Amazing Black-and-White Illustrations that Don’t Need Color to Impress

amazing black and white illustrations - examples for inspiration

Get inspired by a beautiful collection of black-and-white illustrations: fantasy and abstract, posters of people and portraits, animal artwork, and simplified illustrations.

Less is more and when it comes to such amazingly creative black-and-white artwork, the lack of color only means a bigger field for creativity and imagination. In this collection, we’ve picked beautiful black-and-white art that will certainly leave you more inspired in the end.

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Article overview: 
1. Fantasy/Abstract B&W Illustrations
2. B&W Posters of people & Portraits
3. B&W Illustrations of Animals
4. Simplified B&W Illustrations

1. Fantasy/Abstract B&W Illustrations

A collection of fantasy and abstract black-and-white artwork that will absolutely amaze you with creativity. The imagination of artists is truly inspiring and these black-and-white are the total proof.


2. B&W Posters of people & Portraits

The human body and facial features have always been a huge source of inspiration for artists and illustrators. Drawing people is a very special art niche that requires years of practice in order for you to achieve mastership. View these amazing black-and-white portraits and posters of people.


3. B&W Illustrations of Animals

Animal drawings never fail to amaze. When they are limited to a black-and-white color scheme, they are even more impressive! In this selection of black-and-white illustrations of animals, we’ve gathered different styles of artwork.


4. Simplified B&W Illustrations

Simple illustrations have become popular with the rise of flat graphic design style. Recently, illustrators keep creating simplified illustrations that depict strong concepts. See a few admirable pieces of artwork.


To sum up,

While art in general, is truly quite inspiring, art that you have to achieve with certain limitations raises even more admiration. This is the case with black-and-white illustrations – beautiful, inspiring, and incredibly creative.

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