20 Amazing Websites with Illustrations that Will Steal Your Heart

20 creative websites with illustrations

Searching for amazing websites with illustrations to inspire you? Check out this collection!

Websites with illustrations are probably the most creative ones since they combine the artistic side of illustrators and graphic designers’ precise eye for functionality. Today, we’ve prepared for you an inspiring collection of websites with illustrations that will give you amazing ideas if you are considering this style of website design.

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if-this-then-dominos - website with cartoon illustrations

If This Then Dominos

A very cool illustrated website of Domino’s made in a monochromatic blue color scheme with colorful simplified illustrations in the same theme and style. Adding noise and texture to illustrations is a very modern trend right now which Domino’s has chosen for its design.


invisionapp - website with cartoon illustrations

Design Maturity Model

Hero areas are the most preferred areas to place an impressive illustration. Here is a website project with an eye-catchy flat illustration in the hero image. The futuristic color scheme of purple, pink, and blue matches the space theme of the web design.


makemepulse - website with cartoon illustrations

Make Me Pulse

An interactive website design with beautiful artistic illustrations. This style of illustrations is rarely seen on website design. It’s more common for illustrated books and editorial design. This website is a combination of both – it tells a story via beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.


drone-io - website with cartoon illustrations


A great website with illustrations of drones and other advanced technology. The illustrations remind of material design – subtle gradients, sleek shapes, and a greyish white color scheme. A great combination to convey futurism and high-end technology.


Reliefy - website with character illustrations


A medical themed website with a modern flat design and liquidy background shapes. A design that pleases the eye and conveys trust. On this site design, we see oversimplified characters which is one of the current character design trends for 2019.


Replyco - website with simple style illustrations


A website which uses illustrations only in some parts of its design. The website achieves a nice balance between illustrations, photos, and content. The illustrations are made in a flat style, a modern color scheme, and include characters.


chronobank - website with line art illustrations


A clean and classy website design made with conceptual illustration in line art style. Being clean and simplistic, the illustrations based on line art don’t distract the viewer with unnecessary detail and keep the whole design tidy, modern, and focused on information.


metamusique - website with great linear illustrations


A website design based on simplistic line art illustrations combined with solid color elements in flat design style. Line art is the perfect choice to convey powerful concepts and keep the design very clean and modern. The style also reminds of doodling which is a huge hit right now.


tide-org - website with lenear illustrations


A website design made with illustrations in line art doodle style. Besides keeping the design simple, the doodle illustrations provoke the user to keep scrolling down – they create a visual path which the viewer subconsciously follows.


pushapp - website with beautiful minimalist illustrations

Push app

A pleasant website design with flat illustrations and characters and a lovely color scheme of salmon and blue. The design is modern and entertains with delicate but engaging small animations.


Extinction Crisis - website with abstract illustrations

Climate Animals Extinction Crisis

An innovative website design with a mixture of geometric and organic shapes, a horizontal scrolling, a parallax effect, and illustrations which absolutely impress and captivate the visitor. The motion achieved by the parallax effect makes the illustrations stand out even more.



HTMLBurger - website development and design


atomic - website with cool gradient illustrations


A modern illustrated web design made in a trendy color palette with colors that convey mystery and innovation. Boosted with small pleasing animations, the illustrations are a mixture of flat design and seamless gradients.


belazortech - website with painted illustrations

Belazor Technologies

A very colorful and pleasant website with beautiful artistic illustrations. The brand even presented their team with illustrated characters. A combination of a flat style with great textures and a super impressive hero area illustration.


cocobusiness - website with cartoony illustrations

Coco Business

A website with a fully illustrated hero area and beautiful supportive illustrations later on. The designer has chosen the popular flat style for the illustrations and bright colors which boost the mood of the visitor.


cafecomproposito - website with amazing craft illustrations

Cafe com Proposito

A website combining modern layouts and high-quality images with retro-inspired illustrations. The retro trend currently has been rising in popularity, so we’ll be seeing more and more websites that choose this style for their branding.

Would you like to see some more amazing examples of retro design in modern times?


roomrs - website with shape based illustrations


A website that shows an interesting collaboration between photos of real-life items and characters in flat style interacting with them. The mixture of realities is, in fact, one of graphic design trends 2020, especially a mixture of photos and hand-drawn illustrations.


Welcome TAG - website with creative city illustrations

Welcome TAG

Beautiful textured illustrations in fresh and bright colors which depict a great idea behind this platform – to help you find places in the city with no discriminations. The illustrations are diverse and appealing but made in the same style and spirit.


OLGA hotel - website with awesome gradient illustrations


Amazing textured illustrations of a winter resort and hotel parts that convey coziness and relaxation in the winter atmosphere. The artistic illustrations are made in a soft pastel color scheme and beautifully recreate the atmosphere in the resort.


lenta - website with flat illustrations

Google Lenta

An interactive website design with full-width illustrations made in a simple flat style. The home page is quite eye-catchy, especially when you find out that it interacts with you when you move the cursor around.


mariesahy - website with creative art illustrations

Marie Sahy

A very extraordinary and definitely attention-grabbing hero illustration image of a website portfolio. A great combination of bright colors, a playful small animation of details, and an engaging interactive motion when you move the mouse’s cursor.


To wrap up, if you have decided on using illustrations for your next website design, you are definitely on the right path to impress your future visitors. Being a little biased for illustrations here at GraphicMama, we really believe that websites with illustrations fall into one of the most creative web design styles.

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