40+ Great Flat Design Examples with Outline Retro 70s Vibes

Great Flat Design Examples with Outline Retro 70s Vibe

There is something charming in retro 70s art flat design and it’s not just nostalgia but the fact that the seeming chaos actually follows certain rules. Every detail is well defined by using a black thin outlining to create order, and contrast, and make the whole artwork more comprehensive.

Moreover, this style is not afraid to experiment with multi-color palettes. In fact, multiple colors are a must for retro 70s art flat design.  Designers of this style use colors with the same intensity often positioned on opposite sides of the color wheel. To convey really vintage vibes, some designers may choose more yellowish or warmer tones of color.

In today’s post, we’ve gathered over 40 great examples of flat design examples that just spray plenty of retro 70s vibes. Ready to begin?

Article overview:
1. Animation in retro 70s flat style
2. Retro flat illustrations with 70s art vibes
3. Flat design websites that convey 70s art mood
4. Print design inspired by the 70s art movement
5. Product design made in the 70s art flat style

1. Animation in retro 70s flat style

Contemporary animation made in retro 70s flat style can be as eye-catching and engaging as many of the modern styles in illustration and design.  And while there are a lot of colors involved, the lack of gradients and shadows conveys certain simplicity and straightforwardness that makes the style preferred even for Google I/O 2022 event videos and branding.

Example by Nicolo Bianchino

Example by Artem Tamarkin, Illya Krupenikov, Andrey Klen, Andrey But, Anastasia Ageeva, O0 Design


2. Retro flat illustrations with 70s art vibes

For sure, illustration is one of the broadest fields where 70s art flat design finds its place under the sun. Although patterns are not necessarily mandatory for flat design illustrations, they do make the artwork more artistic. Characters usually have simplified facial features, depending on how expressive the artist wants them to be. Enjoy a selection of retro flat illustrations that keep the vibe of 70s art!

Abstract colorful stickers with retro vibe in a flat stylle

Example by Camila Barbieri

Retro style flat illustration sex and the city example

Example by Valeria HU

Аbstract flat illustration in vintage geometry style

Example by Wasunan Tonrab

Colorful retro style illustration in flat style with stroke

Example by ariel Zhang

Cute and funny retro style illustration

Example by Igor Kozak

Amazing retro icon set example

Example by Rengised

Music player with retro style cover 70s music

Ketchup tomato sauce flat illustration retro geometry

Example by Jiaqi Wang

Amazing vintage 70s illustrations in flat style with line art

Example by Lisa McCormick

Creative retro style burger ad

Example by Alaina Johnson

Cool illustration 70s style flat design

Example by Pavlov Visuals


3. Flat design websites that convey 70s art mood

Although the 70s retro style is not very often seen in website design, it surely brings optimism and a good mood. That’s why it is chosen by brands who want to be associated with these features. Once again, we see the obligatory black outlining and a true feast of colors that just work so well together.

Website design with colorful line art retro illustrations

Example by Wahyu Pratama

Modern dark website with vintage style illustrations flat retro

Example by Storytale

Beautiful website design with line art graphics and design style

Example by Mohamad Azizi

Cute colorful website design with flat retro theme illustrations

Example by Craftwork Studio

Blue violet purple color scheme website in retro design style

Example by Taqwah

Great example of web design with line art style

Example by Pharrell Tan

Cool modern mobile website design in retro vintage flat style

Example by Craftwork Studio

Creative web design concept with friendly flat retro UI

Example by Dominik Tyka

Mega cool website design example with retro inspired illustrations from 70s

Example by Craftwork Studio


4. Print design inspired by the 70s art movement

What better mood-lifter than a cool 70s-inspired poster on the wall that radiates smiles and optimism every time you walk by? Well, luckily 70s art flat design is not only reserved for poster design. You can see it in a variety of print products like stickers, notebook covers, and more. Here are several inspiring examples.

Picture art in frame wall decor with retro style flat graphics design

Example by Jen Du

Colorful retro notebook design examples

Example by Monique Borba

Creative vintage graphics and fonts

Example by Break Maiden

Circle sticker printed with retro slogan and illustration

Example by Vlad Martin


5. Product design made in the 70s art flat style

Package design can definitely make or break the sale. And in this case, a bright and eye-catching product design that also brings vibes of nostalgia is a total win! So good to see a diversity of product lines completely inspired by the 70s art style, spreading happiness through their unique package design.

Creative modern beer package design with retro style

Example by Natalia Morozova

Coffee package design with authetic design

Example by Vervecoffee.com

Cosmetic package and product design with retro vibe flat illustrations

Example by Polli Deeva

Lostboy drink can product design example with simple cartoony illustrations

Example by Lisa McCormick

Great example of drink product package design with great linear illustrations

Example by Lisa McCormick

Abstract illustrated cane bottle design concept with vintage style

Example by Lisa McCormick

Well, that’s it!

The flat design style inspired by the 70s art movement surprisingly looks super contemporary today. It’s no wonder that the style is even among the graphic design trends of 2023. At first sight, you may think that there is a lot going on. But once you give it a second thought, everything looks great and aesthetically pleasing.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of 70s-inspired flat design examples. If you didn’t want it to finish, why don’t you jump right into our next inspirational post?

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