The Best Color Combinations to Try in 2020

the best color combinations to try in 2020

Update May 2022: Top Color Combinations to Try in 2022 are now out.

Are you looking for cool color combinations to try in your upcoming design projects? In this article, we’ve gathered and reviewed some of the trendiest color combinations in 2020 for web design, graphic design, and digital illustrations.

We’ve included some absolute classics that would be a sin not to try. Other color combinations are super innovative, so you have to give them a go, as well. Each color duo is backed up with inspiring examples, so let’s not waste more time and dive into the inspiration!

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Black and Yellow

black and yellow - best color combinations in 2020

Bright, almost neon yellow and black is a very trendy combination right now that just screams for attention. The success of the color combo is due to the simplicity with which it manages to nail the attention. The classic black-and-white duo is complemented by a rebellious yellow, giving this combination an amazing edgy look.

inhouse team modern yellow web development

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Blue and Red

red and blue best color combinations in 2020

A very classical and elegant color combination which makes the perfect color scheme for many graphic designs and illustrations. As two of the primary colors (yellow is the third), blue and red are contrasting and perfectly complementing each other in the form of solid colors or pleasant gradients mixing into purple in the middle.



Ultra Violet and Blooming Dahlia

Ultra Violet and Blooming Dahlia best color combinations in 2020

A very modern color combination which captivates with sensitivity and mystique. The super trendy color duo which Pantone has named as ultra violet and blooming dahlia turns out to be quite popular right now. We see it on illustrations, web design, graphic design, app design. One thing is for sure – it looks stunning and powerful!

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Black and White

black and white best color combinations in 2020

It’s not possible to skip the most popular color combination of all times – black and white. The classic of all classics is cherished by designers and artists all over the world. It looks elegant and tasteful on handmade artwork, digital illustrations, graphic and web design, print design, etc. It goes perfectly with the minimalist visual trend, as well. Take a look at some Amazing Black and White Illustrations to Inpire You.


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Gray and Vibrant Green

grey and vibrant green best color combinations in 2020

A quite energetic duo of colors which has been very popular especially for web design. This combination of colors is usually perceived as high tech. It’s easily related to innovations and advanced technology. It’s very common for app design, as well.




Coral and Teal

coral and teal best color combinations in 2020

A contrasting color combination which looks very pleasant on all kind of digital art designs – illustration, graphic and web compositions. Both colors look stunning on their own and when it combination, their effects enhance even more. Taken into consideration that Living Coral is the color of the year, this combination is a huge hit right now.




Black and Orange

black and orange best color combinations in 2020

Similarly to black and yellow, black and orange is a super optimistic and energizing combination of colors. The refreshing yellow color appeals to the senses. Combined with the classic black-and-white color scheme, designers achieve nice harmonious compositions which impress with innovation and creativity.




Blue and Orange

orange and blue best color combinations in 2020

Blue and orange are positioned right opposite to each other on the color wheel which helps them achieve the perfect contrast when used in designs. The popular color combination conveys trust and optimism at the same time which makes it super popular for website designs and digital art.

Amazing color combinations, right?

If you decide to give some of these color combinations a go, we’d be really happy to see the outcome in the comments below. Also, if you have a favorite duo yourself, why don’t you share it with us? We’d love to enrich this article even more.

We hope you enjoyed the inspiration. If you are looking for even more inspiring visuals, have a look at:


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