38 Incredible Poster Design Ideas that Impress with Creativity and Style

38 Incredible Poster Design Ideas that Impress with Creativity and Style

Get a huge dose of inspiration with these incredible poster design ideas!

Poster design does not only raise awareness for a cause or promote an event but it also helps designers reveal their full creative potential. In this collection, we’ve gathered incredible poster design ideas that impress with creativity and good taste. We’ve included retro poster designs, futuristic poster designs, black-and-white poster designs, typography poster designs and many more, so we can load you up with ideas and inspiration. Let’s begin!


  1. Retro Poster Designs
  2. Geometric and Minimalist Poster Designs
  3. Typography Poster Designs
  4. Black-and-white Poster Designs
  5. Illustration and Cartoon Poster Designs
  6. Poster Design Ideas with Modern Colors
  7. Photo Manipulation and Collage Poster Designs


Retro Poster Designs

The retro style is very trendy right now and by looking at these awesome retro poster designs, we can certainly say – it looks more modern than ever. Specific grunge and noise effects, textures, geometry shapes – all of these characteristics create the specific retro vibe and still look super attractive in 2020.



Geometric and Minimalist Poster Designs

Less is more – you’ve heard this a lot. But once you see the following minimalist poster designs, you’ll know why. The minimalist design style looks very modern, classy, and provokes the viewer’s imagination even more. Geometric poster designs are also quite attention-catching, conveying powerful concepts through the simplicity of shapes.



Typography Poster Designs

A collection of poster design ideas with amazing typography artwork, including 3D typography design, distorted typography design, creating shapes with typography and more. Typography is a field of huge creativity and has the power to make you gaze for hours. These typography designs are truly captivating and don’t need an image to make a statement.



Black-and-white Poster Designs

Less color doesn’t mean less impressive. These black-and-white poster designs are the perfect proof. Either fully black and white or with a pop of a supportive color such as red, these poster designs truly stand out and can give you lots of ideas when you have to work with a limited color scheme.



Illustration and Cartoon Poster Designs

Illustrative posters are nothing new in the world of graphic design. They are super creative, inspiring and can certainly turn head when you walk by them. Flat design is highly popular for posters nowadays but designers and illustrators are also experimenting with textures and more artistic drawing techniques. Have a look.



Poster Design Ideas with Modern Colors

Posters that look high tech and galactic are certainly spotlight stealers. Made with mesmerizing color combos – blue, purple, pink, neon colors, iridescent effect, semi-transparent effects, liquid effects, iridescent effect, 3D effects, these designs look like they’ve come from the future.



Photo Manipulation and Collage Poster Designs

Of course, this collection wouldn’t be complete if we don’t include one of the most popular looks in poster design: photo manipulation and collages. While there are many opportunities to achieve amazing effects with the manipulation of photos, color filters are a huge hit right now along with other graphic design trends for 2020.



That’s it! Creating this collection was really inspiring and we hope we inspired you, too! If these incredible poster design ideas motivated you to start designing, we would really love to see your masterpieces in the comments below.

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