The Future of Web Design in 2019: Shaped by Technology

An overview of new technology innovations that will impact web design in 2019 big time.

The Future of Web Design in 2019: Shaped by Technology

Update: Web Design Trends 2022 are out, check them out!

Web design in 2019 is not simply a website wireframe dressed in color. Web design in 2019 is where digital design aesthetic meets technology innovations. In fact, the rapid development of new technologies is the main factor responsible for the constant change of the web as we know it. And why wouldn’t it?

When you think about it, web design in 2019 is not locked behind your PC screen. It is in your own pocket waiting to be unfolded thanks to your new foldable smartphone. It’s on your wrist looking at you from the screen of your new smartwatch. It’s in your brand new AR glasses ready to take you to a whole new alternate reality.

Web design in 2019 is more advanced than ever. Here are 10 trends that will keep shaping the web design in 2019 in order to meet the needs of the fast-paced development of technology:

5G networks: Ultra-fast Internet connectivity

New ultrafast connections will open doors for designers to create innovative and futuristic mobile designs that respond to the evolving technologies.  Making internet connection on mobile phones way faster and more reliable, the new 5G networks are expected to become mass by the end of 2020. With faster internet connectivity being introduced, the expected download speed will be 1 Gbps. This means even heavy sites will be able to load in a matter of seconds.

Future of Web Design 2019: 5G networks will change the mobile design

Image: GraphicMama

Foldable technologies: Next generation smartphones

Cutting edge mobile devices that fold in half are considered the biggest revolution in the development of smartphones technologies for the last several years. Developed with the unique quality of working in two modes – as mobile phones and as tablets, these devices will present designers with opportunities to create interface designs of new generations. This means we’ll soon be looking at brand new screen appearances! Foldable devices will provide both designers and users with a new field of UI design that is here to stay and yet to be explored. The new innovative devices will most definitely have a huge impact on web design in 2019.

Future of Web Design 2019: Foldable phones will make evolution in web design

Photo: Neowin

The first foldable smartphone has already been introduced this year by Samsung. A few more brands are expected to release similar smartphones soon. As these devices probably won’t invade the market of mobile phones right away, the would surely become more and more mass in the next few years.

An introduction to the first foldable smartphone. Check it out:


Evolution of notch: A step towards “entirely screen”

When Apple introduced the iPhone X with a notch on the top of the screen, many manufacturers followed their lead. By placing one of the device’s speakers and the front camera in the middle on the top of the screen, they increased the usable area and created a trend that is now seriously evolving and definitely impacting web design in 2019.

With the release of Galaxy S10, Samsung will introduce a new technology that will use display vibrations to create sound. This technology will eliminate the need of placing speakers on the screen, leaving the camera the only hole on it. By using this technology, devices will soon look like this:

Future of web design: Smartphones notch trend will be gone soon

Photo: Ben Geskin

There is a good chance that more and more manufacturers will follow this trend and play with the front camera positions on the screen. On the downside, this may cause a bit of a headache for UI designers planning on the future interfaces of their mobile apps.

Smart customer electronics: Accessories, appliances, and more

Smart customer electronics like smartwatches, smart shoes, smart bracelets, and even smart toilets are definitely on their way to conquering the market. All of these high technological devices gain more and more popularity, so don’t be surprised if a client comes to you soon and says “I want to develop an app for a smart fridge.”

Manufacturers will keep adding features to smartwatches, making them more and more popular among modern users. Smartwatches will soon become one of the most preferred choices for an accessory combined with high-tech functionalities. We can expect the same for other customer electronics which are yet to be introduced.

Future of Web Design Smart customer electronics will dominate soon

Photo: Pixabay

Chatbots: Replacing the real human interaction

Along with all developments in web design in 2019, digital communication will also evolve demanding less and less actual human interaction. Chatbots are about to become more mass in 2019. The innovative artificial intelligence technology relies on complex algorithms and uses auditory or textual methods to maintain a meaningful conversation. The idea is not simply to replace a real conversation between two humans but to simulate one adequately and convincingly. The user should have the feeling that they are talking to a real person.

Future of web design Chatbots will be on every site soon

Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence technology, in 2019 chatbots will continue to evolve. Therefore, they will become even more efficient in communication with humans. In result, the use of chatbots will keep increasing. Soon, we expect to be interacting with one on every second website! Learn more about how AI technology will impact UX in 2019.

Video and animation: Revolutionary technology and tools

Future of web design: Videos will become even more popular

Image: GraphicMama

For the past few years, video has become an inseparable part of web design and a powerful medium for communication. Facebook, for example, invests tons of resources and effort to maximize the popularity and efficiency of video content. The social media giant already integrates 4K and 8K videos and provides users with the opportunity to upload 3D models.

According to recent statistics, the video is on its way to becoming the number one marketing tool in the next few years. It seems that video has already become the preferred medium for users to communicate with brands and perceive information, so it is definitely one of the major trends for web design in 2019.

Future of web design: New animation software will change the way we create animations - Adobe Character Animator - The Revolutionary Animation Software example

We couldn’t possibly skip the latest advancement of Adobe – Character Animator. The innovative animation-making software gains more popularity among users with each passing day. Adobe makes sure to enrich the software with high-tech functionalities which allow the average user to create an animation fast and easily. And you don’t even need professional skills in animating!

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CSS 3 Animations: More impressive than ever

In an era where a person’s attention span is so short, the animation is a gold mine. A tool that brings out our natural instincts to stop and observe when we detect motion.

Similar to video, animations manage to grasp and hold the user’s attention for longer than a static image. We will definitely keep seeing a lot of them in web design. Even more, thanks to the faster internet connections and evolving technologies, CSS 3 animations in 2019 will become more complex, impressive, and engaging.

For the past several years, we have witnessed amazing animations created with CSS3. We can only guess what epic animations designers and developers will surprise us within the near future. One thing is for sure – advanced CSS3 animations will define the appearance of web design in 2019. To get inspired, and find great animated pattern elements in web design, check out our article 40 of the Coolest Web Designs with Pattern Backgrounds + Freebies.


Virtual reality and Augmented reality: A trip to an alternate world

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are technologies that have been developed and introduced in the past few years. What’s the difference between the two? VR technology recreates a digital image of a whole virtual world that is not related to the actual surroundings. In contrast, AR technology allows the viewer to observe the surrounding environment by adding digital objects in it.

Future of web design Augment reality and Virtual reality innovations

Photo: Pixabay

For the time being, both innovative technologies are predominantly gaining speed in the gaming and entertainment industry. However, as engineers and manufacturers work on new diversified features to add to VR and AR, the innovative devices are expected to steadily overcome the borders of the gaming niche, making it into the everyday aspect of life.

In 2019 manufacturers are expected to introduce new and improved VR and AR glasses. In addition, their prices are expected to start dropping, making them more affordable to the mass user. Yay!

WordPress 5.0: A whole new way to design pages

WordPress 5.0 was officially released on the 6th Dec 2018 introducing a brand new method of creating web page layouts – by using modular blocks. The innovative method presented by WordPress is considered by some as the biggest update for 2018. It will certainly take the use of the content management system to a whole new level. How?

Users can now create blocks of content and use pre-made ones to build unique web page layouts. Basically, each page will have a block-based construction with each block being fully and easily editable. The WordPress’s goal is to achieve a flexible CMS that allows users to design unique web page layouts. If this doesn’t impact web design in 2019, we don’t know what will.

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Future of web design Augment reality and Virtual reality innovations

Photo credit: Kinsta

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): More wanted than ever

AMP is an open-source library specially developed to provide users with fast, seamless, high-performance website experiences on mobile. Now, since smartphones have already become the preferred devices on which gen Y’s and Gen Z’s browse the internet, mobile website performance has become crucial. Its importance is going to increase even more in the near future.

The idea behind AMP is to make the mobile versions of the websites fast and functional without compromising the style of the page. AMP will also keep the overall look and feel of the brand. AMP itself is built on 3 core components – AMP HTML, AMP JS, AMP Cache. Using the AMP library for mobile websites combined with the forthcoming 5G network makes a promising duo for the future of mobile web experiences.

In terms of web design in 2019,

…an amazing year awaits! New technologies are making possible was thought impossible just a decade ago. We can’t wait to see all of these advancements in action and how exactly they will impact web design in 2019.

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