30 Presentation Design Ideas & Tips to Impress Your Audience in 2018

Presentation Design Ideas, 2018

PowerPoint and its alternatives are multifunctional tools that serve a wide variety of purposes for both marketers and non-marketers. The popular software for presentation design holds unlimited powers for influence, as long you know how to use it right.

Today we’ll share valuable presentation design ideas and tips, so you can make the most out of your presentation. Before moving on to the actual design process, put your ideas on paper. This will help you clear up your concept and is crucial for building a high-quality presentation. Now, let’s begin!

1. Eye-catchy but not stealing the spotlight

The design of a presentation is supposed to support your information in more than one way. Overlooking your presentation design means throwing away all of your efforts to prepare a presentation in the first place. No matter the topic, you need to convey value which is why you need to make your presentation eye-catchy but not stealing the spotlight from the information itself.

2. Simple and witty

Simplicity is a highly advocated practice simply because it gives results. Now, there are simple and boring presentations, and there are simple and witty ones. The second ones will win your audience to your side.

3. Clarity over complexity

Push the boundaries but not too far. Obviously, clarity is a factor which definitely works in favor of your presentation’s success. A familiar pattern is a better approach than presenting the information in a completely new arrangement.

4. Turn your presentation design into a story

We all know the design can provoke powerful emotions. But do you know which technique provokes even a stronger emotion? That’s right, stories. Use this double power for your presentation to influence your audience on a deeper level.

5. Reference to something familiar

Use the power of association to your advantage. When people connect new information with things they already know, they are more inclined to listen to you and accept your message.

6. Leverage the power of whitespace

This is a blank space left between design elements in the composition. It is a great tool when you want to make a point and focus the viewer’s attention on a particular part of the design.

7. Apply the rule of 3

3 stages, 3 steps, 3 points, 3 ideas… People tend to accept, understand and memorize these things better if they are narrowed down to 3. The audience simply loves this number, so all that’s left for you is make the best out of this rule.

8. No more than 6 words per slide

A presentation design is created in order to help the presenter communicate a certain information. Moreover, a presentation in front of an audience is meant to be listened to, and not read. This is why some professionals advise not to use more than 6 words per slide. Use more visual content, instead.

9. Mobile-friendly

Mind this tip when designing a presentation that will also be watched on mobile devices. Big sections of text in presentation design are hard to read on small screens.

10. Match the presentation design with the topic

The topic of the presentation often dictates the theme of the design. For instance, a wedding-themed presentation suggests soft, romantic color scheme, a business presentation is often designed in brand colors, etc.

11. Use semi-transparent gradient graphs

Different tools are used to present data. However, presenting it in a visually appealing way will bring more positives for you. Semi-transparency and partial overlapping are super trendy when it comes to presenting graphs. Choose different colors complementing each other, and apply semi-transparency increasing to the top.

12. Be trendy with gradient overlays

Gradients and color transitions are among the Top Graphic Design Trends 2018. This means you can use them bravely in all of your designs including presentation design. White text on top works amazing for this kind of overlay.

13. Use a partial overlay to put an accent

We already established that white lettering goes well with a colored semi-transparent background. Another technique is to use this background as an element and not a full background, so you can draw the eye to a certain area.

14. Brand colors

Choosing a presentation design style according to your brand is a smart move. This way, you will certainly differentiate your work from other presentations. Also, it’s wise to include your business’s branding – your logo in all of your slides.

15. Bright colors

Bright colors still rule the web in 2018, so there will be a lot of them in presentation design, as well. With these colors, it’s more than easy to catch the attention and make a statement. Combine them with 3D or flat illustrations and a flattering text color (white works amazing) to make the presentation design pleasant for the eye.

16. One popping color

If you want to keep the vibe of the bright colors but still make the presentation design elegant and classy, use just one popping color (it can be even neon) over a black-and-white themed background (or simply over muted colors).

17. Black and white

Going black-and-white has always been trendy. This look can provoke a variety of moods depending on how you use it. Black and white duo provokes nostalgia, drama, mystery. But it could also make your concept look elegant and simple.

18. Ultra Violet – the color of 2018

Ultra Violet is Pantone color of the year 2018 which means now it’s the perfect time to catch the wave. This fantastic color will make your presentation design super attractive and modern. The color is related to mystery, innovation and the future.

19. Use simple outline illustrations to explain a concept

Using illustrations instead of pictures can help you emphasize a point. Illustrations are great conceptual tools, so when it comes to presenting, they can help you get your message across with ease. Flat outline illustrations, on the other hand, are simplistic enough to explain a concept and attractive enough to catch the viewer’s attention in a presentation design.

20. Flat illustrations

Flat has been the king of illustration in the graphic design world for so long, that we can’t make this list without it. The multifunctional simplistic shapes make this style suitable for both icons and conceptual illustrations in a presentation design.

21. Mix styles up

You don’t have to limit yourself to using only one style throughout the whole presentation. Feel free to combine gradients with flats, outlines and other styles to achieve a more attention-grabbing look. You could even mix photos with illustrations whose combination is among the Top Graphic Design Trends 2018.

22. Art illustrations

A fully illustrated slide is a move that pushes the boundaries of the ordinary presentation design. This approach, especially used as an opening slide, will certainly nail your audience’s attention from the very beginning, so it’s worth giving it a shot.

23. Modern low-poly illustrations

Low-poly is a style of illustration that has become modern in the recent years. The style brings a futuristic vibe and makes the design look edgy. This style can be applied to the presentation design elements or even the background for a bolder look.

24. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes can totally make a design look modern, elegant and more interesting. Whether circles, triangles, diamonds, or else, geometric shapes provide a wide field for experimenting. This means your opportunities are endless and the result could be an absolutely unique presentation design.

25. Theme color for each idea

Colors are a perfect way to distinguish different ideas and concepts. Plus, they help the audience follow your thought more easily. Distinguishing your ideas from each other by using colors is a great way to focus on different messages in the same presentation. Just make sure to keep the style consistent.

26. Creative typography

Taken into consideration that creative typography is one of the leading Graphic Design Trends 2018, you should absolutely step outside your comfort zone and experiment with attractive new ways of presenting your lettering.

27. Unconventional font

With the huge diversity of fonts available online, don’t be afraid to try out new looks. A new font stands out and makes the presentation design feel completely different.

28. Numbering

Numbers are a great way to help your audience keep track of your thoughts. They help you take the viewer through the whole process and they boost the clarity. Numbers also give the feeling of a step-by-step process. They can simplify any idea and make it easier to be understood. In the following example, each slide is a numbered step. This is a provenly effective practice but you can experiment with expanding each number over a few slides.

29. ABC of Anything

The ABC is a cool way to make your audience follow a list. Unlike numbering which could be infinite, this type of alphabetical bulleting does have an end obviously.  This technique engages the viewer a lot because, first of all, the viewer sees something familiar – the alphabetical order. Secondly, people like the feeling of completion which helps them keep their interest till the end of the alphabet.

30. Put a button in the end to provoke action

Don’t be afraid to tell your audience what to do next. A call-to-action button is the perfect closure playing the role of an opening for a further action. A button provoking action is rewarding your efforts spent on the presentation.


Presentation design doesn’t have to be boring. These 30 presentation design ideas and tips will help you breathe life into your presentation and win your audience’s attention. You are welcome to share more ideas in the Comments below, so we can discuss what works and what doesn’t. Happy designing!

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