow 2019

Hubspot uses video and use it well. A well-produced, professional opening introductory video fully informs and invites to a 3 part series. Crucially long enough to inform but not too long –attention span!! Nothing fancy, no sneaky techniques –clear, professional and pointed. It looks to us that these people know what they are doing, and we get that from this landing page.



Moburst landing page

8. Moburst – Media Offering

The high point and indeed the focal point of the moburst landing page is the illustration. A fine example of an illustration, clearly illustrating the exact function of the business with clarity and great style. This vital role is then framed with key information including the prominent role of the big global brands that are clients. The landing page highlights the major selling points and pushes them to the fore. If you’ve got clients such as these, they need to been seen. A page that isn’t shy about selling itself.



Filmora landing page

9. Wondershare – Filmora

A cool, fresh landing page with trendy color scheme of mint green and dark blues over white clear backgrounds. Crazy illustrations, prominent call to action buttons; (download, try free), showcase videos and plenty of well-organized information all working together to encapsulate the product. Creative and interesting but all the time focused on what they are selling. The rule is never loss site of what the site is supposed to do.


For similar graphics and styles, check out Web Design Trends 2020


Promo landing page

10. Promo – Instagram Ads

A super example of using subtle movement and animation to get the best out of a landing page without distracting from the site. With the animations being placed inside the phone illustration and on individual templates, the whole page feels alive but takes nothing away from the essential information. It seems effortless but it’s cleverly done. Completely apt, completely appropriate.



HTMLBurger - website development and design


designerpart.com artistic website landing example

11. Designerpart.com

DP have create a landing page that has a great user interface and therefor experience. The page seems to come alive as you scroll through, with highlighted color, enlargement, movement and animation combining effortlessly. Add a few staff photos, action shots and pen pics and you’ve got a fine example of modern style, information and creation.



purplebunny.co unique landing page with illustrations

12. Purplebunny.co

Purple Bunny’s cool landing page is purple, very purple, deep purple. It’s also focused, stating who they are and what they do -no mystery. Oh, and there’s a rabbit, a cute line drawing personification popping out of his hole in the ground. The rest of the site is stuffed with case studies and examples of work. For more illustrations like this, check out 20 Amazing Websites with Illustrations that Will Steal Your Heart



pureemaison.com abstract landing page example idea

13. Pureemaison.com

Puree Maison, creative studio lands you straight into their video, with a lively, dynamic piece that gives you a great sense of the staff and their creative processes. the imaginative approach runs through of page, static photos, flip to others on hover, and there’s a lovely animated border effect on both photos and text again activated by cursor position. Loads of ideas, making these boys an attractive prospective creative partner.



pygmalios.com business website landing page

14. Pygmalios.com

With a CTA that aims for you to request a demo, Pygmalios’ landing page features a static shopping center photo. Cleverly, the designers blur the shot-creating a sense of movement and action and then use it as a focal point to move from the sidebar elements and illustrate the analytics involved. Classy UX and UI. Well done, and crystallizing a difficult concept with ingenuity.



intactsoftware.com modern business landing page exmample

15. Intactsoftware.com

With Intact you immediately find yourself  in a pretty ordinary looking greyscape with a clear statement of intent and philosophy, but more is to come. a scroll of the mouse opens up the scene with the same plain geometrical block transforming into business illustration of the three separate industries they serve, Merchant, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution. It’s a simple idea done well, exactly what we want from this kind of business, success through simplicity.



studiovoila.com creative website landing page example with cartoon

16. Studiovoila.com

A hit of color from Voila studio, not a bit, a hit. Gradient color from pink to yellow for the brand name, which includes a great illustration, and for key texts. Makes for a super contrast with the heavy black for project examples and contact details etc.



bud.agency creative landing with illustrations on background

17. Bud.agency

Bud agency takes us on a journey with there storybook landing page design, a journey of growth. Starting out with a soft chalky illustration, setting the scene. A scroll down leads us on with equally impressive illustrations and matching icons. Finishing with a beautiful landscape, of course, the all-important call to action button -start a conversation.



popwebdesign.net modern style landing page web design

18. Popwebdesign.net

A focused landing page design with clear order, subscribe CTA buttons, prominently displayed. A yellow on white scheme with black text the only other colors used are in the photos and blog posts. a clear dividing line through minimal color usage. For other minimalist designs here is a must-see: 20 Beautiful Minimalist Website Design Examples for Your Inspiration



digitalpresent.io dark website landing idea

19. Digitalpresent.io

This Digital Present landing page example explodes out us, literally, via a great immediate animation. The pink shards are consequently scattered over the dark blue background and you are invited to scroll to explore. It’s worth it, the consistency of color usage holds everything together as you travel around if is floating in the space created.



kobu.agency homepage landing example

20. Kobu.agency

Kobu intelligently create a cool design landing page that explains they are a laboratory for creative design. This concept – lab, chemistry, science- runs throughout. From Organic matter animated backgrounds to the staff photo being a recreated parody of the evolution of man. A great example of a running theme, not laid on to thickly, but it gives a sense of philosophy.



circle.squarespace.com landing page with big images

21. Circle.squarespace.com

The Squarespace Circle landing page drops you into the center of the action, a bird’s eye view of the creator’s desk. Later the desk is spotted from different angles, and so are video references and experiences. The whole page oozes confidence and professionalism, everything has it’s place, everything has it’s purpose and your encourage to sign up to along the way.



rappipay.com modern landing page with 3D graphics

22. Rappipay.com

A landing page whose theme follows the payment process. One bright visa card that doesn’t leave the page at any point follows your scroll, animatedly jumping into its numerous different uses, the whole design spans out from the main focal point – explanation, statistics, etc. Unforgettable and persuasive.



wecargo.be great animated landing page

23. Wecargo.be

Belgium’s We Cargo landing page wants you to get tickets – and you can’t miss the fact. A landing page with clear focus, it is more, certainly than your average conference page. Dark scrapped animated background effects of blues and turquoises set a tone that you know will be unusual, and the photos of the speakers continue this – check them out and be sure to hover over them.



couleecreative.com modern landing page example with photographs

24. Couleecreative.com

Landing pages with photographic head shots are not so unusual -but this one is. With each face morphing into another and a “we are …” strung over them. There is more to come, of course, video, text, photos but they’ve already impressed…so as they say in the CTA let’s doooooo this.



2020 has landed, and so must you – right where the customers need you to be. These 24 great examples of effective landing pages are effective because they do the job of getting your attention, getting the message across and most importantly of all getting that action from potential clients. The variety of ways, styles, and processes is tremendous, ingenious and wonderfully creative as the fight for the market is more and more important. Everybody is upping their game, so be inspired to up yours too. It’s the most important page you have so make it the best one.


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